Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

29 June 2008

Happy Canuck Day!

Celebrations, Photographs, Barbecues, O My!
On our way to Peteroborough this weekend. Gonna enjoy the sun, fun and relaxation! Have a safe and happy holiday!!!

27 June 2008

little miss practical

Here is a story of a girl, named Jilly. She is as Tiny as could be...but don't let her size fool you. Big things come in small packages! She dreams Big Dreams, and always aims high- seemingly beyond her reach. She almost wills things to everything she has around her, is exactly how she wants it. A BIG PERFECTIONIST in a teeny tiny body, she always has a bigger load on her shoulders than most people thinks she can handle. She carries much responsibility in various aspects of her life, and that is no tiny task! With that said, she, like most people her age, has taken on her own financial obligations. Work = Money = Success. In her life, those three things come full circle. In working to make money, which she spends (school, etc.) her success comes 10-fold! Everything she invests her time and money in, brings about a 'garden-ful' of variety and benefits. This is when Little Miss Tiny, becomes Little Miss Practical. Knowing the TRUE value of a dollar, she has had a change of heart. She has chosen to eliminate her desire of a BBpearl, and save money by not spending it...practicality has become her rationality. Gone are the days of getting her I WANTs, over her I NEEDs.
She has realized that she is truly in control of everything--- this year is hers.

relax button

...inspired by Staples' Easy Button,
this button is more my style. Never one to take the easy way out, that button would be for nothing but sheer convenience. It would bring out the sloth in me, and quite possibly any negative trait that would come along with always having things done the -easy- way. From childhood, I've followed example, and disciplined myself to work through difficulties. Take for one, I remember taking home my 'indoor' shoes from school in a plastic bag. Rather than tying it off in a bow, I inadvertantly made a knot-- and a pretty good one, at that! I got home and asked my dad to help me un-do it... getting flustered with my own frustration, I ran to get scissors so that I could cut my shoes free (Easy Button). Then, my dad stopped me in my tracks. He told me for one, that I would waste a plastic bag, that would thereafter be completely useless, and two, I wouldn't learn. I didn't understand...learn what? I knew how to undo knots, I knew how to make them... then I saw what he meant. He wanted me to work through the knot, bit by bit. By following this simple direction, I've learned to live my life that way. Bit by bit, I'll work my way through it. Bit my bit, it'll come. No rush, just focus, concentration and determination-- (rewind back to that 7yo me, and *poof! My shoes were free) And so am I. I'm free to do my own thing. To busy my life with work, school, volunteer, family, boyfriend & friends-- all that jazz. I'm free to occupy my time as I like, as that's what life is. But life comes with difficulties, and imperfections- that we all must endure. In sum, I've never been one to push that Easy Button... that is why I'm gonna take the next 4 days (Canada *Long Weekend) in stride. Although I do have some planning to do, I'm gonna press that button and say 'DEAL'! I need to relax, take some time to unwind and re-energize for Learna SC!!

25 June 2008

feeding the pig

As I will be clocking in for July-August & clocking out (FT hours) come September, my graduation-piggy will be well-fed-- And boy, is he hungry. Let me introduce you to him, his name is York, and he likes $$ in any form; be it Visa, Debit or Cash, he has no bias. As long as he's fed, he will oink and roll around in all of my dough. His curly tail will spiral, and he'll be climbing the walls- he's no Spider-Pig! He's already consuming three-fifths of what I will be making over the summer, and that's NOT including the appreciating costs of books, parking and transporation. (blueberry, I heart you.) He's been fed for 4 years now, and I am feeding him more than I am feeding myself! York is hungrier than a hungry-hungry hippo! But I can't deny our love-hate relationship. If I feed York, in return I graduate and receive my degree. If I don't feed York, it's STILL not his loss...

as he already has 4 years worth of all the bacon I've brought home! This post is in dedication to my love-hate relationship with my graduation-piggy, York . Money well-spent. *cheers!

on the world stage

I'm entering a field where I won't be infront of millions of people, promoting my latest flick, or singing my latest single. I'm not gonna be podcast over the net, broadcasted digitally to sets across the world, or tuned in on an AM/FM dial. My profession has a different audience. Much more critical than any of the professions incorporated above. These tiny critters, oops! I mean critics, can sense if you're lost in what you're doing. At a split second you can lose them. They can change focus, but you can deter all this from happening if you keep them engaged, keep them interested, and keep them "eyes-and-ears." I love anything teaching/education related. It's my life-blood's work, and I'm announcing it here, and proclaim it proudly on modern-day life's version of the world stage--- Facebook. Facebook has given me the opportunity to network with other Kidproofers, others who have volunteered with KidsNOW Canada and those whole heartedly involved in educating children.
The real-world stage may have its glitz and glamour, but all I need in my world stage is a classroom with desks and chairs.

