Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
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11 June 2008

John Graziano

is the victim of this horrific car crash, at the hands of Nick Hogan (Bollea). Nearing the one-year-mark of the collision (and note that I say collision, not accident ) his condition has not improved by much. The reason I say collision vs. accident, is that it was NO ACCIDENT that Nick drove drunk. It was NO ACCIDENT that he chose to go in excess of the legal speed limit- racing his Supra. Although we must take a look at the fact that John was not wearing his seatbelt; a common, almost fatal mistake, in addition to getting into the car with the intoxicated Hogan. Full blame cannot be placed on Nick, but his irresponsible behaviour, and unsincere words after-the-fact give a steady case in proving his lack of remorse & atonement for the events of last August 2007. This past September, weeks after the incident, he made the following comment:

"John is expected to make a full recovery. . .his entire body is perfect, he just hit his head."

It angers me how ignorant he is to the seriousness of the situation his 'friend' is in. With the release of his recent telephone-jail-tapes, Nick and the Hogans' agendas are revealed outright. They look to benefit from this 'tragedy' and 'temporary inconvenience (for their son)' by planning a reality tv show to supposedly be entitled,"The New Nick" or some other crap. I am so angered that I cannot even muster up the proper words without thinking of inserting profanities left, right and centre. Logic and common sense do not exist in the world of the Hogans, and seemingly, neither does common decency, remorse, or empathy.

They are prime exhibits to what consumerism, wealth, fame, greed, and gluttony can do to people. They are insensitive, extremely pompous, pampered pooches, who give dogs a bad name. The Hogans (Bolleas) need to wake up from their "Reality TV" world and come to the realization that REAL LIFE ACTIONS lead to REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES!

This excerpt below will provide a correct, more realistic picture of his condition (which has improved by little to date.)

A Sept. 19 report filed by registered nurse Joanne Jones, who was hired by the court to examine John Graziano to determine if he is incapacitated, said he was on total life support. The report said that Graziano was comatose and that he may have had a seizure.
Jones' report said Graziano responds to a pinch and has a gag reflex but does not otherwise respond to touch or sound. His pupils are fixed, meaning they don't respond to light.
ColBooker, a registered nurse with 14 years of emergency room experience at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville, said in an interview that it is not encouraging that he is on life support and his pupils are fixed, "But the signs that he has a gag reflex and does respond to pain means he's not brain dead," said Booker, who is not involved with Graziano's treatment.
In her report, Jones detailed the injuries Graziano sustained during the wreck. He broke his skull at the base, had part of his skull cut out, experienced brain swelling and had cuts to the scalp. Bone was pushed in and broken in many pieces. He had abnormal collections of blood under the front side of the skull.
In an addendum, Jones included information given to her by Graziano's doctor, H. Bushnell Clarke,"..states that this young man most likely will spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home."

May God be with you in your recovery.

-More to follow-

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