Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

30 May 2008

When I was 17...that was a very good year...

...I met Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha!
Sex and the City: The Movie
This Blog is Rated S; for Spoiler-Free
This movie exceeded my expectations.
For those not Sex-ually Stimulated, otherwise known as, non-Sex and the City fans, I will give you reason to disagree with me. As brilliantly written as the script may have been, and despite the hilariousness that IS Samantha & her antics, this movie is aimed for the Fans-at-heart. Don't get me wrong, if you're not an avid viewer, there is a prelude to acquaint you with the gals, whom are amongst my bestest of friends ;) So worry not, you can still view the film if you've lived under a rock and know nothing of Sex. (and the city that is.) Onto my review: MPK could not have written a better script, and SJP could not have produced a better movie that would be deserving of the Legacy-laiden 6-year series. At 143 minutes in length, the movie feeds & fills my 4-year-long appetite... For starters, we are served an Appetizer of an intro, feelings of nostalgia rush as you become aware that this really IS happening, and you really ARE seeing the GIRLS on the BIG SCREEN.. As the opening scenes commence, and the foursome arrive, I could think nothing other than,"Wow, they're together again," while repeating to myself,"...this isn't Season 6 on REPEAT.. this ISN'T Season 6 on REPEAT!" As we're filled in with what's been up with the Gals for the last few years, we are then served the Main Course. I'd like to say, quite discreetly --may I add-- that it is a 4-course meal with entrees. We are served up Marvellous Miranda, Caring Charlotte, Sex-Siren Samantha, and Creative-columnist/3x Author Carrie with a Side of BIG. There's no surprise in the fact that the main plot revolves around Carrie, but what DID surprise me was that this movie did not get "Carried Away" with the product placement, shallow plotlines, bloated-episode-syndrome by which the film has been accused. Critics are just that, critics. They're doing their job...but by my standards, Fan or Foe, you cannot deny the strength of the script, writing, & acting that brings it all together. Sex has hit the Silver Screen, so in short, I can only say that I'm Completely Sex-ually Satisfied!

29 May 2008


Such a great day to go on a walk..

He's so cute. Walking beautifully on lead, sniffing whatever his heart desires, without a care in the world. If his nose wasn't on the ground, he just pranced along gracefully and strut his stuff in East Scarberia. Watch out world- Here comes Rocky! ...after he takes a nap. *lol

"all pooped out"

28 May 2008

life's path

...I've reached a fork in the road

Along the way I've been lost, confused, had my fair share of flat tires, those moments where I was cruising with my hair blowing in the wind, and now, I've reached a pivotal moment in my educational career. Time is on my side, but it's a matter of choosing to do what will benefit me. I am confident in making my decision to switch-out, but I can't help but wonder, if I get things "over and done with" would that increase my chances of getting my foot in the door? I doubt it. But you can't help but have those "what if" moments. I'm not usually one to second-guess myself, but I have some external pressures that are aiding in the prodding. Tick Tock Tick Tock is all I'm hearing; but I know where my heart is. I guess I'll just have to sort it out myself; take this blank slate for what it is, and bring to it the most I can... Decisions, decisions, decisions..

27 May 2008

weighing in...

and here it goes: I've weighed my options, and given when the opportunity presents itself, I think I've made my decision. A little golden ball of opportunity. I've learned my lesson, and you can never put all your eggs in one basket...

26 May 2008

soak it in

lots of new information today.
lots to soak in....
now it's just a matter of whether
I will put all my eggs in one basket-
keep my options open for some security.

25 May 2008

sunny sunday

Perfect day for a cat nap.

ducks in a row

This week is one of much activity, where I will need to duck and weave through some situations. All that needs to be done in order to get my ducks in a row.
It's quack-quack time!

23 May 2008

chugging along

Lately, I've noticed that whenever I'm asked how I'm doing, I keep saying that I'm, "chugging along."

Maybe subconsciously I'm beginning to realize my uphill trend, & am conveying what initiated all these good things to finally happen...

