Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

29 February 2008

Look before you

Leap, Year!


Officially back with Kidproof!
Hahahaha So excited. I can't contain it!
Best position I ever carried, and I'm re-instated!
Look-ing before I leap.
Bouncing from leaflet to leaflet,
moving forward.
Spring-forward thinking.
Awaiting the 'blossoms'..
to bloom.



28 February 2008

Cold Weather Alert

Winter has returned...with a vengeance!

I always secretly delighted in the fact that we've been having milder and milder winters. I know I know, being such an environmental-freak, I cringe, thinking about all the havoc that global warming is and will be creating. But to no avail, as predicted, is the COLDEST winter we've seen in years. Getting 3x the amount of snow than we should in one month, and at our 8th Cold Weather Alert of the year, winter is undeniably here.
As I sit on my chair counting down the official number of days until spring, the weather is no doubtedly brutal outside. Piercing cold, wind chill is evil. I can't help but think of those without adequate heating, without a home to be sheltered by and those who brave this weather for their day-to-day. (143 Daddy).

*Wishing for the sunshine, green grass and cool breezes on a hot summer's day.
Please come soon!

27 February 2008

Are you kidding me?

What is this world coming to??

As I turn on the tube everyday, I get more and more astounded by the complete and utterly disgusting things that are making today's headlines. I am proudly an addict to Nancy Grace/Glenn Beck and all those true-headline shows that deliver everything minus the latest celebrity rumours, red carpet appearances and other such gibberish. Reason being, you are what you eat. If I chose to absorb all the crap that we are bombarded with daily: from all the marketing, media and advertisement blobs, I would surely morph into a swine, rolling around in MY OWN filth... We are now living in a day and age where celebrities are famous for nothing. Everything is brand name otherwise it is no name. Kids are less "Disney" much sooner than when I was growing up. Go figure why I cherish my childhood so much.

Here is my list of make-me-gags:

  1. The deaths of 2 pregnant women at the hands of a Soldier and Police officer.

  2. Game shows that relish in the breakdown of our most Sacred Institution: Marriage & Family.

  3. Little Girls acting as if they're well-into their teens.

  4. Babies given vodka, placed in the oven & microwave..

  5. Children who live in guerra-ridden countries who play with guns and bullets rather than roleplaying Cowboys & Indians

  6. The In-and-Out of Celebrity Rehab patients

  7. The ever growing list of Celebrity "Dissolution of Marriage"s

  8. Girls who build their self esteem on Brand name purchases

  9. Guys who can't see past the T&A

  10. Lack of respect and simple courtesy.

26 February 2008

*Ding Dong* Delivery!


I received the first half of my new bedroom set!! The design that I chose is back-ordered, so that means I will be receiving the Headboard, Dresser Mirror and Nightstand on Friday! I am ever-so-in-love with the design because of all the little design accents: dovetail paneling, brushed nickel knobs and round back-plate ornaments, and of course, the French Dovetail construction. It's black, but not solid black--- it has a nice brushed-on finish.

I am UBER excited to have the whole set here, then I can finally sleep on a full queen mattress, and decide my accent wall colour!

Thanks Mom & Dad!
Happy Birthday to me!!

24 February 2008

Scene it...x2

  1. Set in politically unstable, guerra-ridden Burma
  2. Location, location, location..... a fictional movie, a true reality.
  3. Quick, concise and to the point.
  4. No lagging of storyline.
  5. Very graphic imagery.
  6. Probably one of the most truly disturbing action films.
  7. Stallone's lack of lines actually saves the movie
  8. In love with the flashbacks to Rambo's Past
  9. Stallone is unstoppable
  10. 9.5/10

Vantage point

  1. US President gets shot at a peace conference, movie focuses on the assasination from different character's POV or vantage points and connects as the movie goes along
  2. Simply put, the movie is constantly 'rewinded' to encompass each character's viewpoint at the time of the assasination.
  3. The pieces are put together as each character builds onto the storyline
  4. Very unique concept.
  5. Fun film to watch.
  6. Be your own detective
  7. Keeps you on your toes....fill in the blanks
  8. Comprised of well-known cast members
  9. Some viewers got irritated at the constant 'start-at-the-beginning' sequence
  10. Overall a 9/10, but I wouldn't go to see it in theatres, wait for DVD release.


