Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

24 August 2010

Victoria Says...

On David versus George Clooney:
"I think David is better looking than him. Definitely."

Victoria Says...

“I want a big house with a moat and dragons and a fort to keep people out!”

Future Tattoo??

Here's a tat design I created off google-d images I found the other day.
I think it's quite self explanatory once I give this tat a title, here it goes:
Queen of Spades

In due time, the King of Spades and I will sit upon our throne, with our heir, Rocco.
*find On the Road to 100 post!

23 August 2010

Jennifer Aniston - Smart Water Ads

For a person who keeps bombing at the box office, Jennifer Aniston, can keep things on the up-and-up elsewhere, as evident in her Smart Water ads. Although I'm a tad late (a few months) commenting on how fab she looks in them, it never really hit me, until today.

I was at Pizza Pizza, waiting for my Tropical Hawaiian slice to heat up, when I looked over at the 'reverse' ad on the entrance door. Even in 'reverse' the ad caught my eye. Maybe cause I like black and white photos. Maybe cause I was drawn to the Korean Air commercial below... but either way, kudos on a fabulous print ad!

Acqua Di Gioia

Acqua Di Gio is one of my fave manscents (*play on incense*) for my boytoy to wear. Right now I have him on Dolce and Gabbana For Men -a classic choice- and when that runs out, he'll respray a new ADG bottle courtesy of moi; as I am looking to get Acqua di Gioia for myself!

Yellow Diamonds

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dinner at Dawn!
One girl who doesn't own a single Tiffany piece, but is intrigued now that
the haute jewellery brand will be unveiling a new collection of yellow those worn by 
Audrey Hepburn almost half a century ago!

Camel Chic

  • Coolest neutral for this Fall
  • can be matched with other neutrals such as grey or navy
  • also can be paired with deeper browns and reds to give a solid base to any ensemble
  • this colour can flatter all hair colours
  • invest in a camel piece and you'll get a great return on your investment piece as it can take you through the following seasons

Miss Mexico - Miss Universe 2010

Here's Miss Universe 2010 - Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete!

Despite cheering for Miss Philippines (and her horrendous answer) I knew that Miss Mexico had it in the bag when she came out in her red evening gown! The lady in red also gave a good (translated) answer to her 'kids and unsupervised internet' question; as well - I liked her explanation of why she chose her dress.

She didn't say that she liked:
  • how it flows
  • how it flatters her figure
like some of the other contestants, rather, she explained its significance to her country for 2010.

Great choice for 2010! Especially with the politics + Mexico + legal vs. illegal immigrants + the US.

She Wears in the City

Espirit Tank, Club Monaco High Waist Pencil Skirt, L.Credi faux skin clutch, Gibi Shoes with wood trim
Tuesday work attire. Simple and chic, I'm excited to go to work tomorrow just for this outfit alone!

Shower at the Baby Shower!

Costa Flare Skirt, H&M floral off-the-shoulder top, boutique roses necklace, Spring Pumps
Baby Shower gift for Baby Oyarpulos
The Beautiful Mommy-to-be
Fail at self-photo
Rocky Cameo
Last Weekend I had one of my friends' baby showers' to attend to. The last of the season, (engagements, weddings, showers, O My!) it was amazing to commemorate this moment with her! Although, we did get showered on - despite the gazebos and tents scattered throughout the backyard, the rain did not let up! We were forced to run inside the house, drenched and completely amused at the humour of the matter! Gifts and cards were also rained on, and made for some fun back and forths (in my heels mind you) to get them inside the house before the thunderstorm fully enraged.

Here's my special She Wears in the City. At a Baby Shower

You know you're a girl when...... spend half your weekend organizing your closet/wardrobe for the upcoming season!

I decided that with the change of season that'll soon be upon us, I needed to re-focus my wardrobe towards items with sleeves! I'm not a winter person, but I do love autumn, and what you can get away with wearing, without the risk of frostbite!

