Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

22 June 2009

Chihuahua or Frogger?

So there has been this flying-insect, not necessarily a fly or moth- I can't really identify it- except for the fact that it has wings..

Anyway, it was in my room for a couple of days and has managed to escape my rath; that is until it met Rocky. Let me set up the scene: I'm here, on my comp, typing away and I see this thing flying in around my peripheral vision. I draw it to Rocky's attention and he snaps around at it, chomping air and jumping around as he goes.

Then SNAP!

It's gone.

Rocky then gets this cute "eww" look on his face, and spits it out.
I grab the anihilated flying insect's remains and pet Rocky's head
as he lays next to me, watching me type.

My li'l protector.
He takes Papa's place when he's not around..

09 June 2009

An early, when the cock crows, phone call
mends the battle wounds
from yesterday's fight.

A falling out lent for things to
fall into place.

"I am stuck on band-aid brand, cause Band-aid helps heal me."

Dr.Jill to the rescue :) for his
work owie.

08 June 2009

Fighting For

So today errupted one of those fights- those fights that are
few and far between.

Not one to air my dirty laundry; I had a stand- and so did he.
So there we were, Greek food and all, arguing over things about our present-
due to things that happened in the past.

Despite all of this, I'm still standing my ground, but can't help
but see the point of
what are we fighting for?

We were fighting about what we fought about when we were fighting to be together.


Maybe so.


Maybe so, also.
But, I think it'll end up being
constructive communication.

Regardless, doesn't make it hurt any less.

04 June 2009

Never leave me!

Frank and I have many movie-esque moments; one being a scene almost identical to the one made famous by Vince Vaughn (Jeremy) and Isla Fisher (Gloria) in 'The Wedding Crashers' See 1:53

Gloria Cleary
: Don't ever leave me!
Jeremy Grey: Never.
Gloria Cleary: Good.
[girlish voice]
Gloria Cleary: 'Cause I'd find you!

Charlotte Speaks! It’s not just the legions of fans that are getting excited for the sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie, even the stars are amped for their return to the big screen.

“We’re excited too,” Kristin Davis told reporters at Modern Bride’s 25 Trendsetters of 2009 at NYC’s Palace Hotel on May 11. ” It’s very exciting and very different than the first one, which is the luxury of getting to do another one.”

After the show ended its run on TV, there were a few things left hanging with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, which was part of the fun of making the first movie, Kristin explains.

“We did the first one, and those were our pent-up things that we hadn’t finished in the show, so now we’re just starting fresh in a way, which is really, really exciting,” she says. “It’s just a new adventure.”

Another great reason to be thrilled about returning to the set withSarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall? Quality time!

“It’s like getting to be with your girlfriends for 18 hours a day, which, you know, nobody gets to do in their lives,” Kristin reveals, adding that the actresses are also friends offscreen.

“We see each other when we’re not working,” she tells OK!. “Everyone thinks we don’t, I don’t know why, [maybe] because we don’t parade down the street when we’re together.”

And two other very exciting and tiny reasons to be thrilled being back on set? SJP’s twins!

“I get to hold one when she’s holding the other,” jokes Kristin.”I put in my request.”

Food Me

Frank came by
and I took my break.

He introduced me to my
new best-friend
at work....

Sesame Bagel with Herb & Garlic
Cream cheese!!


My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

This day goes down as the 2nd best break ever! <3

03 June 2009

Our Secret Code

Rewind to the days back in elementary when neither Frank nor I had a cell phone....(he at least had a pager.)

If he wanted to talk to me/return one of my *pages to him, we had a simple 'code' to get ahold of eachother....

....he would call my house, and before the first ring finished, to hang up. (remember, this is also the days before *69!) it was often fail-proof, and none of our parents were the wiser.

Today, I was phoneless, as I had mistakenly misplaced my phone (it ended up being underneath my passenger car seat) therefore being unreachable to Frank.

It's days like this that I realize how in-touch he needs to be with me, cause he did the cutest thing. I get home at 11:30 and shortly after, the house phone rings- for a split second. I think for a sec, and say to myself, nah....he hasn't done that in ages! So, I dial *-6-9 and it says, "The last number to call your line is: 416-8__-7722!"

I smile, call him back, he answers right away- and my eyes start to well up..."I can't believe you remember our code!"

"Of course I remember's our secret code."

--- I felt 14 again.