If she can get things back on track....

Anyone can. All she had to do was surround herself with positive people. Like my mom says,"Birds of a feather, flock together." --therefore, all those negative people just dragged her down; or as in the rumour mill, drugged her down. I am so happy for her and the fact that she can again see her little boys! Britney hasn't seen Tater Tot and Small Fry since January 3rd! What a way to start 2008. I am hoping that 2008 will be a good year for her, a turn-it-around year.

As it will be for me. I know our situations are VERY different, but they are essentially the same. It is just a matter of doing things in the present, to create a better tomorrow. History does NOT have to repeat itself.

Feeling inspired, and loved by those around me.


23 February 2008

Feng Shui

Pronounced: "fung shway"
"If you look at it in a metaphorical sense, [clutter] is like creating obstacles for yourself," she said. "With feng shui, you're creating freedom."
Feeling: Harmonic Bliss

(Copy + Paste post)

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") is the interior design technique built upon the idea that individuals should live in harmony with their environment. The Chinese practitioners of Feng Shui believe that people's homes contain Ch'i (pronounced "chee"), an energy or life force that governs the world that is manifested in five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Don Terhune, a feng shui consultant in Manhattan, has been practicing feng shui for eight years. He has worked on projects in the K-State Department of Music, the Manhattan Arts Center and the K-State Student Union, and he teaches classes on the subject for UFM Community Learning Center. He said the arrangement of a room can affect all parts of a person's life."It plays a big part in the subconscious mind," he said.Terhune has

10 tips on how college students can improve the flow of energy in their homes.

1. Reduce clutterDirty laundry and empty takeout boxes disrupt the flow of energy in a room, so it's important to keep things tidy. "Everything should have a place, and everything should be in its place," he said. "This will
allow the energy to flow through the room. It will help you manage your time better and feel more free."

2. Clear the entranceThe doorway is where energy flows into a room, so it should be free of obstructions, Terhune said. Students should move items away from doorways and use WD-40 to keep doors from squeaking, he said.

3. Balance colors"You want to have a balance of cool colors and warm colors - not too dark or too light," Terhune said. The balance of yin, dark colors, and yang, light colors, is important in feng shui, he said, because it helps create a balanced life. "Balanced people deal with situations better," he said.

4. Bring plants into the roomPlants symbolize life and increase the energy in a room, Terhune said. Students can place plants near their beds to create a restful space or on their desks to improve their work habits. According to "Feng Shui Tips for a Better Life," living or silk plants will work, but students should keep living plants healthy and green and avoid sharp or spiky plants.

5. Position the bedWhen lying in bed, students should be able to see the door, Terhune said. If the bed is facing away from the door, it creates a feeling of anxiety. He said it is important to keep the area around and under the bed free of clutter to create a restful atmosphere.

6. Position the deskAs with the bed, students seated at a desk should be able to see the doorway. If they have no choice, students can put a mirror on their desks to see who enters the room, Terhune said.

7. Keep windows cleanWindows are a pathway for energy and should be free of smudges and dirt, Terhune said. "Clean windows give you a clear aspect of your environment," Terhune said.

8. Shut the bathroom door. In feng shui, water symbolizes wealth and can be lost through an open bathroom door or leaky plumbing, Terhune said. "It will literally go down the drain," he said. "If you have a leak, you might find yourself wasting money." Likewise, having a picture of water can attract wealth to a room, Terhune said.

9. Avoid big mirrors"Mirrors will either pull in energy or bounce it off," Terhune said. "For example, if, when you came into a room, the mirror reflected your stomach, you could have stomach problems." He said students shouldn't put mirrors near their beds. "If you see your reflection when you rise up from the bed, it will startle your spirit," he said. Mirrors near the bed also can create insomnia and negative dreams, according to "Feng Shui Tips for a Better Life."

10. Balance the elementsFeng shui recognizes five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Students should have balanced amounts of each element, Terhune said. For example, a picture of a stream or lake balances a fireplace. The metal base of a lamp can balance wooden furniture.