Being surrounded by children's books and reminiscing on those stories that influenced my own childhood, one anthromorphic locomotive comes to mind. I'm sure everyone knows the story of, "The Little Engine that Could." For those finding themselves having a memory-lapse, a quick synopsis follows: The little blue engine is stuck at the bottom of a hill, unable to find a larger locomotive willing to attempt the daughnting uphill climb. Seeing that it is quite steep, acknowledging that no one will help him, he has no one to rely on but himself. Left to his own devices, he decides to give it a try; as he climbs, he gains power at the steepest (most slow-moving point) through his own self-confidence, as he constantly repeats the mantra," I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." Once over the hill, enjoying the rewarding free-fall, he says to himself," I thought I could, I thought I could...."

21 May 2008


is my temporary means of a "time-planning-to-do-listing-finance-managing" tool, prior to acquiring the much $$-draining crackberry....

I'm finding igoogle such an effective & functional homepage that I keep a window open for it all the time. I have meticulously chosen applications that would pretty much mimic what I will be using my blackberry for, and as such, have created some much-needed productivity whilst web surfing, -aka. wasting time..

I completely customized the layout and theme; choosing an "ocean life" theme, (complete with an animated-octopus who changes his actions depending on the time of day; for eg. listening to his iPod).

Igoogle is my new saviour, and I think even after getting my pinkberry pearl it will act as a back-up memory, keeping track of various things such as my day-to-day,---- & polluting my imagination by giving me a daily horoscope *giggle.

20 May 2008

back to the daily grind

is what most people refer the first day returning from the long weekend. I tend to see things in a more positive light, (specifically in my case).
I actually missed working with the kids and was elated to see them today! In looking at all the different things I've done, the "jobs" I loved, I have never seen as, "input: hours = output: paycheck."
With jobs like this and Kidproof, I get so much more from them than just the biweekly papier; I get the anticipation before every shift, excitement of a new day, the prepatory work drills, and get turn on my "teaching-mode" switch. I automatically de-stress because I'm working; Stress is no longer the result of work. Thanks kids!

19 May 2008

my li'l sunflowers

.... aren't so little anymore
they're 9 year old li'l ladies.
I remember when they couldn't even count to 9, let alone, choreograph
their own dance routines for school...
I remind myself of the days when I was ambushed with the ever-so-familiar line,"Wow! You're so big now!"
I used to think,"What am I supposed to do, not grow?" *lol
But now I find myself saying the exact thing about them!
(difference being that I spare them the embarassment of the loud screeching and double-handed-cheek-pinching.
I am in denial, and often choose to go that route; telling myself that they their heads are still below the height of my door handle.
Long story short: Happy Birthday Girls!

bbq & baby

The Victoria Day long weekend never fails to bring rain...I like to call it Mother Nature's one-last-cry, before the sunny days of summer. Corey, aka: Boy meets Grill, chugs on despite the raindrops..Inviting us over to have some Cow; Frank and I couldn't resist. We're carnivores (hangs head down in shame, *licks side of mouth to get some bbq remnants)
Anyway, getting distracted, we spent the majority of the day eating Cow, and eating Cow with Bread, Ana's Marvellous PoppySeed Dressing + Cheese Salad, and even more Cow. I was on Parina-duty and babysat Tiny. O how *big he's gotten. Mind you, he still can run under Rocky with enough clearance! He peed on his pee pad, hopped around, chased me, and entertained everyone by simply being adorable and funny. O how I heart him.
A great day minus the rain and wind chill.
*Thanks Corey and Ana, and my li'l GodDoggy Tiny for brightening up what would have been a dark and dreary, rainy Sunday.

chronicles of narnia:Prince Spada

Frank always finds a way to put me before himself. He completely caught me off-guard when he met up with me in line for the food, and told me that we weren't watching Iron Man.... I thought it sold out or something, so I thought nothing of it, until I looked at him and realized that he chose to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, ahead of Iron Man, just for me.
He knows how I love(d) the book series as a child (and to this day), so he lovingly chose to watch the sequel to Narnia. Plus, don't say anything, but he will not admit to you that he in fact liked the first movie. He didn't fall asleep; as he predicted pre-screening, and even knew all of the characters names! And for Frank, he only remembers things that interest him. Selective-memory, as I like to call it.
Biased or not, I loved this movie. Frank was surprised at how many people are still flocking to see it--as he walked into a well-filled theatre. Minus most of magic and wonder that filled the first movie, this movie makes up for it with the character-development, and great plot points! A movie for all ages.
This movie is rated R, for Romantic, cause it's these little things that Frank does that reminds me exactly how we were when we just started....

iron man & pepper

The first longweekend of '08, and Frank & I go movie-mad.
We decide to watch 2 films, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and as titled, Iron Man. I give this movie a much deserved 5 stars. I am not for one with movies that are loaded with CG effects cause sometimes it can take away from the movie, rather than add to it. This movie proved opposite of the latter and we were both completely pleased. As with all movies, the beginning is action-packed, and pretty much has no plateaus. The plot moved smoothly and was well-directed. I for one could not help but notice all of the Audis in the film-- ESPECIALLY the R8! Audi at its finest.... now THAT is luxury!