This weekend I colour-coordinated my wardrobe, and added my jackets/cardigans section to my closet. That required me to move my denim to my drawers, which has worked out perfectly, as I didnt realize how many long-sleeved items I actually own!

If there's a few things you'll learn about me, it's the following:
  1. sleeves on me are far and few between, unless they're 3/4 length.
  2. my preferred type of shoe is heels. Be it high, or mid-low, I even wear them going out for breakfast!

So, that was my 'eventful' weekend! Excited to mix n' match and play barbie doll with myself  as I create outfifts for my day-to-day. Thinking in through, I'm going to document my outfits via my blog category 'The Real Me' which will showcase my outfits chosen the night before for 'the morning after.' ;)

16 August 2010

My Funny 'Little' Chihuahua

My Funny Little Chihuahua
Here are some random stories about my Chihuahua that make me laugh.
·         Frank’s family was having a bbq and as we were moving about bring plates here and there, his dad managed to drop his toothpick and was unable to find it in the grass –reason being, (as we look over at my dog) Rocky has it sticking out of the side of his mouth. Adorable! *Cue Aww’s and laughter
·         He won’t eat his food unless he knows you’re eating the same thing. If you have chicken parm, he wants chicken parm. If you have peas with your potatoes, he wants peas with his. He’ll sniff at your plate just to make sure it smells the same, and if he smells something that he doesn’t have….surprise, surprise –he wants it.
·         He lets you know that it’s ‘bedtime’ when he cleans himself…just like a cat.
·         Other cat-like behaviour – he rubs himself against our legs under the table.
·         He spends the whole day at home with my nieces. If I just come by to see him and leave him with them, he’ll cry until they bring him to me.
·         He knows Frank’s ringtone on my phone, and wakes up  -alert- no matter the time, when he  hears it. Curious to know what it is?
^Before my Bb it was Backstreet Boys’ – Climbing the Walls (No I can’t let you go/You’re a part of me now/Caught by the taste of your kiss) AND now, it is Shawn Desman’s –Shiver (‘Cause everytime we kiss I/Shiver/Shiver/Shiver/I gotta catch my breathe/So caught up that I forget)
·         When it’s Shee-Shee (sleepy) time, he rubs his head against the top of my blanket, so that he can go underneath and get warm.
·         When he’s in the car, he likes to stand on my centre console, image reminiscent of Simba, from the Lion King, on Pride Rock!
·         Also, he likes to jump onto the back part of my car,  above the rear seats, below the rear window…he’s used to and misses my hatchback (vw golf).
·         He likes to rub along freshly cut grass and drag himself along the ground.
·         He knows when we’re close to PetSmart and does his excited shrill sound
·         He also knows when we’re close to/at his Bdf (Best Dog Friend) Tiny’s house, and does the exact sound

Blonde Moment #1,657,564

My ‘Blonde’ Moments Acc. To Espada 3:16
*Note: If you’re wondering why I put 3:16, Stone Cold Steve Austin is Frank’s Fave Wrestler of All-Time!
Let me set the scene. We’re on the 401, driving to Sunnybrook Hospital to see my Grandmother. On our right, in the far lane, is a Toronto Police – Parking Enforcement – vehicle. I then proceed to say:
JC: Why is there a parking enforcement car on the highway? No one parks on the highway…why are they here?
FS: Are you serious. You didn’t just say that.
JC: What?!
FS: What are you doing on the highway….
JC: Going to see my grandmother, he’s not doing the same thing.
FS: Yeah, but you’re using the highway to get somewhere aren’t you. So why can’t they?!
JC: Umm….parking enforcement. No one parks on the highway, so he doesn’t need to be here!
FS: You’re dumb. Seriously, I can’t believe you sometimes…I swear you’re blonde!
JC: Ok I get that, but here’s my point. If that’s his work car, doesn’t he drive his ‘daily driver’ to the station, and work the streets in the area of the district he’s working for?
FS: *Ignores me.
JC: *I know you heard what I just said.
FS: I know I heard what you just said. I just have nothing to say to it.
JC: Whatever! I know what I’m talking about
The End.