24 June 2008

my funny students

This reminded me of *them. LOL

23 June 2008

I will surrender

myself to work, starting the first week of July
and believe me, I'm not complaining. As drained and exhausted as I know I will be, it's time and energy well-invested. This job has saved me from the dreaded world of retail employment & I can only be grateful for that. Sick and tired of the typical office/clerical gigs, this job is everything I could have asked for. Working 50+ hours, I will hoard all the deneiro I make this summer, in preparation of the year to come.
"Watch the Pennies, and the Dollars will take care of themselves"
Or as they say. I will miss the afternoon walks with Rocky, watching Days of our Lives, and having a good, hearty breakfast and lunch. Sleep deprivation here I come, Sayonara my day-time routine. I'll see you come September ;)

22 June 2008

keep on truckin'?

Frank's dad, or as I like to call him, Papa Mario, gave back his Silverado in April
It was odd to drive up to their house without a pick-up in the driveway. Ever since I've known Frank, I've also come to know that a Pick-up Truck in the driveway is an integral part of their growing up, and their Father's history. To this day, months after the fact, it still occurs to all of us as odd, that he really IS living without it. It's like me living without a computer, which I like to consider myself attached to, as young as when I had an umbilical cord! (haha, slight exaggeration, I know.)
With that point, An excerpt from this Globe and Mail article sums it all up:
Let's be honest. In the hands of a construction worker or rancher,
a pickup truck is a symbol of masculinity, a vehicle that's equal parts power
and practicality

Everyday I drive up to Frank's house, and see a space in the driveway, it's my automatic response to think that their dad isn't home yet. But that's no longer the case. The truck is really gone, and the odds of it coming back are slim, unless the Intrigue goes bye-bye. That's all in litigation and will come to light within the next few months - to a year - I predict. This post is dedicated to Papa Mario, in honarium of his trucks of days past.

all google-y eyed!

Admit it
You've all googled yourselves at one point or another, not to be vain, but in sheer curiosity as to what would pop up. A few weeks ago, my Bff said that she googled herself, for that very reason, and my blog popped up! I was ecstatic! I then proceeded google-ing my blog, and my full name, but came up with bupkiss! I originally intended this blog to be my personal means of therapeutic release (as retail therapy can be quite expensive and irrational), but have now realized that this blog has quite a following...Excited about the premise that my readership will increase, I am now even more excited to blog, daily. This is why I'm so happy about this; as most of you may not know how google works, educate yourself.

21 June 2008


is not my forte
but birthdays seem to warrant them.
A cause for celebration and a time for people to get together,
clubs are like weddings/funerals... you often see people that you wouldn't otherwise.
Therefore, let's c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e!
Ironically, here is my horoscope for today:
Today may find you painting the town with your friends and loved ones as you are inclined to be very social at this time. Relationships are following a positive trend these days, so today you will find you gain much happiness from those around you. Enjoy today, you deserve this break.

20 June 2008

ball & cards

Even since my younger days, I've always had the tendency to read my horoscope, almost daily. *And believe in it. Reason being: even on those mornings where I didn't read what my day would bring, I would read it when I got home, and 8/10 times it was bang-on! I know that people say that horoscopes are generic to fit everyone under-the-sun, but can you deny how relative this post is to me, especially today?? My Ball and Cards (addiction: ball and chain) reading below:
Friday, June 20 It's a good time to go after what you really want and to have a
little fun and enjoy yourself. If you have any kind of artistic impulses, now's
a great time to try to do something creative with them. You should also have a
chance to make a fresh start in any sort of relationships involving children
right now.

19 June 2008


David Beckham.
I've never been one to dote on DB (except during his promo for his cologne -circa 2006- whereby I found myself drooling over his larger than life poster ad at Eaton Centre (much like the one here, as Perez Hilton, tagged._ Fast-forward to June 2008, almost 2 years to the date, and I again find myself drooling over his ads.
The latest drool worthy pic is not just one, but a series of his promo shots for Emporio Armani. An excerpt from their website-promotion below:
David Beckham introduces Emporio Armani underwear for men. Sexy and streamlined, the classic brief and stretch boxers, made from modal and cotton for the utmost in luxurious comfort. Shop the full range of colors and styles at More fashion styles coming this spring as well as exclusive video footage of David Beckham in the latest Emporio Armani underwear
*OMGee there's a VIDEO?!?!?!
O if I could be re-incarnated into those EA Briefs *drooling.
Should you desire more Absolut-esque photos of DB, CLICK the EA link above!
End Rave

18 June 2008

good things

come in pairs.
so here is my current "dilemma." (mellow-dramatic, no?) It was love at first sight with the BBpearl. This phone is sleeker in design, and less exec. than the other BBs. I like it's seriousness, with the classy pink chic-ness, and not to mention: its portable Facebook interface. *as you all may know, I have a self-admitted addiction to FB; it's my internet bff!
Anyway, I have just discovered Telus' newest eye-candy accesory, the LG VENUS. This phone is stunning, and resembles the I-Phone; with its glass-facade, touch-screen feature. Plus, it's a slidey phone--in fuschia! I think Telus has given me 2 great options..and at the point of contract renewal, I cannot think of a more opportune time to have them "at the balls"


17 June 2008

it's ON

So, today goes down in the books. Bombarded with a sh*t load of information; I'm officially the centre co-ordinator of the centre, at least for now. Long story short, I'm left to take the reigns, as there is a big turn over in the company, and hopefully (crossing my fingers) help will come eventually. I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead of me, but am also hoping that I don't do a second burn out. A rush of emotions is flooding through me and I'm all mixed up.... Hoping it's just the jitters of having the news fresh-off-the-press. With success comes hard work- let's get this party started.

* side note: It's 3AM and I'm still up. I'm still rushing with emotions and did a complete clean-out of my room... my nerves-insomniacness has returned, but this time, this won't involve a leave of absence. I am completely present, and will take this opportunity as just that-- a gift.

16 June 2008

Enrolment Day

(play on *judgment day)
Ecstatic to be enroling in my courses for -08/-09!
Working my way towards that degree..I'm looking forward to the year to come.
Taking it all in stride, the summer will be the prelude to the year of an At home-At-work-At the library kind of lifestyle. Sounds glamourous doesn't it?!
A quote that gave me some lift- beneath these wings:
"Never fly higher than you are willing to fall"

Underworld Pt 3!

Frank and I
have a few years long love affair with this movie series.
This movie has all the action of the Matrix, the historically-laiden plot of any Vampire-Werewolf movie, and the love-stricken storyline of Titanic (they save each other)
Frank and I like to compare ourselves to Selene and Michael...he, the raging Werewolf-come-hybrid, and I, the stealth, quick-on-her-feet, illustrous Vampiress! *lol
If you've yet to watch the first, Underworld, or the second, Underworld:Evolution, be sure to do so before 2009. Frank and I caught it again on PeachTreeTV and watched his DVD late last evening. We're completely enamored with this film, and have been wondering for YEARS when we would see the follow-up to the sequel. Having not seen either film in theatres, we will MAKE IT A DATE to see this film on its opening. As I've Google-d it, Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans.

Sad to reveal: It's a Prequel, therefore no Kate Beckinsale or Scott Speedman... BOO.

There's hope!

Collider chatted with producer Tom Rosenberg and received some updates on Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans (and a possible 4th film), Crank 2 and Game. Here's a clip on the "Underworld" franchise: It's a theatrical release definitely. I feel great about that. I think it's the strongest story that we've put together of the three. I think it's really terrific. I think it leads to a 4th. When we did the 1st Underworld, we imagined three--the 1st one, a sequel and then a prequel. The 3rd is a prequel, so the 4th would carry on where Kate and Scott Speedman left off after 2, so I think this is going to be terrific really this one.

Happy Papa's Day

I'll Always be Daddy's Little Girl
22 and counting
the years are flying by....
I remember when I was little
you were there whenever I'd cry.
You'd do anything in your power
just to make me smile.
Every sacrifice you've made,
every step along that mile.
I love you more than you'll ever know
and all I can do is try
to show you just how much I do,
for the rest of my life.
As I'm getting older, I've come quick to see
that you're my super hero,
and I'm your "mini-me."

14 June 2008

there's something about

Finally, (minus 1) we get a chance to get together. Just shy of 2 months 'til Mary's Bridal shower, everything's a go, and it is definitely in-the-works. A fantabulous night out with Mary and the gals, Moxie's is A++! Might I add, I will always get a white-chocolate-brownie from now on. The waiter was right- it's the best thing on the menu! Tummy-approved! More nights like this to come...
There's definitely something about Mary...& her bridesmaids... (we're all great xox!)

12 June 2008

2 weeks are over

Having a feeling that this experience was more than just coincidence of events, I know that I was under a watchful eye. Awaiting criticisms-galore, I am happy to say that the 2-weeks are finally going to be over (although me, myself, and I have been doing just fine.) Taking over the reigns for a while has been an enlightening experience, and it took ALL of my experience to do things properly. Any- and -Every-thing I knew came in handy with all the series of events that arose. Let's see how it all plays out in the finale.

11 June 2008

John Graziano

is the victim of this horrific car crash, at the hands of Nick Hogan (Bollea). Nearing the one-year-mark of the collision (and note that I say collision, not accident ) his condition has not improved by much. The reason I say collision vs. accident, is that it was NO ACCIDENT that Nick drove drunk. It was NO ACCIDENT that he chose to go in excess of the legal speed limit- racing his Supra. Although we must take a look at the fact that John was not wearing his seatbelt; a common, almost fatal mistake, in addition to getting into the car with the intoxicated Hogan. Full blame cannot be placed on Nick, but his irresponsible behaviour, and unsincere words after-the-fact give a steady case in proving his lack of remorse & atonement for the events of last August 2007. This past September, weeks after the incident, he made the following comment:

"John is expected to make a full recovery. . .his entire body is perfect, he just hit his head."

It angers me how ignorant he is to the seriousness of the situation his 'friend' is in. With the release of his recent telephone-jail-tapes, Nick and the Hogans' agendas are revealed outright. They look to benefit from this 'tragedy' and 'temporary inconvenience (for their son)' by planning a reality tv show to supposedly be entitled,"The New Nick" or some other crap. I am so angered that I cannot even muster up the proper words without thinking of inserting profanities left, right and centre. Logic and common sense do not exist in the world of the Hogans, and seemingly, neither does common decency, remorse, or empathy.

They are prime exhibits to what consumerism, wealth, fame, greed, and gluttony can do to people. They are insensitive, extremely pompous, pampered pooches, who give dogs a bad name. The Hogans (Bolleas) need to wake up from their "Reality TV" world and come to the realization that REAL LIFE ACTIONS lead to REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES!

This excerpt below will provide a correct, more realistic picture of his condition (which has improved by little to date.)

A Sept. 19 report filed by registered nurse Joanne Jones, who was hired by the court to examine John Graziano to determine if he is incapacitated, said he was on total life support. The report said that Graziano was comatose and that he may have had a seizure.
Jones' report said Graziano responds to a pinch and has a gag reflex but does not otherwise respond to touch or sound. His pupils are fixed, meaning they don't respond to light.
ColBooker, a registered nurse with 14 years of emergency room experience at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville, said in an interview that it is not encouraging that he is on life support and his pupils are fixed, "But the signs that he has a gag reflex and does respond to pain means he's not brain dead," said Booker, who is not involved with Graziano's treatment.
In her report, Jones detailed the injuries Graziano sustained during the wreck. He broke his skull at the base, had part of his skull cut out, experienced brain swelling and had cuts to the scalp. Bone was pushed in and broken in many pieces. He had abnormal collections of blood under the front side of the skull.
In an addendum, Jones included information given to her by Graziano's doctor, H. Bushnell Clarke,"..states that this young man most likely will spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home."

May God be with you in your recovery.

-More to follow-

10 June 2008

NKOTB - Summertime

This song is on Repeat in my head, so it's only logical that I make it my post for today...

I was like, "Hey girl can I get your number"/I
remember what you told me, too/"Don’t call after 10," but you know that I did/Cause
I couldn’t stop thinking bout you/
I think about you in the summertime/And all
the good times we had, baby/It’s been a few years and I can’t deny/The thought
of you still makes me crazy/I think about you in the summertime/I’m sittin here
in the sun/ With you on my mind...

I was so excited when rumours started flying that NKOTB were getting back together. Despite the fact that I was only 4 during their hey-day, I remember going to see them Live, and my sisters and cousin(s) going crazy-mad when they were on TV or on the radio! Pictured left is me when I was 4; my fave was a toss up between Joey and Jordan-- but if I had to choose, it would definitely be Jordan. The reason why I'm next to Jonathan (now going by Jon) is that the rest of the boys were on-reserve by: Joy & Jenny: Joey, Jackie: Jordan, Debbie: Danny, & Jamie: Donny. I am completely enamored with their new song, and will officially declare it my Summer Anthem of 2008. This post is dedicated to my childhood + now adulthood love affair with NKOTB.