Watching the movie and seeing Iron Man and his assistant Pepper, much reminded me of Frank and myself. There's always things that we disagree on, but its the kind of friction that brings us closer. He protects me, while I look out for him, on the sidelines. I'm the more low-profile "pro-tector" of the 2 of us.

All for all, a great movie. And a great weekend full of popcorn, m&ms, coca cola, nachos and movie previews!


16 May 2008

it's the longggg weekend kids!

Today is Friday, and my last class for the week, including Monday. As per the door sign I created," Parents & Students, please be advised that this Saturday, May 17, 2008, our centre will be closed for the Victoria Day Long Weekend. Classes will resume on Tuesday, May 20th, 2008. Have yourself a safe and relaxing long weekend! We will see you next week!
These kids are absolutely adorable, funny, entertaining, clever and sometimes, extremely hilarious! They're the sunshine to my cloudy days, and make the 4 hours fly by!

coming soon a theatre near you!

*clicky above.

CHEE-WOW-WA! I'm so excited for this movie. I'll admit, I still get excited in the Disney Store (I miss the classic disney layout versus the mass-produced retail-oriented stores). I love all things Disney, and I've never been a naysayer to anything Disney Does. Just like Simon Says, Disney Does it right- and by this, I am even more love-stricken!

It'll definitely be a family affair when this gets released... I hope it turns into a COMBO PAIL DEAL! I'd love to have a plastic pail to take home with Papi and Co. all over it! What a great wash-tub for Rocco.... he'll have his relatives with him even as he gets squeaky-clean!

*Thanks Joy & Edwin for the Paws Up.

15 May 2008

my work portfolio

....... enlightening realization
Through some chit-chat today, I came to a very enlightening realization. I have quite a work portfolio. Work experience is a growing experience. Through the various positions I have carried, and chosen, to occupy my well-valued time, I have witnessed a common thread. Anything that I decided to do, was an extension of where I was at in that time of my life. My earlier retail fiascos were reminiscent of my pick-up-my pay check THEN go-for-lunch-and-spend-it days. A time where money seemingly grew on trees, and financial responsibilities were non-existent. Then came my salon receptionist job, where I enamored myself with the pampered-puppy attitude, where you tipped people for aesthetic services rather than providing you with speedy/excellent at-the-table kind of service. Summer of '05 gave me a job that was already In The Bag---working with Trevor Owen Ltd. (Google 'em, and you'll know what I mean by that..) a job that allowed Frank and I to work side-by-side, or at least, have our lunches together, all summer-long <3>
Another must-mention job was my bikini-bay sales associate position, where I humoured people by admitting that,"yes, I sell bikinis, BUT I don't wear one while I work!" On-the-side I held an At-Home-Tutoring job where I found myself becoming more like a Big Sister, than just a tutor. It was so hard to have that job end at the 2-year point...but on the bright side, that following summer, I had the priviledge to work for the super-posh, high exec. Scotia Capital- Scotiabank, on the 62nd floor of Scotia Plaza. It took a full 2 minutes to get to the top, and believe me, being sardine-packed in an elevator with thumb-numbing crackberry executives, made the ride THAT much longer. All you could hear was the insurmountable sound of their thumbs typing layers of skin away! You have no idea how I ecstatic I was when my *ding came to announce my release from the click-click-clicks! Throughout the day, I would even find myself still teeth-chattering to the sound of all those click-click-clicks!! :) A delightful work experience nonetheless, as I walked in the shoes of a Downtown Dolly; always checking my watch for the time, parading through the city in flocks with destination:financial district in mind, and the end-of-the-day, Catch the GO marathon; only to realize that your train was delayed because of "signal problems." Soon after, I gained 2 wonderful volunteer jobs where I delighted myself in working as a mentoring coach and catechism teacher. Two positions that I hold near and dear to my heart. A reconciliation with my nieces' old daycare centre provided for an ECA opportunity, and a summer that was filled with much fun, laughter, bandaids and diaper changes! Through the google-friendly web, I stumble upon something so FoolProof, that it turned out to be KidProof! --- My Most Cherished Work Experience To Date! I travel like a winged-messenger across the GTA and teach kids skills that will not only make them wiser, but will give them the kind of knowledge that could one day save their lives! Fast worward to late '07 and I gain my very own click-click job with the TCDSB. Hours flew by as I clicked my heart away and completed tasks like speedy gonzalez...I became numb to the constant typing, as I became one with the keyboard *lol. A few weeks later, I found out that my need for speed was to my very own detriment... shortage of work, meant bye-bye-bye; I couldn't possibly reduce myself to less than 16 hours a week, plus the chance of it becoming a more casual on-call position, than something steady/reliable. Another bullet to add to my resume, I found a position where I could combine my two loves: computers and kids... Teaching those courses was so much fun, and unlike kidproof, I had weeks of constantly seeing the same kids and watching them progress and learn from what I have taught them, with the final products being MS WORD 5-Day forecasts and different topic-ed power point presentations for eg. "Places in the World I Want to Visit." This job emphasized why short-term contracts are like those "have fun while it lasts" experiences: it goes before you get a chance to sit back and take it all in. Finally, proud to add another Gold Star position for my TC App., working at Learna is a great experience in and of itself. Reminiscent of my job-prior, it combines any and everything I have done up-to-date. A combination of all my skills and experience, and most importantly, my passion, this job is truly me. I think my job-hunting days are over...that is, until I'm Certified(-platinum--plated name plate *wink-wink