Toro Toro Toro

I Just Keep hanging on!
Feeling: Positively motivated
I can't help but start to see my resilience. Despite everything that has gone wrong, not right, this year, I am still charging forward. I know what I want, and am moving forward no matter what the obstacle. Things may get rough, and the ride is intense, but I know I have what it takes to be on top. "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again..." The way I'm starting to see things is: You'll never know what you can do, until you try. Back to working with kids is keeping me filled-to-the-brim inside. Self-motivated, and confident that things will work out.
Push forward = move forward. What else can I say?
Toro Toro Toro!

21 February 2008

Cleaning out my closet

Pack rat = sentimentality, not junk.
Feeling: Refreshed..... like I'm starting a blank slate

So for the past few days, I've been systematically moving my things over to Joy's old room. Now everything is moved over, and I'm left with boxes of stuff (*last night.) I sorted through all the things in my chest, and chest bench, never realizing quite how much things I have!

  • All my memorable projects and assignments
  • Backstreet Boys memorabilia, incl. their Burger King Action Figures
  • All my birthday cards from friends present and past
  • Letters we used to exchange on an almost daily basis
  • Various things for my 'Frank Box" for ex. misc. movie tickets, receipts...

Now that I will have less than half of the storage facilities for all this 'stuff' I had to really decide what was worth keeping and what needed to be chucked. I reduced everything down to one box. Quite an accomplishment. But I have been doing this progressively since I was 14, so when I REALLY think about it... What's really here, is meant to stay.


is in my blood.

...."The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change." ~Carl Rogers

There is always something to learn, from everything. Everyday is a learning experience. I've always had a love affair with school so what better career can I choose to dedicate my life to...
One reason why I want to be a teacher is to give students a learning experience that they will walk away learning not the day-to-day lesson plans, but how to build from their thoughts/dreams, use their words and turn them to actions; whereby these actions will develop into habits. Habits build character.
That is a priceless gift you can give that is truly life-long.

19 February 2008

I'm Wishing

for a string of luck

Applying back to Kidproof.

Reminiscing on one of the best

teaching positions I've held.

Hoping things start to turn around.
Cleaning out my closet

Wishing for the best

18 February 2008

Less than 15

minutes away

She now lives <>
Used to be less than 15 seconds...
Rocky knows something's up
but he'll understand when he goes there.
It was her first night sleeping there.
How exciting it must be
to own a place to call your own
and finally be free.
She deserves every minute
of her happiness and joy.
She's waited > 3 years
and now it's finally here.

16 February 2008

Moving Day

into Joy's Condo!
Officially the moving has commenced. Although, we did manage to get
a lot out of the way, yesterday. It's a very nice place & it goes to show
all her hard work has really paid off!
Congrats to my older sister.
She deserves all this, and finally the day has come for her to reap the benefits.
My second-saviour.

15 February 2008

Motion sickness

the ride.

Wanting off of this emotional rollercoaster.
Am reaching my breaking point.

14 February 2008

Early Bird

gets the apple!.. & the worm!

Feeling: Cheerful

I wake up @ 10 to 5, and can't go back to sleep. I keep myself up, watching various news casts from the night before, and the early-morning infomercials. I remember being 5, waking up at this time to get ready to go to Christanelle's so that her Lolo and Lola can babysit me.

Anyway, my mom is up, and I go to her room--- she then points me to the package I've been waiting for! My apple necklace! A little history about my infatuation with the Apple Necklace begins with me going to Fairview mall nearing the end of last summer. I go into Guess, check out their new merchandise and am quickly drawn to the new accessories...and needless to say, their RED Apple necklace. Joy was with me, and found the necklace quite nice herself.

The Apple pendant is significant to me, because I for one, want to be a teacher. I thought that if I wore this necklace, my goal would always be in visible, and, close to my heart. Months pass, with me still assuming that the necklace would be there-- but I am wrong, as they take it off their display cases. *le sigh.

I roam endlessly on the internet finding only other bloggers who are enjoying their Apple-find, and I am left empty handed. So, I find this pink apple, quickly fall in love, and order it on a whim! I know it may sound impulsive, but here is my reasoning:
  1. The Guess necklace/pendant would have cost me 4x this, PLUS TAX
  2. Although the Guess Apple was nice, and red, everyone knows I'm tickled Pink
  3. This will act as a visual focus point & keep me forever-motivated.

