Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

22 April 2010

We're Dating - again!

Jilliann: Hello, ______ College
Mister Water Main: Well Hello _____ College.
Jilliann: *smiling to herself*
Mister Water Main: Well, I just wanted to know if you were free and wanted to go on a date on Sunday?
Jilliann: *in awe and utter surprise at the question*: A date? Where?!
Mister Water Main: I have tickets for the TFC game on Sunday.
Jilliann: Oh yay! Can I bring Rocky?
Mister Water Main: Are you serious???
Jilliann: Oh okay. We'll have him tag along later - YAY a date!
Mister Water Main: You know, if you're not interested, I can ask my other girlfriends...I just thought I'd call you first, just in case.
Jilliann: Aww, they rejected you already didn't they.
Mister Water Main: So are we on? Okay, good.

^fin. (of relevant convo)

We'll be going to 'THEIR HOUSE' Sunday; I wonder if they make Turkey.

20 April 2010

Please Stand By

To explain my lack of posts as of late, I have been experiencing some (frustrating) technical difficulties on my laptop. I was infiltrated by a mass amount of malware (viruses, bugs etc.) through my own use of IE - after downloading the new Firefox and experiencing slow loads. So now, my current status is virus-free upon scanning, but am left with a slow, if-you-can-call-it 'functional' 3.6 browser.

Until I remedy this slow-down, and if I manage to stop myself from throwing my laptop out the window, please stand by.

15 April 2010

Princess & the Pea.....'R'

There has been a whirlwind storm inside of my head for the past little while; thoughts, plans, processes, lists, expectations, standards, committments....and I'm testing the waters before I take the 'big plunge' either way.

An apples and oranges dilemma has me comparing two areas that in essence, end up being completely 'me.'

First off, is teaching.
I've dreamed it up, and worked with kids at every opportunity I could get. I managed a learning centre, directed a summer camp, and taught catechism and child safety courses along the way. I volunteer mentored students in the midst of one of the biggest transitions of their lives - graduating and off to high school - and have made some contacts, and much-cherished friendships along the way. I've helped build self esteems, while colouring or drawing. I've given motivation, to those who didn't feel that it was worth the effort. I've given knowledge, to kids who had a true thirst to learn, and I've been that helping hand, that congratulates and promotes 'A for Effort.' I've stood infront of countless eyes and ears and lectured on things from A to Z. I've learned alongside these children, what it means to truly listen, and how to be 'in the moment.' I've relinquished my childhood self and found the beauty in simplicity; how just stopping - even for just a moment - to stare up at the clouds and figure out if it looks more like a dog, a monster, or something else entirely. I've learned that learning doesn't stop at the door. It's something that you take home with you -everyday- for the rest of your life.

Second, comes PR.
A love of writing, and knowing how words can convey a message beyond print is something I've known since I was small. I've worked alongside CEOs from family-run start up businesses, not-for-profit organizations to big financial institutions and everything of the sort. I've dipped my feet in the niche of what PR is. It is setting a brand/image in line for its target audience. It is conveying a messsage, on behalf of your clients, and acting as the voice box and ultimate 'written word' of what said -company/item/brand- represents. It is making connections, coordinating the needs of wants of your client to ultimately serve in benefit to those whom you are looking to gain positive favor from. I've always been told -upon first meeting- whether I was in the process of/interested in entering this it's 'so me' and something that people could 'totally see me doing.' I'm a people person - I know the value of working hard, and that if anything is worth doing, you never truly 'clock-out' of your job, because it isn't that, it's a career.

So here I am. If I were writing a book report about myself, the conflict would definitely be, "Human vs. Self."

Princess and the PR.
Fast-paced, on-the-go, research, data, analyze, strategize.
Not so different from teaching, after all.

14 April 2010

If You Like It then You Should.....

"..and then God created Saturn, & He liked it, so He put a ring on it!"

If you want something, go get it. Don't let anything stand in your way. Take a leap of faith, there will always be someone to catch you when you fall. Tell someone that you love them, don't assume that they already know. Apply for that job you've always wanted; go back to school. Ask that girl out, that you see everyday at Starbucks. Try something new. Eat exotic cuisine. Take a trip around the world. Live life. Experience it, don't just let everyday come and go.....take it by the reins and decide where you want to go. In other words, "put a ring on it!"

