Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

30 March 2008

90 days probation

' th post!
And the verdict is in.
At the First Quarter and still going strong.
Feeling the natural rhythm of thinking, typing, and writing.
A lot of great things have transpired.
This process is truly cleansing.
Taking a step, or should I say, a *click* back, shows me how much
can change in such little time.

EAT FRESH and fancy.

  1. closed store
  2. mango slush with 2x tapioca
  3. walk walk walk
  4. random people-watching
  5. solicited by a pentecostal
  6. awaiting submarines...or half.
  7. walk walk walk
  8. tim hortons: green tea & sugar; hot chocolate with whipped cream-- or so I thought! Amateurs.
  9. Gabber Gabber Gabber.
  10. Repeat. :)

29 March 2008

2 to tango

To create something beautiful, like the art of the dance of Tango takes two. Tango is a dance that equals that of a beautiful relationship.

Two persons come as one; each individual, each unique. They come together to mesh the strong, firm, stature, with the seductive, flowing movement. He leads she follows. Or he thinks he leads. He follows HER lead by keeping stance and form with her flowing, graceful, flutter across the dance floor. She flows smoothly as he snaps her back --to and fro-- to create a balanced display of airy wonderness and grounded disposition.

They follow the rhythm of life and take it all in stride. All the while it is seemingly effortless. The harsh, and sometimes rough movements are balanced out by the smooth execution of their moving forward, sideways, backwards and is fluid.

Sometimes intertwined, you still know they are two. They are individuals. Who come together to create something beautiful; with all who see amazed by what they have created.

17 years in the making

"Omg. We're getting old."-Christanelle B.
A simple fact of life.
We're getting old-er.
My sister from another mister.
Talking at Tims.
Greek at the mall.
2x in one week: another resolution fulfilled.
Times have changed.
But we're still the same.
Us 2, despite the additions and subtractions.
Standing strong like a brick house.
OmyGee We're getting there!-Jill Ann C.
Our MoH days will be here sooner than we know it!!

Rolling with the Punches: Rocky Balboa

Gotta LOVE this little guy
I've come to see that this little guy has been there for me through a lot.
He's there right next to me, through it all.
Hence, I've learned so much from him.

  1. Pee on yourself? Walk it out. Through those times where I drowned myself in self-sorrows, shortcomings and all, he's taught me to move on and walk it off.
  2. Release your frustrations: Rocky takes out his stress through playing, gnawing and wrestling with his toys. It's a natural instinct and a mind-stimulating habit. Rather than bottle my emotions to the brink of explosion *as what happened recently, he has taught me that many little 'bouts of aggression/stress relief, are many times better than a single blow-out.
  3. Smell the roses..or the hydrants: He walks around aimlessly, the leash is only an extension of me, and he is oblivious to the fact that he's tied down. He lets his 'wants' lead him, and he stops to smell the roses- to say. He's taught me to stop with the perfectionist-attitude. To see the good things that I have around me, and the good things I have accomplished.
  4. Gotta love a belly rub: For a dog to allow itself to lay in the most vulnerable of positions is against it's instinct. Rocky's taught me to let loose, relax, and allow for all things good to surround me. To let someone else hold your happiness in their hands is a great way to see that you're not always in control of everything in your life. And even if something bad happens, trust your resilience, whatever happens, you can handle it.
  5. Strut your stuff: Ever see this dog walk? He doesn't walk, he struts!! He's taught me to hold my head HIGH. He's great. I'm great. We're great; to pick myself up and keep going... confidence is contagious. Once you have it, everyone will know it.

On the Purseuit of Happyness

Hi, My name is Jill, and I'm a purse-aholic.
*crowd says: "Hi Jill."

OmyGee. I've been wetting my appetite for what will be my summer purse purchase. Although there are many things that must be done prior to this, I am excited for the day where I will have 'the' purse.

Bag lady? Sure.

