Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

08 September 2008

Each book is work towards that Degree

First real day back in school..
I'm more excited than I was in First Year... hard to believe?
I've been waiting for this day, praying for this day,
and now that it's here, here I am too.
I'll make ammends.

I want that degree.
I want that satisfaction.
A true Scholar at Heart.

:) A giddy giddy school girl.

Padre Pio- Pray for Him

A Prayer
by St. Pio of Pietrelcina

May Jesus comfort you
in all your afflictions.
May He sustain you in dangers,
watch over you always with His grace,
and indicate the safe path
that leads to eternal salvation.
And may He render you always
dearer to His Divine Heart
and always more worthy of Paradise. Amen

Tammy and Rob's Wedding

Congrats to the Happy Couple!

Pictured above is the Future Spada

Enjoy the Honeymoon Mr and Mrs. Rob Terranova!


That means its Our Weekend.
I get to see Him
Rocky gets to see Him


for him.
May God give him the strength
and courage to get through this
and make a speedy recovery.

03 September 2008

Back to School--- for me!

Back to being a

It's great...
no better feeling!

Back to Learna

Back to Learna.


On a new schedule..
a break of sorts...

Mirrors- the movie

Coming Soon

Let's go to the Ex

Another year of toys, games, colour-gambling and Tiny toms.

It's an annual tradition for Frank and I

27 August 2008

Summers end

Calls for a meeting.
At Progress of course...
Meetings are actually fun
and productive here.
I like.

Last longggggggg weekend!

For the summer's trials..
for the long hours..
for the sleepless-ness
physical anguish...
For the money spent before its made..
For the work that's due.
For all the labour
and the
fruits to come.


  1. Back to scheduling
  2. Back to reading
  3. Back to lectures
  4. Back to the routine
  5. Back to the same-old
  6. Back to the York-ness
  7. Back to using my Mobilepro
  8. Back to diligency
  9. Back to the library
  10. Back to my element.


Volunteer in Preparation...
Getting ready for the application.
Plumping up my CV
The more the merrier.

....who knows you.

Is what we said at the end of the day.

Hopefully, that will ALSO be the case for me....

25 August 2008

Take a Break..

of that Kit Kat Bar..
which is exactly what I'm doing.

The Calm before the storm, I'd like to call it.

Boardwalk with my Boys

So, Frank and I
decide to take Rocky out
for a Family Stroll...

we haven't had a chance to ALL SUMMER
whereas last year, we went almost twice on a weekly basis.
This summer flew by and not to mention,
the weather was way below par.

But nonetheless
I enjoyed the time with
us 3.

Just me and my boys...

Super Bowl (Tomato Sauce) Weekend

O the joys of dating an Italian!
snip, snip, slice squeeze.


I pass out.

Rob's birthday

at Arcadia..
He's grown up so much over the years,
it makes me realize that we've all grown up too!

P.S.- LOVE LOVE LOVE the quails (Ortikia)!

Money Tree

As Fall is around the corner, that means
yet one more thing,
so is school.

My money tree, just like regular trees,
will begin to be baren until
yet another fruitful summer..

Money does grow on Trees,
you just have to work that much harder
to get those leaves...

Sorry She does the City

You May Now Kiss The Blog
has taken over
all of my blogginess.


19 August 2008

My Way

  1. Liking the fact that I'm Head Co-ordinator
  2. Doing things My Way
  3. Organizing the place how I would run/manage it
  4. Officially have Status within the company
  5. Recognized by the parents as an integral part of Learna
  6. Happy to clock in 4-8
  7. Authority comes with both advantages AND disadvantages
  8. Taking the reigns is experience much-needed for my TC Resume
  9. TC here I come!

Week 1: Slow mode

I can lounge, relax
finally, not yell!


Dog days of summer

home sweet home

Not that I don't love being home..
it's just that it's Sunday. Tomorrow being

which I've grown to call
my second home... with plenty of
kids :D


I hate Mondays, just like everybody else...

Trailer 2008

Enjoyed myself
this weekend.

Summer 2008
isn't a complete write-off

Late Night Road Trip

Leaving Friday-- at 2am to get to Pigeon Lake!
It'll be a late-night cruise, but nothing we
young-guns can't manage!

I get to experience

Adiyos Tita Len & Tito Edgar

It's been a great 2 weeks..
finally know what its like to spend some
quality time with my mom's
side of the family (aside from Nanay and Tatay)

Bye Bye Bye

Yay Summer Camp is done...
not that I won't miss the kids
the daily games of hang man, 4 corners and all that..
but I can finally enjoy my summer!

18 August 2008


Finally encountered a bump in the road...
A mother who PACIFIES or enables her daughter's
Absolutely ridiculous.

End of the road

Last week of Summer Camp.
Due to small numbers, my time there has been cut short.
Not with programming though, I've put my blood, sweat and tears
into running this place right.
Like I've always thought,
I'm leaving with a happy face--
and fond memories.

10 August 2008

Time to Re-Energize

Admittingly, I am NOT the Energizer Bunny.
Going non-stop for the past 6 weeks has finally taken its toll on me
and I can it and admit that.
Therefore, I will not insert-my-face-there
learn to take time
for myself.
To rest, to re-energize, and NOT
burn out.
*Stubborness is the culprit. I haven't completely learned
from my First Blown Fuse.

07 August 2008

Just Keep Swimming

Just how Dory
got all those trapped fish
out of the net,
I'm gonna take her advice and
Just Keep Swimming

Busy Wedding Bee

This blog is the new addiction
to complete my
internet activities.

O how it was an ingenious idea,
My O My,
how consumed I am becoming by it all!

05 August 2008

Step Brothers

This movie is a classic comedy. I think I'm going to buy it simply because it's a different comedy-plot than the usual ingredients to a light comedy.

  • Moments that left my cheeks-stomach aching from laughter
  • Some "I can't believe I just saw/heard that" moments
  • Reminds me of "Night at the Roxbury" ----for certain comedic devices
  • Foe to Friend to Foe, adds much to the storyline.

Dale: [whispers] Hey, are you awake?
Brennan: [whispers] Yeah.
Dale: [whispers] I hate your guts.
Brennan: [whispers] As soon as your eyes shut I oughta punch you square in the face.


Another feel-like-pooh day.

Fam from Cali

I have some Fam from Cali :D
My aunt and uncle (from my mother's side) are here to visit, for 2 weeks.
Family reminds you that there's more to the world than just the everyday hustle n bustle.

Long Weekend = Food

There seems to be a trend where whenever there is a long weekend, I stuff my face endlessly.
This weekend was no exception, and I think I've eaten enough over the 3 days to feed a small army for a week!
good times, great food!

Summer is Halfway over

I am oddly pleased to say that Summer is Halfway through.....
I'm utterly exhausted.
Fun days to come:
  1. Mary's Bridal Shower
  2. The Trailer on the 16th
  3. CNE (an annual tradition)
  4. Rob and Tammy's Wedding

02 August 2008

Wedding Planner

I'm completely entrenched in my Second Blog....


31 July 2008

28 July 2008

busy bee

is waiting for the LONG WEEKEND.....
but still

the glass is

Half Empty.
5 weeks left.................
I'm running on Empty.

27 July 2008

The Dark Knight

coming soon !

counting down

the days til the end of Summer Camp
....I am completely enamored and appreciative of this experience, but I'm starting to realize that its taking its toll on my body.... 5 weeks or 20 days to go...
Praying that time will fly just as fast!

25 July 2008

Another Blog is Born!

Dedicated to US and 7.12.7

1/2 way til

I see that checkered flag

Missing Rocky

I know he's starting to feel the separation...too.