NKOTB-Summertime Video (*clicky below)

09 June 2008

my daily fix

...swapping one addiction for another

is pretty much what I'll be doing once I get my blackberry. As Frank blatantly pointed out to me this weekend, I have an unusual habit whenever I get home; even if it's just getting home from a half-an-hour walk with Rocky: I will instantly sit down at my desk, log onto MSN, open multiple browser windows, and click on the following: Perez Hilton, Facebook, Hotmail, & various other websites. My morning routine, in addition to the norm, is the above daily computer fix. It's like an instant shot of morning espresso, and simply gives me much satisfaction. Firstly, I know it's an addiction. To me, I think it's my way of feeling connected. Some people stay-connected by watching The Hills religiously, then joining fellow addictees by sitting through The Hills: The Aftershow, but I for one, have my internet fix. I'm not a Facebook stalker, I just need to be logged on, or meticulously changing layout-aspects to my profile (or Rocky's). Like any addiction, I know that roots of mine. It all began last year when I got shafted for a summer position, and was left at-home, free to my own devices: where my device of choice, was the computer. I obsessively would check all job-related websites and try to find something suitable for a student & one whom had plenty of bills to pay. Of no avail to me, I was left to develop this daily habit that became routine, and now, an absolute necessity. I added different branches to my net-addiction and this blog, as of Jan.08 is one of the more productive outlets.. (yet still contributive, nonetheless) All I know is, September is coming, and I will be away from my computer (sidenote: my li'l handheld is not WiFi compatible) and will take up the valuable time I get home by catching up, not being productive and reading/writing. Therefore, this blackberry will be a great way to compliment my mild addiction; I will still be on-the-go, but this time, taking the internet with me!

P.S.- It doesn't help that the Pearl comes Pre-loaded with Facebook, either.

P.P.S- *I like that fact.

08 June 2008

Happy Madison Pictures

Presents: You Don't Mess with the Zohan!! My Points* of View of this flick
  1. It has that corny, sometimes over-the-top kind of humour that exists with spoof flicks like, "Meet the Spartans," & "The Scary Movie series.."
  2. What saves this film is the substance of the plot AND
  3. the Greatness that is Adam Sandler.
  4. Cameos of the original Happy Madison cast, give the film a much appreciated sense of familiarity
  5. It's refreshing to have Happy Madison Pictures bring back that 90's old-skool humour as seen in Billy Madison and Happy Gilmour. Their common thread being that clever writing and comedic acting can perfectly pull-off a ridiculously humourous, sometimes politically incorrect dialogue-- and bring all those things to light in a fun, but undeniably -True- way.
  6. I ended up craving Hummus throughout the entire showing (which made my popcorn and m&ms unusually un-appetizing to me)
  7. I loved the middle-eastern cliche classic jokes that were particular, but relative to any audience
  8. Mariah Carey will always be bimbo-esque to me.
  9. I will now look at salon parlours in a different light (and will *gladly go when I am beyond my 60s!)
  10. I wish I had a set of buttocks like Adam Sandler, whereby I could catch fish mid-air :( -- motivation to attain a summer-ready-bod??

(Honourable mention: Thanks for the doublee-datee Sh-tiff and Melissa ;)

06 June 2008

fab four

The 4 Parts of my Psyche

Charlotte-ness: I consider myself to have grown up with a conventional upbringing. Sap-happy is a perfect adjective to describe us both. Romance is NOT dead. Also found my "Knight in Shining Armour" and always follow my heart in any decision I make. Straight-As = aptitude, not just for academics, but for life. I am an optimist at-heart. I too, often see past the rainy days, and just look forward to the rainbow after the storm.

Miranda-ness: I'll admit that I too can bite into a bitter apple and have that bad taste left in my mouth. Cynism is no stranger to me. But what I do mirror of Miranda is her career-driven mind; bulldozing, sleep-lacking, coffee-gulping my way to climb each rung of that ladder of success. Like Miranda, I am often the voice of reason, and consider myself a great confidante. Psychologically-speaking, I am no doubtedly a Type A personality and choose to balance the world on my shoulders; to me, Free Time mean No Time (in other words, it can be time well wasted.) Time = Money and it should be invested in properly.