25 March 2008


If a witch pushes you into a hole, make best of the new world she puts you in

  1. clever movie
  2. disney classic
  3. animation-human element gives it a unique touch
  4. for all those real-life disney princesses in search of her prince charming
  5. all that disney glam and more
  6. brings me back to my childhood
  7. my ultimate favourite movie
  8. Cinderella has nothing on Gisele
  9. love every minute of it down to the final scene
  10. Perfect Disney Princess Fodder for a Modern Day Me!

Spring Thing?

Maybe it's the prospect that spring is here.
New blossoms, fresh air, fresh start.
Maybe it's a Spring Thing.
Spring forward. Think forward.

24 March 2008

Easter Sunday

Minus The Easter Bunny.
But full of family
Ethan laughing
Ethan smiling
Ethan walking
Ethan running
Ethan playing
Ethan eating
Ethan showing just how smart he really is.
He was my sweet-as-sugar-substitute.

Spring Bling

has new sneakers!!
  1. Deal of a life-time on some new (only mounted) Kumho Ecsta Supras
  2. Drive to Bur Oak
  3. Within an hour and a half later, we're at Canadian Tire--thanks to my own personal Service Advisor (heart you John, putting 'em on.
  4. Gold-star VIP treatment.
  5. I watch her from the window, like a brand-new parent gazing in awe at their bundle of joy.
  6. Hoisted, she looks even more gorgeous.
  7. Ratty old shoes thrown away-- sorry if I hurt your feet.
  8. New Kumhos for just for you, Blueberry!
  9. Smooth Criminal. (*sing: You've been hit by, You've been hit by a smooth criminal)
  10. Spring is officially here. Blueberry is my official groundhog.

21 March 2008

Good Friday

"Your Sacrifice is my Strength during any storm."
Brian Littrell- Wish
"An absolutely beautiful song, by Backstreet Boys' very own. I highly recommend YouTube-ing this song and watching the accompanying video with clips courtesy of Passion of the Christ."
For just a moment I wish
I could have been there
To see Your first step,
hear Your very first word
Tell me, did You ever fall and scrape Your knee?
Did You know Your wounds would one day heal the world?
For just one moment I wish
I could have seen You growing
Learning the ways of a carpenter's son
Just a little boy gazing at the stars
Did You remember creating every one?
If You passed by,
would I have seen a child or a King?
Would I have known?
I wish I could have been there
My only wish is to see You face to face
Wish I could have been there
Just to see You, Jesus, face to face
For just a moment I wish
I could have been there
When You left Your footprints upon the waves
To walk along beside You and never look away
Just Your whisper and the wind and sea obey.
To see You feed the people
To feel Your healing in Your touch .
To hear You pray in the garden alone
Laying down Your will with each tear
To see You walk that lonely road
Willing to die for me
And in that moment I know
I should have been there
You took my cross and gave Your life.
And You live again!
Wish I could have been there
My only wish is to see You rise again
Wish I could have been there
My only wish is to see You, Jesus, face to face
Someday I'll be there,
I'm gonna be there
I'll see Your face, Your mercy, Your grace
Someday, someday I'm gonna see You, Jesus Face to face.

Another day at

the Laundromat
Again, here we sit.
Side by side.
Watching the laundry go
'round and 'round
like a merry-go-'round.
Amusing ourselves by coming up with
different foods that the colored water reminds us of.
Dirty clothes for a dirty job.
It comes with the territory.
Half an hour wash. Half an hour dry cycle.
Talking about sheer randomness.
A seemingly routine adventure, that leads to
Pure Randomness
as the cause of sheer boredom.
How could such a mundane place bring me so much happiness?
It's time spent with you.
It's time that is confined, but time that is free.
Soon after you go home to sleep
After a long hard day's work.
Rocky and I hesistantly leave...but when we do, there's one thing I'm sure of:
Time flies..
When you're with
the one you love <3

Computer Whiz

my last computer class...
Had fun creating my own lesson plans.
Working with kids again.
Independent taste of the sweet life.
Handed out their certificates.
With stickers on-hand.
Comments, smiles and goodbyes.
It was a good run while it lasted.
Short Term Contracts
are bittersweet.

