Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

24 February 2008


If she can get things back on track....

Anyone can. All she had to do was surround herself with positive people. Like my mom says,"Birds of a feather, flock together." --therefore, all those negative people just dragged her down; or as in the rumour mill, drugged her down. I am so happy for her and the fact that she can again see her little boys! Britney hasn't seen Tater Tot and Small Fry since January 3rd! What a way to start 2008. I am hoping that 2008 will be a good year for her, a turn-it-around year.

As it will be for me. I know our situations are VERY different, but they are essentially the same. It is just a matter of doing things in the present, to create a better tomorrow. History does NOT have to repeat itself.

Feeling inspired, and loved by those around me.


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