On The Road to 100

For years Frank and I have said, “I can’t wait until we don’t have to say goodnight over the phone.” The wait will soon (in a couple of years) be over. We’ve blabbed on and on about wanting to get our own place, but that also came with the walk down the aisle. With both things –both money eaters- now possible because we’re not 16, the reality of it all is starting to affect us.
Frank would often joke that we would live in a cardboard box. Just he, Rocky and I; I would reply that I’d cut out windows and paint nice little window box planters with pretty pink flowers. One summer, when his parents bought an outdoor patio set, he jumped in the box with Rocky, pulled me in and said, “We’re home!”
But in all seriousness, talking day-to-day, it’s often a topic of conversation at least once a week. I berate Frank with listings that I hope he’ll ‘like’ just to gauge his ability to see past some minor fixer-uppers, versus the half a milli houses! We have even driven around town to see houses listed, for a better feel of the neighbourhood and to see the house to-scale! He’s becoming more and more educated on what his dollar will get him for a house, and is getting much better at guess-timating the asking price of houses I show him.
I’ve looked at houses all over the GTA, thus giving him a broader scope of real estate values and how they differ in different segments of the GTA. For us, I like our hometown – Scarborough – despite all the media fodder because there are pockets that are a great bang-for-your-buck! For example, Frank’s parents’ house is situated on a large lot, and in 25 minutes or less, you can drive to Downtown Toronto. 45, in rush hour.
I like Scarborough because its’ main roads run adjacent to the freeway – therefore to get between anywhere in town you’re going along the 401, and have all the 400 series highways accessible to you. If I end up working DT, GO transit runs along the Scarborough stretch, and key niches of Scarborough are getting face-lifts, new construction and stimulus. I like the locale of Scarborough – minus some irks – but all in all am comfortable with the housing prices, and travel times in peak hours.
To me, it’s in the middle of everything; the core to the west, the smaller ‘burbs and farms to the east, the up-and-coming towns to the north, with a gateway to it all.
In particular, we’re looking at something close to our parents’ houses; obvious reasons being when we have kids one day – we won’t have to bring them to daycare.
So all in all, this is our journey on the road to 100. (100 being the key number = 100,000 for a down payment) Even in conversation, every dollar that we don’t spend goes towards, “that 100,000.”

Life-Saver vs. Life-Spender

You make money to spend money, as they say, right? Yes, and no. I’ve lived by that saying mainly because the vast majority of the money I make goes towards tuition, and associated costs.  Life isn’t cheap. I work midtown and there’s this amazing bakery a stone-throw’s walk called World’s Best Bakers –from where I get my $8.14 XL Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Croissant. I know – yikes! I’ve managed not to make it a daily habit, thanks to creating an excel spreadsheet where I track and calculate my expenses…(watching your money go has a greater impact on how or whether to spend your money, believe me.)
I’ve even created one for my Bf – complete with green, white, and red, along the header. Despite my sales tactics for the idea, all I got was, “It’s a good thing to keep, don’t delete it.” What he didn’t say was, “Great idea, I make good money for my age and this will help me see where it’s all going and will stop me from seeing how much my spending habits are out the loop!”
Okay, I’ll give him some credit. He’s good with his money. More protective of it, than of me – I kid! But nonetheless, he is good with his money, he has savings, investments, and opened AND contributes to a RRSP. *I had to emphasize the ‘and’ because most people have one, but barely feed it.
I just want him to be able to save more for what he makes! I’d say about 40% of his ‘expenses’ are variable. One in particular, smoking, should be cut! Immediately!
As I digress, I actually feel better about my finances cause I’ve learned that no matter how ‘little’ I’m making now, I could possibly save more than those who make much more! It’s a mind over matter kind of thing, and despite my hang-ups of being constricted by my fixed costs, I have a few things that I’m going to do over the next year to plant my money tree:
1.       Shopping- on hiatus! – sad to say, I’ve raised the bar for indulgence this summer, with the help of outlets and consignment stores.
2.       Can’t spend it if you don’t have it: All my fixed expenses will take up 70% of my earnings therefore, my variable expenses will be very limited. Tough love.
3.       Save a little, earn a lot: I’m going to re-open my savings account and contribute to it; using it properly, not as a savings for York U followed by a mass withdrawal-bill payment!
4.       Life is good: The best things in life are free and I’m a believer. Walks on the beach, strolls in the mall (*window shopping*) and rollerblading, have become ‘free’ ways to entertain myself. If only life were what it was when we were young, everything was free. We even have to pay to laugh now! Do you know how much Russell Peter tickets are going for?!
^ In sum, I’m on Money-watch. Reason: in the post to follow.


