Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

30 September 2009

Back Burner....again

Tomorrow is the First of October and I've come to the same conclusion that I was at a year ago: I keep putting this blog on the backburner. Not that I don't absolutely love it- but simply cause my head's been in other areas. I'm gonna make it my mission to keep this blog going- and catch up.

A month in and I'm really liking my courses- most of which are psyc and will be done this semester... other than that same old.

*Onto my next blog post.

22 September 2009

The Fourth Kind: In Theatres November 2009

The Fourth Kind (shown to me by Jackie via her IPhone) is one of those extraterrestial movies that revolve around alien abduction and its impact on humans and the human psyche. This is no friendly E.T. movie where he points his forefinger to meet yours...these are the kind that look like 'owls' given the nickname 'the white owl' as per the residents of Nome, Alaska (Based on true eye-witness accounts) from the 90s to mid 2000's.

Watch the trailer above or visit the official website to creep yourself out. I'm such a conspiracist that I KNOW the government knows more than their letting on. But I agree- no need to panic billions of people and let world-order crumble..

I'll go watch it- then probably have nightmares about it; or freak myself out afterwards, as I often do with these kind of movies.


such a pile of *blog

FINALLY a chance to get on my blog and post some stuff about the last little while...wanna know how I know that it's been THAT long?

Blogger did not automatically sign me in with my ID and Password and I was prompted to fill it in and actually Sign Myself in! So here I am at York in the TEL building, killing time til my early start at Mothercraft.

Anyway, here is a blogroll of the past few weeks:
I've had 3 out of the 4 weddings for this year.
  1. Mel and Daniela's wedding (reception) at Riviera Parque had its own unique touches. Music accompanied by video pre-introduction welcomed their guests, as well as 'individual' photos with the bride and groom as you finished the receiving line. Their centrepieces (which were beautiful vases with tri-tiered calla lilies) were so nice infact that 5 tables --including mine; frank won the centrepiece-- had been stolen as the guests danced on the dance floor. A unique form of entertainment- as per their cultural blending-- was the beautiful Belly Dancer that wowed the crowd... the wedding was like a reunion of sorts for everyone in attendance.
  2. Jamie and Kurt's wedding at the Terrace was a nice way to see the purple motif in-person. Also the mix with gold and cranberry was a different but very nice touch to the colour scheme. The bride was stunning and her groom, equally as dashing. They looked magnificent together- and I for one am honoured to have been their Cord Sponsor for the ceremony. A 3-instrument band and an opera singer set the mood at the church, and at the reception, a video shot pre-wedding gave the attendees a glimpse into the early beginnings and how-did-he-propose via interviews and on-screen shots of them walking and talking about (with their dog Ellie in tow).
  3. Vitina and Ryan's wedding this past weekend at Le Parc (reception) was filled with brown-pink themed decor; these high school sweethearts danced to Bon Jovi's- Thank You for Loving Me and throughout the dinner portion of the evening, had an entertainer who impersonated everyone from classic italian singers/tenors to elvis presley. He even co-ordinated impromptu 'performances' from volunteer guests who lip synched pre-recorded renditions of these artists' songs

As per my regular day-to-day:
  • we squeezed in last-hurrah-to-summer barbecues at Frank's
  • took Caitlyn, Chelsea and Rocky to Port Union for some fresh air and rock collecting
  • started the 09/10 school year
  • celebrated Raf's bday at the Bier Market
  • started full-shifts at Mothercraft..

Nothing too exciting; but like I said, it's the calm before the storm.

10 September 2009

Backstreet Boys- Straight Through my Heart Video


May 2010

Here's my goal for May 2010... Game plan?
  1. Pre-paid tickets for the show (no guarantee of opening night obv.)
  2. Moxies
  3. Munchies *c/o Bulk Barn
  4. Movie: Sex and the City 2.
^ I think that would make for a great foursome....

My Non-Alcoholic Nightcap

As of late, my non-alcoholic nightcap is
  1. Red Rose Orange Pekoe tea with
  2. Carnation Evaporated Milk and
  3. 2-3 sugar

It tastes more distinguished with orange pekoe versus green tea. I can't seem to go a night without 1 or 2, to put me to bed. Rocky's becoming accustomed to the scent... before he used to get uber-excited, now he just perks his head up, and realizes its no big sugary deal.

Bergdorf Brood

As the ladies filmed outside Bergdorf in NYC, my sister was one of hundreds flocking to see the Fabulous Foursome.

Video and Pics have yet to be seen by me, but her words to me," OMG You're gonna die....I saw them filming scenes of Sex and the City...I took pictures!"

Fashionista to Recessionista

Look familiar?? The Dior frock that Carrie (SJP) wore whilst on-way to visit the idiot-stick-figure-with-no-soul to apologize for her rendezvous with Big, is coming onscreen a second time-around in the new Sex and the City Movie (2) this coming May.