^Also, in relation to my Early Bird topic, I awake to ritually check Craigslist for some Ed.Ads and find one where they are in desperate need to find a replacement teacher to teach the remaining Elementary School Computer Courses Program that they offer, as their current teacher has just left since obtaining a Perm.FT position working with the YRDSB. Heck, so would I! Anyway, I applied for the position, and seeing that the post was made at 11PM last night, I am hoping to be one of the first applicants..

Update: I got the position!!

Oh and before I go, honorable mention to my Beloved, on this now Consumer-heavy, Valentine's Day!

6 Roses. 2 Chicken Souvlaki Dinners with Spinach Dip & Fried Calamari.

A Coke and Iced-Tea.Popcorn, Nibs and a Large Iced-Tea. And last but not least

John Rambo...or as Frank likes to say,"Giovanni Rambo"

13 February 2008

Let it snow

Let it snow, Let it snow!
Winter Wonderland? I think not.

So, here we are, in the middle of what seems to be -the eye of the storm.

3 back-to-back storm-warnings, and 70CM of snow later, here lies Toronto, beneath a lush blanket of snow.
The snow plows and salters are in full effect, and still, many streets are left knee-deep in snow.

I used to love snow, but it only shines its luster whenever I take a look at the forest behind my house; all branches frosted white, glowing in the sunlight.

We usually average 20CM of snow a month.
We have had more than ENOUGH of this months quota.

My request of Mother Nature: Give us a break!!

12 February 2008

Breakfast Special

"Can I have my usual, with OJ? Please and Thank you!"
Hoping we take the chance to have the
Breakfast Special.

Yay. It's 12:47AM and It's confirmed. Markham Station here we come.

It's a rare thing- a weekday date.

I guess John Rambo will have to wait. Sorry we stiffed you,

but winter has returned with a vengeance, despite your blockbuster appeal..*giggle
Although, we did manage to play Super Mario Bros. 3 together. Well not really to-gether, rather, I on the PC and he on the laptop.

11 February 2008

Looking up.

Things will get brighter....
Feeling: Optimistic *fingers crossed again for Start Right!

Sometimes, when things aren't going my way, I have a tendency to look up; look up to the sky.
We all have looked to the sky, a time or two, for answers, when things are going wrong, when things are going right. Ancient Greeks looked to the stars as entities, embodied in the arrangement of stars-- constellations.

When I look up, I simply think of
  1. My Uncle, who passed away March 2000.
  2. My Grandmother, who passed away December 2006.
  3. God & the heavens.......

I know that regardless of what is going on down here, there is always someone up-there, to oversee that everything is gonna be alright. Watching Will Smith's I am Legend drove that very point home.

Quoting the Anthem for the movie:

"Don't worry about a thing,'Cause every little thing gonna be all right."

----And I know, everything will be alright.

Start Good...

..Start Right.

Ultimate Goal: Fulfilling my life's dream to have a classroom to call my own.
Feeling: A Sense of Anticipation for something new..
So, tomorrow I have an interview for a PT position with a company called, Start Right. Quick summary: Instructor position, I believe, where I will be assisting parents in learning how to implement an Ontario-Teacher-Approved program for early learning, for their child(ren).
I'm just utterly excited for the position, because I feel it is something directly related with Ontario Curriculum standards that will provide me the experience necessary to get to where I am going. I've held plenty of positions, but this one seems quite different.
Also- I seem to have gained the interest of a family for a tutoring position for their child. The great thing about this is that they are at Hwy 2 and Port Union!
Taking steps FORWARD, steps in the RIGHT direction.
*fingers crossed.

10 February 2008

Celebrate good times..

Feeling: Content
The weekend is here, and birthdays-galore.

When the birthdays start rolling around in the new-year, it's always a reminder that no matter how bad things get, there is always something or someone to celebrate.
On Friday we 'celebrated' in the survival of those against Breast Cancer, and in honour of those who left us too soon. Hopefully, one day, all our efforts will help reach a cure so that no one has to suffer/endure the battle of cancer.

This weekend is a double-whammy.

Jackie and Frank's mom's birthday. Birthdays are always great because it focuses joy, happiness and celebration all for that one person. Your very own day--- holiday, of sorts.