As of late I’ve been tweeting more than that annoying little bird we hear in Frank’s backyard on Sunday BBQs! I have the social networking plan on my Bb with Telus, and initially, it came with Bb Messenger, MSN Live Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, and Yahoo Messenger. In my head, I always wondered why Twitter wasn’t a part of the package, when an online app was available; then magically, one day, the icon appears to my utter delight and I’ve been tweeting my tail off ever since. All the random meanderings in my head, too short for a blog post, now serve a purpose, they’re tweets. I don’t have a flood of followers, and to be honest, it’s for self gratification. I’m not there to ‘expose myself to the world’ as anti-social-networking people put it, merely, it’s a form of expression, a way to engage yourself in conversation, no matter how small, on topics ranging from the shoes your wearing, to the latest celebrity buzz.
We live in the age of Now. Information is sent and received at the speed of lightning and where else can you exchange information faster with such a vast array of people than on twitter? Bill Cosby – at the tender age of 73 – has had to clarify that he is still ALIVE and BREATHING, despite ‘tweets’ that state otherwise.
Twitter is Facebook on fire, and the only reason I didn’t tweet as much sooner, was the lack of an application, and the sheer need to log-on for a 140 character or less sentence everytime I had a thought or pondering.
This app on my phone has me using my blackberry for more non-official purposes, and I now laugh at the days 5 years ago when I’d gaff at the executives thumb-typing away their ‘important’ lives in the Scotiabank Plaza elevators. *click click click click* *scroll scroll scroll*.
If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em, as they say. And I did.
Wagon jumper, nah. I actually have found function and purpose for my blackberry, not to mention, entertainment and ‘networking.’
Jill + Blackberry + Twitter = Disaster! Follow my tweets @She_DoesTheCity

Texting is the New Love Letter

Does Texting Help or Hurt Romance?
In this day and age, payphones are far and few between;  phone calls last no more than a couple minutes; and missed called are replied to, not in the form of a call-back, but  via text message or Blackberry Message.
 I for one, don’t mind the efficiency of a quickie, which usually answers the following Who, What, When, & Where, because it’s done its’ purpose; an exchange of information  as easy as 1-2-3.
So, here is where I disconnect from the thumb-text method of communication: when back-and-forth messages which go on and on, could have been prevented with one simple phone call.
With that begs the question, when it comes to relationship + communication + mobile devices, does texting = help OR hurt romance??
Con: My bff recently got a Bb Bold and has started to have my, much-cherished, ‘first-of-the-day’ conversation thru Bbm! At first I didn’t mind and was pleased that he finally sees what the hoopla is about when it comes to  Blackberries and has started using his to its’  “full potential” ( or as much as a construction worker who works with sewers/water mains, can do without utterly destroying his phone on-the-job!)
Pro:  When he’s out and about, or inaccessible for a phone convo, he now sends me little messages via Bbm to let me know he’s thinking about me, misses me, or to have quick little chats to catch-up. These make me smile and make up for all the times I’ve complained that he doesn’t “call me during the day.”
Pro 2:  He leaves me messages at the crack of dawn right before he goes to work, accompanied by a smiley face or heart! Those are the good mornings that last throughout the workday!
In essence, I’ve experienced both positive and negative when it comes to texting + romance (as labeled for context, not actuality) My conclusion, much like salt in your diet, is great in moderation! Too much can put a bad taste in your mouth, but the right amount, can hit the spot just right!