SJP looks just a fab now as in the 2000 episode pictured to the left.

Manolo Blahnik Sick of Sex?

The man whose synonymous with Sex and the City as much as New York City gets " sick…It’s sweet but it becomes too much and I don’t feel comfortable. I have never wanted to be a celebrity designer," says Manolo Blahnik.

Giving credit, "
to those stupid satin shoes [worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie]" Blahnik acknowledges the importance of sticking to the brand, stating, "That shoe saved our company."

02 September 2009

Chivalry and Romance

To know Frank and I, you will see that we aren't the mushy, in-your-face kind of couples. We've passed the 'honeymoon' stage of our relationship, endured the rollercoaster ups and downs, and are now at the cruise control stage where it's all inevitably "smooth sailing." Having been together almost a decade, officially half that- & having grown up together, we've learned each others quirks inside and out.

Romance is not what it used to be; I don't write him (and fold him) the letters I used to, he doesn't bring me roses as often as he used to either. But here is an example of things that he does that show we're still the same deep down.

  1. Whenever we're walking in a crowd of people he'll grab my hand and bring me infront of him a little.
  2. He gets me 2 packs of Almond Glosettes everytime he gets cigarettes at the convenience store (maybe to soften the blow? lol)
  3. He doesn't need to think twice before giving me a helping hand.
  4. When we went to the trailor, he got me my fave 'trailor munchies' -- toaster strudel, raspberries and whipped cream, sausage rolls =)
  5. He has a habit of checking my tires, and filling up my tank for the week to come.
  6. I don't need to tell him something's wrong- he just knows
  7. He'll bring me my tsinelas (slippers) when I get to his house; rather than me tipy-toeing to get them.
  8. Whenever he gets me upset, he doesn't let me stay mad...he does whatever it takes to get me laughing/smiling again.
  9. Whenever I have to go to the washroom (for ex. at the mall) he'll take my purse so I don't have to hold onto it while in there.
  10. If it's raining, he runs out to get the car and picks me up closer to the doors.
Over the years, it's the little things that matter most...they're like everyday reminders that there's more to just saying I Love You.

Carrie's 80s Flashback

Likely a flashback to Carrie's beginnings in NYC, here we see our Carrie as she was circa big-hair-neon-tights-barbra-streisand 80s glam.

With this is mind, I hope we get to see the girls in their prime, rather than the short glimpses we were given throughout the series. Carrie and the girls in the 80s rocking out to Bon Jovi would be ideal!


Here is a sign that was put up this year at a Barney's Warehouse Sale in NYC. OMG... if you don't know your history, look her up.

That would be more incentive for me to buy shoes--- shoes are like jewellery to the feet-- and i LOVE my feet!

CNE: Let's Go to the Ex!

Without the usual multitude of pics to illustrate my posts, I chose Kenny (from South Park) for my CNE post because he holds particular significance to the day. I can summarize the day as follows:

  1. Frank wins me a Pink doggy
  2. We go see Stuart all dressed in his Army Get-up at their station just beyond Princess Gates
  3. We win a Brian (Family Guy) dressed up as a Banana toy for Rocky (from which he removes the eyes <5>
  4. Lose $20 at the Age & Weight Game; Frank loses 10 lbs therefore we lose.
  5. Drown our sorrows in the Food Building; he gets 2 subs w/ drink and chips combo, I just down a Sausage and drink.
  6. Try the age and weight game again- losing another $20 because I also lose 10 lbs.
  7. We go back out and win some more prizes; I win him the one he wanted- Kenny!
  8. Back to the Food Building; I get a Beavertail with a Peach/Mango Smoothie
  9. Meet up with Stu and head to BMO Field to watch the Musical Salute with Mr. and Mrs. Angco
  10. Walk around some more, play a couple more games
  11. Get a poutine; keeps me warm.
  12. Frank plays his colour game a few more times (with me standing 3 meters away as not to jinx his usual winning streak)
  13. We decide to get going and wait 45 minutes for the next train... (we practically just missed it)
Surprisingly we didn't get any Tiny Toms (we usually average 4 bags) and didn't take much pictures...but it was an US date; so it was fun nonetheless.

Can't wait til next year!

Luis, Teresa & Ethan Reunited!

Yay, it's like Passions all over again, but this time, minus the witch-craftery and hocus pocus storylines. "luis" and "teresa" (gering & hartley) return as siblings; whereby "teresa" and "ethan" are love interests on Days as well..

I thought I was dreaming when I saw "Ethan" with "Teresa" on Days today. Hahaha... can't say I didn't call it. Great casting job..

01 September 2009

Carrie's Back!

Filming for Sex and The City 2 has begun and our "long-awaited" sequel will be out sooner than we know it, May 2010. Click the link below for our first glimpses of Mr and Mrs. John James Preston.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Chris Noth Film Sex And The City 2 In NYC | Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, Photos & Videos