All I know is that there is much more to celebrate in the year to come
  • Joy's condo
  • Birthdays
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries

And hopefully, my own li'l reasons to celebrate.

08 February 2008


for Breast Cancer


  1. Record-timing for getting ready
  2. Danced to a Portuguese song with Steph
  3. I win a bath-basket from the raffle draw
  4. Frank drinks
  5. Frank drinks
  6. Frank drinks
  7. Frank dances while he drinks
  8. Frank bids for my Mickey & Minnie and WINS
  9. Adrian gets sick... :(
  10. Corey gets picked up by a cougar
  11. Ana and I get picked up by Tiny Tom
Love summed up in a frame and a kiss
He knew how much I wanted it.
He knew WHY I liked it.
He surprised me by bidding on it
He surprised me by winning it.
He knows exactly what to do to let me know
just how much he cares..

Brave Little Tailor (1938) is a one-reel animated cartoon short subject in the Mickey Mouse series, produced in Technicolor by Walt Disney Productions, and released to theatres on September 29, 1938 by RKO Radio Pictures. It was produced by Walt Disney, directed by Bill Roberts, with principal animation by Fred Moore and Bill Tytla. It was nominated for the 1938 Academy Award for Best Short Subject: Cartoons, losing to Disney's own Ferdinand the Bull. In 1994 it was voted #26 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field.


The story is based upon the Grimm fairy tale "The Valiant Little Tailor", and revolves around a medieval European village, which is being constantly terrorized by an evil giant. The king and his princess (Minnie Mouse) have been seeking a warrior to kill the giant, but no one is brave enough to step up to the job. In the village, a young peasant tailor (Mickey Mouse) kills seven flies at once while at his work, and accidentally interjects several other peasants' discussion of the problems with the giant to brag loudly about his accomplishment:

Peasant (to his friends): Say, did you ever kill a giant?

Mickey (interjecting unwittingly): I killed seven (flies) with one blow!

Gossip that Mickey has killed seven giants with one blow quickly spreads around the kingdom. The king summons Mickey, and asks if he really "killed seven at one blow". Mickey goes into an elaborate re-telling of how he killed the seven (flies, not giants as the king believes), which impresses the king enough to appoint Mickey "Royal High Killer of the Giant". Upon learning the misunderstanding, all of Mickey's confidence disappears and he attempts to stammer his way out of the assignment. The king offers Mickey both vast riches and the hand of Princess Minnie if he can kill (or at least subdue) the giant. Smitten with the princess, Mickey proclaims that he'll "cut [the giant] down to my size]", and sets off for the giant's lair.

After only a few minutes, however, he is ready to turn back and give up, but the townspeople and Minnie are counting on him. "Gosh," Mickey sighs to himself, wondering what to do. "I dunno how to catch a giant."
Just then, the giant appears, forcing Mickey to scramble for a place to hide. The giant sits down to eat a cart of pumpkins(as if they were grapes), then a drink of water (using a water well as if it were a thermos) and a smoke (rolling a cigarette from a haystack Mickey was hiding in and lighting it with an oven). Mickey is caught in the giant's cigarette, and gives his hiding place away by accidentally sneezing.

The angry giant attempts to squash the tailor, who quickly produces sewing thread and a needle and binds the giant's limbs. With needle and thread, Mickey swings about the giant, sewing him up and causing him to fall and knock himself out. The giant subdued, Mickey returns home and is hailed as a hero. An amusement park is built on the site of the battle (powered with wind power from the snoring giant). The short ends with the king and a newly married Mickey and Minnie enjoying a ride on the carousel.

07 February 2008

Dig out

Gotta love Canadian Weather
So, 2 days of hibernation + denial = blueberry as a life-sized marshmallow. My street is finally PROPERLY plowed, and people can drive in and out with ease. Although, may I add that the road is completely bumpy; or as Frank puts it, "like driving in WW II." Anyway, in need to venture out, I spend an hour cleaning off the snow from my sister's car (behind mine) and blueberry.

It was nice seeing her blue paint again. But reminds me why I hate Canadian Winters...despite the 'milder' snowfall as of recent years. Technically a dig-out, I wasn't enthused at the idea of it all, but ended up enjoying the unveiling of my car! hahaha...