13 April 2010

Oasis in the City

Here is 'The Shops at Don Mills' - my escape from the concrete jungle, "in my back yard." I blogged about my enthusiasm about this place last year, but this past Monday, I took my boys there (the 2-legged & 4-legged) and strolled around the place, taking in the sunshine which we have been denied for quite some time! It's a dog-friendly place, where I can combine my love of Rocky and shopping - all while sipping my double chocolaty chip frapp from Starbucks! In the summer they place cute stainless steel doggy water bowls and also have 'doggy stations' from which you can get eco-friendly dog waste bags! (*although I bring my own - hot pink in colour - mind you.)

Frank was quick not to show his liking for this place, as I've been ranting and raving about it forever! - and by doing so, would cause me to jump up and down, teasing, "See! See!" (which I did do, in my head.) As we sat in the central piazza, as I munched away on my Hawaiian pizza, Rocky chomping at my pepperoni/bacon/sausage bits, and with a few little kids going Gaga for Rock-star, Frank's exact words were, "This place is pretty nice.... my mom would like it here ."

Post chomp-down, we walked a little more, as I continued to eye-shop, with Frank ending it off by saying, "I think we need to go shopping this summer..."

To be continued....

Get Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samanth in your pants!

Want the fabulous 4 in your pants? Well now you can! You can buy lingerie designed after the girls' characters, here. Carrie's line is described as, "whimsical and floral...with animal print trim." Miranda's line is touted as being, "chic and urbane, color block styles with lace trim." "Uber feminine and ethereal, eco-friendly bamboo styles," is Charlotte's line, with Samantha's line, "unapologetically racy, ultra-sheer lace in a tres sexy colour."

Hmm..I'm drawn to
  • "Carrie's" animal print
  • "Miranda's" lace
  • The light airiness of "Charlotte's" and
  • The sheerness of "Samantha's"

Victoria Says........

“If I set my mind to something I do it. My biggest wish for all of us is that we are happy, successful, and that we stay true to ourselves.”

Monday Rewind: This is the Life

Marvellous Monday; I had an interview, felt good and got to work much earlier than usual. Blessed with God's natural light and warmth, I decided to get an XL hot chocolate with whipped cream, of course, and 2 oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.

I sat there for over an hour, people-watching, sipping on my ultra-fab hot choco and munching my cookies bit by bit. I watched the cars come and go, and even witnessed a woman call a man an 'a-hole' after he honked at her for crossing at a green light! LOL.

I love Toronto, and really enjoy where I work....this was an amazing day - and an amazing start to the season of beautiful weather, to come.

To The Rescue

Today was one of those days that I'll never forget. An instructor of ours was running 'more than a little late' and had asked me to give out the course outlines and handouts (as she was on her way to the college.) The students have been waiting for 15 minutes, so after looking over the course material, 'History & Principles of Education' - discussing the Greeks, Romans & Early Christians - I came to see that it was down my alley of useful-but not-so-useful knowledge of Greek and Roman history.

I initiated the reading, and had a few students volunteer to read proceeding paragraphs. We discussed the differences between education of children now and then, how life and times was different to now, and how education, primarily reading and writing, was something 'the more elite' possessed.

Times like this make me reminisce; where will life take me?

12 April 2010

Baked Potat(oh) vs. Baked Potat(ah)

Here's my baked potato debate.... As of late, I have been made aware that I way I eat a baked potato is "weird." It is the only way I know. Let me set it the scene for you:

  1. First-off often get a baked potato from Wendy's with (sour cream and chives) or twice-baked in restaurants like The Keg.
  2. So I open it up and throw on a dallop of sour cream
  3. I then proceed to scrape at the potato-sour cream mixture until it almost resembles mashed potatoes
  4. Now onto the good part, I eat the mixture, and scrape the most of whatever potato insides remains attached to the skin
  5. Finally, I discard the now gutted potato skin.
^ so friends of mine whom have witnessed this seemingly serious case of 'weirdness' have asked me why I continue to neglect the skin when that is the most nutritious part? My answer:

I always assumed that is how it was meant to be eaten.

Now realizing the error of my ways (as I do eat potato wedges -skin and all-) I am letting my baked potatoes fulfill their life's destiny of being 'completely eaten.'

To those whom this revelation comes too late, I apologize.

How do you eat your baked potato??

Rock n' Roll

Sorry blogosphere, I've been MIA for a few days, and I feel terrible! I didn't mean to neglect my blog, but here is the rock that I've been hiding under ---> also known as, home.

Umm, what reasons (excuses) can I conjure up for not posting? Here are a few:

  1. My dog ate my blog posts
  2. The Prime Minister called and said that he needed me - STAT!
  3. I fell into a hole, or excuse me, a pot hole (of which we have plenty here in Toronto) and can't get up
  4. I joined 'Procrastinators Anonymous' and completely neglected to post. Anything. (my last post, of the Sex and the City 2 trailer, does not count as an actual post, it requires no more effort than Cut and Paste - with shortcut keys to boot!