best foot forward

is a philosophy everyone practices...
We are living in a world where every step we take can be tracked and documented. Celebrities are prime examples of how we are in the age-of-information. We are in-the-know of their every word, movement and action-- just monitor sites like TMZ and you'll probably find out what Britney Spears ate for breakfast!
It takes milliseconds for us to receive information - whether via text, email, or internet fodder. Adolescents today are graced with text-mates and mobiles, whereas in my heyday, it was the pager, and numerics-- 7177 spells my name. Figure it out*
Therefore it is no surprise to me, how powerful technology has become. I for one feel disconnected when I haven't checked my emails, logged onto my facebook account, or have been deprived of my daily recommended intake of PerezHilton dot com.
With technology having such a wider reach these days, we must also take some precaution with our internet -browsing-. All activities are logged and in-cased like timecapsules, hence we must always put our best foot forward in everything we do. Needless to say, this is emphasized enough by my new position with a computer-based company; even information there travels in the blink of an eye!(See Wolf in Sheep's Clothing post)
A surprise visit from the owner yesterday evening left me to do what my instincts told me to: put your best foot forward....
With all the work, effort, and initiative over the past weeks, I have more than just laid all my cards out on the table, I have given them the opportunity to recognize my full potential. To succeed in the world today, and beat-out the competition is to raise that bar, go that much further, and give yourself that much needed-edge.
So to make this philosophy my very-own, let the summer be your motivation to get a pedicure, buy yourself a pair of sky-high stilettos, and strut your stuff with the world as your runway!
OR in Frank's case,
buy yourself a pair of the best industrial-strength construction boots, climb down that hole, and get dirty!!

12 May 2008

on my way

just one of those stepping stones
on my way to officially transferring over to the
Children's Studies program.
Like we'll all learned, good things don't come easy, and this
evidently is one of them.
Unbeknownst to me, Psychology was moved to the
Faculty of Health
THEREFORE, not only will I be required documentation to switch
majors, but also submit proper documentation/permissions to switch into the
Faculty of Arts!
Advising Appt number 2 is scheduled at HNES..