Wild Water Kingdom!

Wild Water Kingdom
The Civic Holiday Long Weekend, Frank had an Einstein moment and suggested we do something different than our usual –Niagara Falls- long weekends, and go to Wild Water Kingdom.
For those of you outside the Toronto – if that, Canada- area, Wild Water Kingdom is Canada’s Largest Outdoor Waterpark. It boasts attractions for the young, and young at heart; including a Lazy River, Wave Pool, and vast array of tubes and slides that us ‘adults’ can find enjoying as well!
We packed on a whim, and for me to carry just one bag – is in short, a miracle. I was myself surprised at my ability limit my ‘luggage’ for the day, and not pack in ‘come hell or high water’ mode.
Here’s the list of what we brought with us:
·         Swimwear
·         Flip flops-Sandals
·         Shorts
·         Top
^ ( All worn TO the facility)
·         Extra tops
·         Pairs of underwear
·         Beach blanket (self-rolling) with 2 towels enclosed
·         Spray-on sunscreen
·         Bag of Chippy (the Filipino version of Fritos)
·         Foldable waterproof beach bag for our wet garments
We started off the day in the first herd of people admitted into the park. We walked our way to the lockers area and discovered how small these lockers really were! Thankful that I had used this bag – versus my hobo – we sprayed ourselves, stored all unnecessary things (Bb’s ,  wallets) into the bag and locker, and made our way to the Water Park area of WWK.
I lay our beach blanket and towels on the side of the wave pool where people lay and tanned themselves; knowing that no one would steal our stuff,  with towels (that have possibly been used, on top of my uber-cute, pink and palm tree laiden, Tommy Hilfiger roll-away blanket.
We decided to go onto tube slides first. We both managed to gain friction with the slide and had to push ourselves down for a segment of the ride, because we were still dry. All subsequent rides were deemed friction-free. *Side note: whilst walking around we spotted an area of the park that had quick-spray stalls, where you could get yourselves wet before entering a slide or tube –brilliant. At least now we know we were not the only ones to get ‘stuck’.
Next we went on the White Water slide, which was higher than the first slides, and had lumps incorporated into the slide’s design. Frank said he’d actually hydroplane and lift off of the slide! Next to it was The Cliff, which I had initially said I would go on, but seeing people actually go down that practically vertical drop, made me chicken out. Furthermore, right before I went down the White Water slide, I witnessed a boy chicken out of The Cliff right as we was about to go down, and pulled himself up, *screaming* mind you, that he didn’t want to do it.  Thank you anonymous boy, you saved me from re-enacting that exact experience myself.
We then moved ourselves next door and went down – The Devil’s Drop – which is a short slide that launches you into an 8ft deep pool of water, for your pleasure, of course. I liked this slide – very much as it was like a band-aid when pulled off, quick and painless…that is until I’m thrown into the water. As I sink, I am always reminded of when I got pushed into the deep end at the age of 7 and had to kick ‘swim’ my way up for air. After that short, initial fear passes, I surface, wipe my eyes, and remember that I’m now 24, and have lived way past that day, so long ago. After which, Frank wanted an encore, so I lined up with him. He enjoyed it much more than me, because he found a way to launch himself into the slide and create a big bang effect as he hit the water – to his utter amusement! Post my 2nd run, I opted to become a by-stander, as he ran back up the stairs to ‘to it again!’ A kid at heart, I tell ya!
Frank and I eventually gained an appetite for food, and not for water slides, and decided to grab some grub. Frank went with his typical sub, chips and pop deal, whereas I (who didn’t garner as big an appetite) went with fresh, greek-made poutine with real cheese curds. I grave that $5 plate as I type this!
After we ate, we decided to find something to ease our transition to the water, and here is where the water buckets come in! I was wearing my sunglasses, as we enter the kiddy-area, and didn’t want to go under the XX gallon-bucket full of water, but Frank, being Frank, dragged me and held me there with him.
Surprising it was a refreshing cavalcade of water, and we stayed under it number times, switching from one bucket to the next as the emptied one refilled with water. Next we ran through the water sprays; where I managed to get one shot right into my earlobe, temporarily disabling my hearing in my right ear. Ouch.
I decided to cure my hurt with a banana-chocolate Beavertail, and ate it, whilst basking in the sun on my blanket. Frank said I devoured it, I would rather phrase it as, much-enjoyed it.
After that, we decided to make our rounds through the waterslides again and finally, hit our last slide for the day. The trio of long and loopy water slides had quite the line-up, which peaked our interest more than the tube slides, so we opted for them instead. We chose the Sidewinder as our final ride for the day – or so I thought (more on that later.)  The 20-minute wait wasn’t worth it for me, as I did not ‘side-wind’ as the name intended, rather, I drifted like a log on a small river. Frank on the other hand did much side-winding and laughing simultaneously, even ending off in a fast launch at the end of the slide. I guess I dried off faster than I thought. Boo. There’s always next time!
As mentioned previously, Frank decided to go a couple more times on the Devil’s Drop, after which, we changed, and called it a day.
I think we’ll make this a new annual event. F ‘n J at WWK!