Carrie-ness: I too have a mind like a railway crossing-- trains of thought are constantly passing through (hence this blog.) Like her, I often sit infront of my computer screen, adding up words into thoughts that would equal that of some mathematical genious. The most evident relation I have to Carrie is from --one of my-- All-Time Fave episode entitled The Real Me: Carrie starts her walk down the runway only to fall flat on her face. Faced with a choice, Carrie gets back up and finishes her catwalk to cheers. Her act of bravery inspires the girls. *read between the lines.

Samantha-ness: I love how self-confidence leads to great independence. Standing on your own two feet, even if you're out there standing alone. Like Samantha, I too can be quite outspoken, and can lack a filter when I talk. Sometimes I can set people aback but truly, behind all that, I do have a sensitive, caring nature. Just how Samantha was left with a whole new perspective on life at the end of Season 6, I too am seeing the world with new eyes.

05 June 2008

Rocky turns 2!

In dedication to the most wonderful thing on four-
"One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why."Unknown
-through it all, he has always been there.
"When you leave them in the morning, they stick their nose in the door crack and stand there like a portrait until you turn the key eight hours later."Erma Bombeck
-like all things, great things come from sacrifice, so when those long hours finally come to an end each day, I look forward to the wag of his tail and the kisses that follow.
“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.”Unknown
-so simple, but yet so true.
"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet."Edith Wharton
- my li'l sidekick is at my ankles.
"I talk to him when I'm lonesome like; and I'm sure he understands. When he looks at me so attentively, and gently licks my hands; then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes, but I never say naught thereat. For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes, but never a friend like that."W. Dayton Wedgefarth
- I can never stay mad at him...for ANYthing.
"Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear."Dave Barry
"Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you? But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window."Steve Bluestone
- Both so funny because they're so true!

04 June 2008

advance to go

Making my way across the board.
...seemingly 'on a roll' to Monopol-ize my interests. I always use the Thimble, as it's symbol of my "weaving together my life's cloth." Accumulating my li'l green houses, soon to make room for the Big Reds. Have already watched someone 'go bankrupt.' Pending my success in acquiring plenty of Play Money, I'll ask Rich Uncle Pennybags for a loan. As I have already plucked up the Advance-to-Go card, I am anxiously waiting to get my Community Chest card of "--You are assessed for street repairs – $40 per house, $115 per hotel--" to fill in the pot holes of this past year.

03 June 2008

workload = balanced diet

need i say more?
my li'l learnies are great..
they're food to my soul. <3

02 June 2008

daily fortune cookie what I tend to call my horoscope. A yummy li'l tidbit to take me through the day.. and here is today's horoscope-- as precise as it could be.
Monday, Jun 2, 2008
You'll probably find yourself quite busy today. You might even be a little scattered or distracted right now, and you may feel like you're being pulled back and forth between a number of different things at this time. But don't worry if you're not yet sure exactly which way to go. The obvious answers should start to present themselves before long.
Just remember to always be practical and use plenty of common sense when it comes to sorting out any and all matters right now. You might think that many things are starting to look a little clearer, and you may even be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel today. Just be aware that there are probably still plenty of details that will need to be worked out along the way.

fish bowl existence

...with gawkers galore!
Living fabulously in bliss, I can metaphorically equate myself to truly living a life of a Pisces (latin for fish & my astrological sign ;)
My world comes ready with an "open-sea" mentality, where possibilities are endless. I am safe and secure in my own li'l world, knowing every which turn I take; familiarity at its best. I swim about exploring 'new' scenery, finding places of retreat for times when I need to 'get away.' I get fed tidbits from the outside world, but focus primarily my personal purpose(s). This timely-feeding ritual makes fish opportunistic. As a survival instinct-- for when food is scarce-- fish will take opportunities to a head (or fin should I say) and will take from it all they can get. When it comes to company, misery is not a welcome guest... all that really matters are those who are often/always in my waters. My so-called Tank Mates are those with whom I am highly compatible. We can co-exist to better each other's existence, and live together to be together. Stress and distress are at an all-time low in these waters, there never lurk hidden dangers... No piscean can have prime living conditions minus a good filteration system. I have outside-world tools to aid in that goal. In addition,I'm shielded from all those things via a bubbly state-of-mind, where positivity reigns. Others may read fish-bowl as a limited existence, but I highly disagree. Lives of fishes in a well-taken care of fish bowl, live a life much longer, more stable & serene existence. They live their lives freely swimming, without needless worry, and are no longer prey to things that would most otherwise "gobble them up." --Negativity CAN eat you alive*.