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Mood Quote:OCT72010
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16 August 2010

Wild Water Kingdom!

Wild Water Kingdom
The Civic Holiday Long Weekend, Frank had an Einstein moment and suggested we do something different than our usual –Niagara Falls- long weekends, and go to Wild Water Kingdom.
For those of you outside the Toronto – if that, Canada- area, Wild Water Kingdom is Canada’s Largest Outdoor Waterpark. It boasts attractions for the young, and young at heart; including a Lazy River, Wave Pool, and vast array of tubes and slides that us ‘adults’ can find enjoying as well!
We packed on a whim, and for me to carry just one bag – is in short, a miracle. I was myself surprised at my ability limit my ‘luggage’ for the day, and not pack in ‘come hell or high water’ mode.
Here’s the list of what we brought with us:
·         Swimwear
·         Flip flops-Sandals
·         Shorts
·         Top
^ ( All worn TO the facility)
·         Extra tops
·         Pairs of underwear
·         Beach blanket (self-rolling) with 2 towels enclosed
·         Spray-on sunscreen
·         Bag of Chippy (the Filipino version of Fritos)
·         Foldable waterproof beach bag for our wet garments
We started off the day in the first herd of people admitted into the park. We walked our way to the lockers area and discovered how small these lockers really were! Thankful that I had used this bag – versus my hobo – we sprayed ourselves, stored all unnecessary things (Bb’s ,  wallets) into the bag and locker, and made our way to the Water Park area of WWK.
I lay our beach blanket and towels on the side of the wave pool where people lay and tanned themselves; knowing that no one would steal our stuff,  with towels (that have possibly been used, on top of my uber-cute, pink and palm tree laiden, Tommy Hilfiger roll-away blanket.
We decided to go onto tube slides first. We both managed to gain friction with the slide and had to push ourselves down for a segment of the ride, because we were still dry. All subsequent rides were deemed friction-free. *Side note: whilst walking around we spotted an area of the park that had quick-spray stalls, where you could get yourselves wet before entering a slide or tube –brilliant. At least now we know we were not the only ones to get ‘stuck’.
Next we went on the White Water slide, which was higher than the first slides, and had lumps incorporated into the slide’s design. Frank said he’d actually hydroplane and lift off of the slide! Next to it was The Cliff, which I had initially said I would go on, but seeing people actually go down that practically vertical drop, made me chicken out. