Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

31 July 2008

28 July 2008

busy bee

is waiting for the LONG WEEKEND.....
but still

the glass is

Half Empty.
5 weeks left.................
I'm running on Empty.

27 July 2008

The Dark Knight

coming soon !

counting down

the days til the end of Summer Camp
....I am completely enamored and appreciative of this experience, but I'm starting to realize that its taking its toll on my body.... 5 weeks or 20 days to go...
Praying that time will fly just as fast!

25 July 2008

Another Blog is Born!

Dedicated to US and 7.12.7

1/2 way til

I see that checkered flag

Missing Rocky

I know he's starting to feel the separation...too.

migraine double-time

What does it mean...

22 July 2008

working for the weekend

Like everyone else, I'm working for the weekend. Pulling these shifts with barely any time to breathe, are a labour of love. I'm doing it for multiple reasons, but as of recently, just to check off another week done, and the weekend to come.
I truly cherish the weekend cause it's my time to breathe; to inhale, and exhale, and spend time FOR myself. Not one to complain, I love what I'm doing. It's everything that I've ever wanted, it's just that I can't help but miss walking Rocky at the park, and most of all, sleep, peacefully--- without having to run tomorrow's itinerary 10-hundred times in my head.
In sum, to explain my psyche, once I'm in work-mode, its hard to pull out, and at the end of the week, I really feel it.
In one word: DRAINED.

21 July 2008

ladder of success

Finally, a more concrete form of recognition, in the form of
a monetary raise!
All my hard work is REALLY starting to PAY off!

20 July 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

  1. fruit-kabobs arranged like a pro
  2. rain = good luck/fortune
  3. cake by nanay and two other cakes c/o Frank
  4. yummy salad = mixed greens, feta and raspberry vinaigrette dressing
  5. sparklers during her birthday song
  6. family all around
  7. Overall a great Sunday!!

19 July 2008

wedding bells

For Frank and Domenica!

May God bless them as they start their
Forever and Happily Ever After.


Let me introduce you to Montana's Cookhouse's Signature
"Rustic Citrus Grilled Salmon Salad"

Homestyle salmon skewers seasoned, grilled and placed atop a generous portion of mixed greens, fruits and sweet red onion. Served with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing and a dried fruit and nut mixture.
We have just met, and believe me, she made a GREAT

Sorry to have doubted you, Montana's. I'll be back REALLY SOON.

mickey surprises minnie

not with a gift,
but with himself.
A surprise visit after work...
right in the nick of time.
* He brought some of that Niagara Magic back to Toronto

often said

always done.

18 July 2008

Olympics week

  1. swimming
  2. badminton
  3. basketball
  4. soccer
  5. 3-legged race, marathons, egg-spoon race....

lost without you

I feel so disconnected from life, things and my regular routine.
Re-connected feels so good!

11 July 2008

Falling head over heels

Status: In Niagara,
celebrating 4 years of Us,
Forever and a day of You and Me's,
all of our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.
6 years until 7.12.7

Happy 'Us' Day

6 years until 7.12.7 He gave me this card in grade 9 via ICQ

10 July 2008

hoot 'n holler

  • yaD sdrawkcab!
  • kids made the most ADORABLE Owls
  • 2nd favourite day, versus PJs Day.
  • Shone like a star infront of the Director/Owner.
  • Hoot and Holler! It was a great day-- that went by >>>FASTER than any!

08 July 2008

Notable Horoscope

Pisces February 19-March 20
Tuesday, Jul 8, 2008 Your reputation and career prospects could be on the rise at this time. You should be capable of devoting yourself to some larger objectives right now, and you ought to be able to accomplish a great deal with a little hard work. Just realize that your persistence should eventually be rewarded. Some money matters might also be on the agenda for you today.
Even if you’ve been having to deal with a few difficulties lately, you might find your financial situation starting to improve a bit at this time. Your emphasis right now should be on establishing a solid foundation for some new endeavors. And you should be able to accomplish this since many of the old obstacles should be behind you now.

PJs Day

  1. Gonna wear my Mickey Mouse PJs
  2. Excited to see the kids all-dressed-up (part 2 care of Profession Day)
  3. Movie for the day: Monsters Inc. *absolutely 3xxxLOVE this movie!
  4. Will teach them about hibernation, the animals that hibernate, and the list of animals who can sleep the longest.
  5. Yayyyyyy!