18 March 2008


days left til I get
"Carried Away"

Day 3 of 9

seems longer...
Agony in the Garden/The Scourging/Crowning with thorns/Carrying of the Cross/Crucifixion

Palm Sunday

Distracted at Mass
Thinking of Lolo.
Making Crosses with Palms
- an annual thing I highly cherish.

"Together again...."
is what I'm certain of.

15 March 2008

Rest in Peace Lolo & Lola

Ever since I was small, I always wanted to grow older. I couldn't wait to grow up. Surrounded by so much love and so many people, I wasn't too young to understand the enormous impact these people would have on me. My Lolo and Lola came to visit a couple of times after we moved to Canada.
You can never really put into words what people mean to you, until you actually do and find the perfect words to put together that will give people a glimpse of something that great.
I always prided myself on having all 4 of my grandparents, and it was something I always knew was special to have. All that changed December 2006, and this morning.
If i could have one wish, it would be to stay young forever, just so they could still be here, in their prime, healthy and happy. One thing I do like about the fact that I am older, is that I can fully and truly appreciate all that they have done.
So in memoriam to my Lolo and Lola, I will forever keep the image of two roses, burned into my everyday.
Every morning I wake, every evening I sleep, I will always remember you.
All I need to tell myself is that you're
Together again.

Frugal Friday

Juggling a million and one things, we need way more than 24 hours in one day.
Lots to do, nothing to say.
Frugal Friday?
Tried to save money, but ending up going to Mandarin.
Yum Yum in my Tum Tum

13 March 2008

On the Road again

Driving around the GTA
how fun!

  1. Joy's
  2. Markham station
  3. Frank's to drop off Rocky
  4. S.Town Ctr
  5. Guildwood GO
  6. Milner Cts.
  7. Home
  8. Frank's for dinner * rocky
  9. Repeat some of the above, tmr & add.

12 March 2008

Big Comfy Couch!

Party at Joy's!

Haha, not really.

Summary of the days events:

  1. Sleep walking
  2. Sleeping
  3. Chocolate chip eggo's
  4. Peanut M&Ms
  5. Sour Patch Kids
  6. Ding Dong Delivery
  7. Unpacking
  8. Cardboard, plastic and styrofoam mess galore
  9. My genius--- pliers get the legs on!
  10. Frank's genius-- proves that the Tortoise doesn't ALWAYS beat the Hare.
  11. Sweeping and mopping
  12. Eating again.
  13. Eating some more.
  14. ANTM
  15. Eating green tea ice cream
  16. A la Casa

Duty Calls

First fitting for my bridesmaid dress,
for her Big Fat Greek Wedding.
Absolutely thrilled.
8 months and counting down!
Bachelorette plans in progress...

11 March 2008

Fire = Passion

"Those who carry torches will pass them on to others."
-Plato, The Republic
Plato's philosophy is introduced allegorically in the "Myth of the Cave," which appears in his most important work, The Republic. There, he has Socrates conceive the following vision:

Imagine prisoners chained in a such a way that they face the back of the wall of a cave. There they have been, for life, and can see nothing of themselves or each other. They see only shadows on the wall of the cave.
These shadows are cast by a fire which burns on a ledge above and behind them. Between the fire and the prisoners there is a wall-lined path along which people walk carrying vases, statues and other artifacts on their heads. The prisoners hear the echoes of voices and see the shadows of the artifacts, and they mistake those echoes and shadows for reality.

Plato has Socrates imagine that one of the prisoners is unchained, turned around, and forced to look at the true source of the shadows--the fire, the torch.
But the fire pains his eyes. He prefers the pleasant deception of the shadows. Behind and above the mouth of the cave, and outside in the bright sunlight (only a little of which trickles into the cave) are trees, rivers, mountains and sky.....