15 August 2010

Intimately Yours - David & Victoria Beckham; TV Ad

What a hot commercial. I think they should be cast in the  Mr. and Mrs. Smith sequel!

11 August 2010

Leonardo's Latest Inception

Should this rumour become reality -that Leonardo is on the hunt for a ring for Bar Rafaeli- that means Mr.Di Caprio will officially be off Hollywood's 'bachelor' list. *Sigh. As much as I get sad about the idea, it is pleasing to know we may get to finally see our Romeo wed his Juliet!

BVB - Bags By Victoria Beckham

My much adored Victoria Beckham is on her way to adding Bag Designer to her resume, and I for one will be first in line... BVB - Bags By Victoria Beckham? How's the look?! If anything, I hope that she designs a Birkin-like bag that I can throw everything -my netbook, books, all miscellaneous big bag items- into!

Kim K and J.B Photoshoot

This pic is my fave. LOVE her striped coat!
Here are a few photos from Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian's photoshoot in the Bahamas. Let's hope Kim Kardashian doesn't get any fan hate like she did back in May! Here's an excerpt courtesy of the Toronto Star:

Bieber tweeted a photo of the two together and called Kardashian his girlfriend, and the 29-year-old gamely responded that she had "Bieber fever."

But Kardashian tweeted on Tuesday that she had felt the wrath of Bieber's jealous devotees.

"I'm getting death threats from your fans! This is unBeliebable!!!" she wrote.

The teen heartthrob politely asked his fans to back off on Wednesday morning.

"Ladies calm down," he wrote. "(Kardashian) is a friend. A very sexy friend but a friend. No need 4 threats. Let's all be friends and hang out often ;)"

Fabulous and 40! Jennifer Aniston - Harper's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston is looking stunning on the cover of Bazaar's September issue. Not only did she start a hair-DO in the '90s, was once married to the "most beautiful man on earth" (Not IMO) Brad Pitt, and completely won the Team Aniston debate; she's remained strong, single and independent in all her ventures. She shows that even though you can't win 'em all, when your star shines, it outshines all those dark days! Loving her!

10 August 2010

Limited Edition Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

At about $50,000 Cdn. this car is the closest that an average working citizen can get to owning a Ferrari. A glorified Fiat 500 for 50k? Whatever your opinion, I'm gonna create a Tributo Ferrari my dreams! I have another car in mind for post-A4. This would be sweet, if it were the Testarosa for 50k!