In reality, I've been researching for and working on a presentation, for an internship. In the middle of it all is school, work, and celebrations.

07 April 2010

April Showers Bring Lotus Leaf, Flowers?

I think that this may be the start of something....amazing.
This blog has become my outlet for renovation.
To be able to look back at myself, my thoughts, my actions, and reflect - to make changes, to improve, to innovate myself - is a life long process. If you can find a career to match, then that's just, fabulous.
My blog has become my therapist: I've turned to it in times of need, in times of happiness, sadness, confusion, focus, determination, and as a sense of direction on my life's path. I have always thought that what counted is the destination; getting from A to B and saying I got there. What I'm coming to realize is that the journey itself is just as important - if not, the most transformative.
I'm finding that my love for life, and writing about all aspects of life - it's ups and downs, love, fashion - is more than just a's becoming a passion.
In hopes that by taking this leap of faith, I'll land
on a lotus leaf.

06 April 2010

When Opportunity Comes A Knockin'

I've been in a slump lately, and through my own intuition and with the sound advice of some great close friends, I have realized that there is a career path right under my nose! My love of words and how they can convey a message simply by being strung together in ways that other people simply cannot do, is intriguing. Words have been my saviour of sorts as of late, and this blog, as often mentioned, my form of free-therapy.

I write and it instantly makes me feel better. Everyday, my head runs around with me and I think of different topics that will get my creative juices flowing. Sometimes, even the simple writing task of listing can complete a feat such as my Top 100 Bucket List.

Today, may have been a sign... offered a new position within the company, I'm excited. It's as if life just threw up a gigantic 'Go This Way' sign in the middle of my fog.

I'm excited - anticipation is it's best friend, and together, they're gonna give me the boost I need to go this new route.

04 April 2010

Rise and Shine

It's Sunday morning, and I woke up with a lot on my mind; half-sleep will get me through the day, but I can't help but see that last night -another get together- raised a lot of emotions for me.

Slowly I'm coming to the conclusion that the more I see people, the more frequent my thought-processes have been stirred up.

I usually 'burn through' these morning 'shake ups' with a tea-condensed milk-sugar concoction, and that settles me for a good while. As I lay here with my laptop. lap-set. wiggling my toes as i type, I think to myself, "Rise and Shine."

It's EASTER SUNDAY and if Jesus Christ can resurrect himself, I surely hope my prayers will be answered and I can do the same, with myself.

Rise and Shine - not just your army wake up call; no boots to shine here, captain!

Rise and Shine -- maybe this should become my mantra.

Rise and Shine --- make everyday count.

01 April 2010

Wish I May





HappyGrowingChildHealthyFamilyHolidaysSummersShoppingBarbecuesTrips....all that life has to offer.

A or B?

Again, one of those days, and I'm going under. I'm growing tired of the constant up-down emotions, and literally, they're happening day after day.

I think a recent dose of a reality check is what hit me and I can't shake off all the negative emotions that are starting to take hold of me.

I'm always the 'look on the bright side' kind of person, and I've always loved that about myself because it's something that you can pass onto other people; like a torch.

Seeing the positive when everything seems negative was always my strong suit. I could look at a flat tire and say, "At least it's flat now, and not while I was on the highway.." or something to that effect. Not overly cheery, like a person who farts rainbows (watch this past season's The Bachelor, and look up Tenley), I tend to see the glass as half full.

So in a multiple choice question, I would choose B: Half Full.

That is, until lately.

I went on the most amazing trip to the Philippines. For 3 weeks, it was like Family Boot Camp (in a good way) where we were in each others' company 24/7. We did everything and experienced everything, especially with 'older eyes' versus our trip in '97.

I went to, experienced, and relaxed in one of the World's top beaches, and found solace wherever I was. I was elated with the smallest of life's pleasures: the tickle of the soft sand in the water, the sound of the waves as the tide came in, and the cool breeze that relieved us from the intense sun. I was happy.

I came back, feeling like I've experienced something unique, which I did..but knowing that reality would set in.. eventually.

My situation would not change no matter where I ran, flew, or swam. I know that. I just can't shake the 'why me' and 'why not someone else' feelings.

I feel deserving of everything I desire; where I want to be, what I want to do - so why do I feel so lost. so confused. so behind.

Right now: It's HALF EMPTY.