Now the former prisoner is forced "up the steep and rugged ascent" (Plato's allegory of education) and brought to the sunlit exterior world. But the light blinds him, he must first look at the shadows of the trees (he is used to shadows) then at the trees and mountains..then finally, he is able to see the sun itself.


in the crunchy snow.

Sunny Sunday, the calm, after the storm.
We venture out, our own li'l family,
to grab a sub, chips + pop.
(the storm starved us)
Finally enjoying a winter's day's stroll.
Rocky hopping along in his boots.
Me blissfully happy, watching him prance.
Oh, how they bring me smiles.

09 March 2008


Snowflakes keep dropping on my head...
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red..
La la la la la la...
But for some reason, even though I was stuck at home, I wasn't too upset?!
Actually, I just stood, looking out my window, watching the snow as it fell. I would remember when I was small, how excited I would get at the sight of snowfall..
Where did the days go where I would get amused by the simplest of things.. wait, what am I talking about?! I still do!
Point-to-head: This was a nice snow storm. No blistering wind chill.
Just lotsa nice, white, fluffy stuff.

08 March 2008

Old habits

die hard.

Still an Academia-nut.

k,*just checking.


05 March 2008


My breath of fresh air!

In the midst of all that has gone wrong, things that didn't work out quite as planned, I am ecstatic to be rejuvenating my position with Kidproof. It's a taste of my future, and it sure is sweet!
I love the fact that I am teaching kids how to be proactive when it comes to their own safety, and the safety of others. The wide range of courses offer a wide palette for parents and children alike!
It is where I can stretch my own wings, deliver the material how I want to, and develop my own methods in having it a fun learning experience. When I'm up infront of all the students, I go into teaching-mode and am the happiest and most content.
Working with kids gives me great inspiration. Inspiration to realize my dreams and keep moving forward, despite all that has held me back..
So excited.
On my way.
Tomorrow IS another day!

04 March 2008

For everything that's true

I Turn to You
Just like old times
You and me.
A great day- more to come!

When I'm lost/In the rain

In your eyes I know I'll find the light/to light my way

And when I'm scared/losing ground

When my world is going crazy/you can turn it all around

And when I'm down/you're there pushing me to the top

You're always there/giving me all you've got

For a shield from the storm

For a Friend

For a love to keep me safe and warm

I Turn To You..

For the strength/to be strong

For the will to carry on

For everything you do/For everything that's true

I Turn to You...

When I lose the will to win I just reach for you/And I can reach the sky again I can do anything/cause your love is so amazing

'Cause your love inspires me And when I need a friend/you're always on my side Giving me faith taking me through the night....

03 March 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Thanks Joy! <3
She gave me a Gift Certificate for STC.
One thing I love about Scarborough Town is the abundance of sales
and clearance stuff. With her generous gift I was able to get 2 pairs of jeans and a very nice Bow Wow frame in which I can put a nice solo photo of Rocky.
My bum is covered.
My wall is filled.
Happy Happy Jill Jill

02 March 2008

2-2 Candles: The Celebration

Sex on the Beach + Me = Serious Randomness.

It was a night to remember. One I will not forget. For so many reasons. Our parents finally met. Dinner was had. Kind words and affection. Feeling loved and loved some more. All this positivity gives me hope. Things are great because everyone around me is great... great family, great boyfriend, great friends... adorable dog!

What more can a girl wish for when blowing out her 22 Candles? Who knows ;)

All I DO know is that she is so thankful.

She is grateful.

She is 22.

Living the best life anyone could EVER ask for. On to the year to come!

01 March 2008


Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me-eeeeeeee!
Happy Birthday to me!!

Am I 1, Am I 2, Am I 3,
Am I 4, Am I 5, Am I 6,
Am I 7, Am I 8, Am I 9,
Am I 10, Am I 11, Am I 12,
Am I 13, Am I 14, Am I 15,
Am I 16, Am I 17, Am I 18,
Am I 19,
Am I 20,
Am I 21,

I am 22!

at ease