As much as I rant and rave about it, I have a love-hate relationship with Canadian weather. All I know is, lesson learned. Take off the snow AS it snows. Or else you are left with a big pile of sh*t.

A day in the life........

06 February 2008

The Secret

You create your own life.

Mind over matter; often something I am heard saying...

Reason being, your mind does not need circumstances to be real. Ever have an instance where you had a dream,that seemed so real, as if it had really happened? If so, that is a great example of how powerful the mind truly is.

Example 2:
A man accidentally locked himself in a refrigeration car, and wasn't discovered until the next day.
During his overnight stay in the refrigeration car, he consistently concentrated on how cold it was, and how he would surely freeze to death. He did! He was found dead, and a subsequent autopsy found that his cause of death was that he had frozen to death.
The refrigerator car, however, was non-operational, and the ambient temperature in the car was far above freezing. How did he die? He imagined that he would freeze to death, and his mind made sure he did.

Therefore take this into account in your own life. I have innumerable examples of situations where I obtained what I wanted when I really wanted. As if the Universe moved heaven and earth to get it to me. I realized this at a young age, and to this day, when I've wanted something... 9 times out of 10, I got it.

To understand the power of the mind, and of visualization, watch this video.

Here's my Visualization Aid

My Life Path.

  1. Moved from the Philippines to Toronto, Canada.
  2. This is where I established St.Boniface as my school & parish.
  3. Graduated St.Boniface School with the Science Award
  4. Graduated Cardinal Newman CSS with Honours, receiving the Ontario Scholar Medal
  5. In the process of obtaining my University Degree at York U
  6. Also, I will supplement my Degree with a TESL Diploma/TEYL Certificate
  7. Look to gain entranceship to the Ontario College of Teachers, graduating a Certified Teacher
  8. Post-Grad, I hope to gain a Permanent FT position teaching
  9. Given all things fall into place, naturally, engagement, marriage, and a whole new life will follow suit.
  10. Pinnacle of my career: Principal of my own school..

05 February 2008

Academic history

looking back...
Feeling: Confident & Ready....for anything.

So, in the process of 'moving' in 2 weeks has given me another opportunity to take a look of what I've kept, and re-evaluate their worthiness. Rummaging through all my paperwork, miscelaneous folders, folded backstreet boys posters, and random keepsakes, I found my bulging folder of schoolwork.

This is my now torn blue folder that I used circa intermediate elementary years -- senior high school years during presentations, to hold my hand-outs etc. It now carries all my schoolwork that I was able to keep, (minus my larger-than-life geographical model of Australia) that I achieved high grades on. I even kept a fake passport from grade 8 from the immigration section of Canadian History! Amidst the items were reports, english essays, poetry assignments, and some creative ISU (Independent Study Unit) projects that I completed throughout high school. Then flipping through all this, I found my University Essays!

The only B, or B+s in all my assignments.... not a C, but definitely not an A, I was pleased to remember the comments of seniors towards my mark, " Wow, you're a first year student in 2500 (2-level courses are 2nd year courses) getting a B??? You should be happy. I had her as a TA last year, and I never even got a B!"

Long story short: I wanna go back and WOW myself, this time.

04 February 2008


better described as, my room.
Soon-to-be Bedroom versus my current state of affairs. Haha

Feeling: Great sense of Anticipation

8 years of living in the small space I call my room has been wonderful. It is rather cozy than cramped. I've found bliss in rearranging the heck out of the furniture, painting its walls, and overall, just simply making it my own. Its walls have been layered with Backstreet Boys posters-galore, poked and prodded with always-moving photo frames --and such. Its floors have been upgraded, from carpet to hardwood. A four-legged occupant has lived on the premises and grew from 2lbs to a hefty 10! This room has seen everything..everything from my last year of elementary, through high school and now University. As excited as I am to be moving-on-up, I am sad to see my sister go....and so will Rocky. She will visit and so will we, and she's only 15 minutes away. But that's besides the point. The first to leave the nest...

I am uber excited though to move into a bigger space. Bigger is better, in this case, because I have so many more possibilities for rearranging my decor! The possibilities are endless and I love the fact that I have a new wall to paint!