11 May 2008

mama's day

You taught me everything and everything you've given me
I always keep it inside
Youre the driving force in my life
There isnt anything or anyone I can be
And it just wouldnt feel right
If I didnt have you by my side
You were there for me to love and care for me
When skies were grey
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me.....

best of friends

Rocky & Tiny
Finally met, and it couldn't have been more adorable!
Unfortunately, the picture didn't get saved onto Frank's phone,
but the above images will do, as that is what Rocky was
wearing Saturday night anyway.
It was great to see them getting along so well! Rocky was just getting tripped out by being the "BIG"ger dog.... at one point, I even had both dogs sleeping on me. *Oh how I love 'em. And yayyy Frank and I are Padrino & Padrina of li'l Tiny. Your "Christening" gift will soon be on it's way :)
Another day to go down in the books

09 May 2008

the sun is shining

Summer Camp?
The sun IS shining.
It seems that all those
April showers
are indeed bringing me my
May Flowers!

let bygones be bygones

Accepting that extended olive branch....
Sometimes things happen, with all the the things that follow, it can simply become an abyss of nothingness... no longer holding that anger/frustration or any such emotion. So when someone extends that olive branch, why not take it?

Nothing to lose, but possibly much to gain. Sometimes things fall...and amidst all the wreckage and rubble, you can forget how great it was when it stood strong.

Simply put: I'm letting bygones be bygones.

a wolf in sheep's clothing

In a state of shock.
I can't believe that she was so deceptive.
I can't believe how manipulative.
Went above and beyond to cover up her lies.

Trying to drag me under the bus with her, my good deeds don't go unrewarded. Bad deeds don't go unpunished either. I now know she got what she deserved.
A Wolf in Sheep's clothing, she was, she was.


I've been a bad, bad girl.
Slacking lately on my blog... as of today, Friday, the 9th,
I am 4 posts behind.

Let's see how much of a catch-up I can do.

05 May 2008

cinco de mayo

My 5 word post for today.

04 May 2008

new addition

to the glam-fam squad!

Today Frank and I went with Corey and Ana to see some yorkie puppies! As the 'doggie-expert' quote on quote, they called me Saturday if I could come with :) As soon as we entered the door, we got ambushed by 5 lil pups, and soon-after, their Mama and Papa. Dogs Dogs everywhere!

Little tiny furballs just running around, being cute and rambunctious as can only be expected. In the end, Corey chose the runt of the litter, Tiny. He's an adorable and absolutely gorgeous pup. Welcome to the family little guy!

When you're big enough you'll get to meet Rocky, Bunny Bunny, Noah and Princess!

the colour of

love is purple

Everyone from pretty every corner of the GTA gathered in celebration of the house warming/blessing of Joy's Condo. A much anticipated day- after the BIG MOVE- it was nice to see everyone near and dear. Starting from 2PM we had a strong and steady rotation of company til early in the AM. Food was eaten, drinks were drank, gifts were open---- with a high purple-rate (for those of you who don't know my sister, she loves anything PURPLE and EEYORE, or better yet, a combination of the two) A great celebration of my sister's great accomplishment. One more star to add to her Wall of Fame.

02 May 2008

may 2 cents

* eeks! typo!

Just kidding. But for real, here is *my 2 cents. (Ironically, it is May 2nd) All giggles aside. I've been wrapped in dealing with finances...another school year ahead of me, and plenty of goings-on to add to my monthly monetary crunch. I've been a good girl these past 4 years, and have kept my retail-retaliation, archnemesis of my debit card-visa duo, to a minimum. But to no avail, what they say is so true. The more you make, the more you spend. I'm finding myself often looking back on the days where $20 could buy me the world, whereas now, it's a little short of half a tank of gas. Without saying, penny pinching is a must, but nearly impossible with all the stuff that life brings. I am reminded of those Classic Real Life: Visa commercials that went something like:
Tuition $4500,
Books $675,
Daily White Hot Chocolate from Second Cup: $5.25,
Sitting in a sardine-packed lecture hall with 1/2 of the people without a clue?


In conclusion, I've learned that life is expensive. It costs nothing to exist, but plenty to live. Therefore, the only variable I can really control (minus the birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.) is how much I save. By saving MORE, I am spending LESS. I'm giving penny-pinching a much needed's more than being frugal, or prudent, it's being Thrifty. Am I making a fashion statement? OR you can

Think of it this way," your Pennies --cents--, and the $-Dollars-$ will look after themselves."

Spending & Saving can Co-Exist. *Yes We Can! -- haha, had to throw in some American Politics since we're talking Money.

01 May 2008

come what May

Can't believe it's May already!
Time sure is flying..and for me, that's a good thing.
Lots to look forward to in 2008!
Weddings galore, the trailor weekends,
birthdays and celebrations at large.

*Waiting for all those blossoms to bloom.