07 July 2008

occupation: juggler

Just like the girl in this picture, I feel like I'm literally juggling my whole life in 24-hour time slots. Nevermind the saying,"take it day by day," hour-by-hour is how I'm living my life right now. Crunch time is all the time, and for the next 8 weeks, I'm in the pressure cooker. I'm taking all that this experience is offering me, and making it the best it can be... before I know it, the 9th week of Summer Camp will have come and gone & I will be looking fondly on the days that I worked 8-3 & 4-8.

06 July 2008

getting into

the swing of things.
Realizing that this is an experience of a lifetime, I'm taking it all in! Enjoying the day-to-day, and taking it as it comes, the summer will be gone before we know it. Happy, Happier and Happiest! I'm just so happy to finally be getting into the swing of things, and at that point where I'm comfortable and feel at home.

I'm a Bruxer

Coincidentally, after having a conversation with my Bff about her waking up to my teeth-grinding (during a sleepover), I wake up with a very sore mouth and abrasions on the sides of my mouth. For the past day and a half I have been talking funny, and have gotten so irritated, that I decided to Google my condition. As we have it, I have a sleep disorder called Bruxism.
After an exhaustive list of sites and read-throughs, I decided to chew gum to alleviate the pain.
Current status: Chewing gum while watching "Rich Bride, Poor Bride."

05 July 2008

lesson planning....

  1. Walk through Time Week
  2. Learna Olympics Week
  3. Junior Scientists Week
  4. Environmentally-Friendly week
  5. Fitness Frenzy Week
  6. Superhero Week
  7. Learna's Got Talent Week
  8. Wild Water Adventure Week

04 July 2008

Week 1/9

  1. Explore the World week: done.
  2. Loving the Almighty Canadian Beavers the kids created for Canada Day!
  3. Greek Mythology is always a MUST.
  4. Movie integration part one.
  5. Lesson planning = perfect timing.
  6. Kids are great company (even in large doses!)
  7. Finally losing those "new-job jitters"
  8. 'Closing-in' on those units*
  9. Taking on a full-plate in the evenings
  10. Jill of all Trades

03 July 2008

coffee time

is anytime.
On my break, walking with a triple-triple in-hand and a chocolate croissant,
I came to a funny conclusion: Coffee Time IS Learna time! On average, I get 5 3xs a week. I never used to have a daily coffee-routine as I absolutely refuse to piss money away....but here I am: caffeine is now an addiction, and an absolute necessity to get me through the day!
Time to wean myself off it. Let's give it a shot-- of espresso.

02 July 2008

1st Day of Summer Camp

Today was my first day of Summer Camp.. A very enlightening experience, and I'm looking forward to the next 9 weeks. The kids are great and the experience will no doubtedly be beneficial to me. I am pleased with my abilities, as today was my first trial-run of my weekly-themed, daily lesson plans. As it was Canada Day yesterday, as per our "Explore the World" theme- Canada is our first destination country. I had the kids learn about Canada's national animal: The beaver. I taught them some basic facts about beavers and related different concepts to other wildlife; for e.g., prey vs. predator: prey: beaver, predator: fox. The kids were very engaged and I was very glad to see their participation! Afterwards, I created a "beaver cut-out" which they would in turn colour, cut-out and then glue to a piece of construction paper. In addition to their 'Canada package" they coloured in and cut out a flag for the beaver to hold. The kids created some really cute beavers!! :D
Tomorrow we're going to Greece! We're going to watch Hercules- the Universal Studios Version- post storytelling. I'm going to be telling them two famous myths: The Story of King Midas and The Boastful Spinner- Arachne. Need a refresher? Wikipedia it!
You may make a new friend today. In an interesting turn of events, this friend may help you out a great deal to remain calm and focused amid several challenges you may be facing. You are sure to realize what a lucky meeting this turned out to be and will thank your lucky stars that this person came into your life at this exact time. - Horoscope

01 July 2008

Happy Camper

Day of transition
..between 'camps.' Ending of a fabulous longggg weekend, and the beginning of running Summer Camp :) I like to call this period: the calm before the storm. (In a good way of course!) *p.s.- Happy 141st Birthday Canada!!