Plans for MySpace. *giggle -
  1. Purchase of the bedroom set as pictured below
  2. Paint palette as edited by yours truly. Accent wall of a Fuschia-inspired coloring. Bring out he boldness of the space while somewhat softening the harsh black of the furniture. A more feminine feel.
  3. Note: the floor as pictured is somewhat identical to the coloring of our new floor!
  4. Contemporary frames galore will ravish the walls. Will add some visual-flare using some classic photography over the years
  5. Framing of my huge picture-window with lush fabrics
  6. Accesorize the heck out of the room with pieces that will compliment the boldness of the black/fuschia.
  7. Note: A preview of my wedding color motifs
  8. Highly organized closet; Big baskets will conceal the sweaters/bulky items as stored on the upper shelf area
  9. Books will be displayed as per my current student-status & to reflect my areas of interest
  10. It will have the comforting feeling that my old room always gave. Cozy, at-home, relaxing.

A preview of my
New Room
An inspiring new space for an inspired individual.

03 February 2008

Upwards and onwards

'My Quick-to-Digests'
In my current situation, with a lot of reflection, here are my on-the-go lessons for life. Seeing that my birthday is only weeks away, I've realized that another year has come-- and as they say, I am another year wiser. Go figure.

Feeling: Inspired

  1. Life doesn't stop for anything. It's up to you to keep moving
  2. Set a goal. Aim for it. Reach it
  3. Believe in yourself, or who else will
  4. If you hit rock bottom, the only way from there is UP
  5. The past is done and unchangeable, it is history. The rest is still unwritten
  6. Change is only a new beginning
  7. When times get hard, surround yourself with people who will provide you with a soft place to fall
  8. You can only truly appreciate things if you are first thankful for them
  9. Education is an investment in yourself
  10. Nothing is ever a waste of time; it's a learning experience
  11. Circumstances change. Therefore keep yourself rooted in things/people that will keep you grounded.
  12. Loving others is loving yourself outwards.
  13. Be thankful for everything, because there are people who have nothing.
  14. If you can imagine it, you can dream it. If you can dream it, you can become it.
  15. You make your own destiny
  16. If you frown in the present because of yesterday, smile because there is a tomorrow to turn it all around.
  17. Wisdom only goes as far as you use it.
  18. If things never got bad, there would be no hope. So hope for the best. And do for the better.
  19. Love freely. Laugh loudly. and Live your life because its yours to live.
  20. For every moment you are not happy, you lose a chance to smile and be happy.

When the sun shines....

we shine together..
Driving in the darkness,
only headlights light our way.
Houses in the distance,

Are we really far away?
No, because when youre greeted
with a smile, a hug,
and plenty of familar faces,
you're definitely close to home.
Your home is where your heart is, and that can be anywhere. It wasn't Scarborough, but it sure was great. Gorgeous place. Almost everyone together- which hasn't been done in a longggggggg time. With everyone there celebrating his accomplishment and congratulating him on its beauty. He was a perfect host. We laid back, chilled and simply, enjoyed the company of each other.
It was truly a house-warming.
Congrats Raffi!!

A Glimpse of the years to come.

(Dreaming of 'our' own tomorrows, and what it will bring.)

When the sun shines

we shine together

01 February 2008


New month, New Start.

  1. Second month of the year
  2. Shortest month
  3. Only month with less than 30 days
  4. 29 days in leap years, 28 in common years.
  5. February was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification.

Therefore, this month itself has a lot of meaning/symbolism, aside from the already fun-filled schedule of happenings/events!

The month starts with the gang's first 'complete' get-together, for a Breast Cancer Gala (pics will surely soon follow). Annually we celebrate the birthdays of my sister, and Frank's mom. Another year older means you're another year wiser. Significantly, this month will be the first time one of the bird's leaves the nest: Joy's moving into her condo! She's waited for this for a long time, and she's really excited. It'll be weird without her here, and even Rocky will notice her absence!It'll be weird for me without her here, cause I talk to her a lot and bother her, but now, I'll have to get in my car to bother her!

For me, February will definitely mean a month of purification. It is again, a new start for me. Hopefully I can find myself a new route to take--- eventually leading to my ultimate goal. Again, a lot of reflection, planning.....and action!

Let the games begin!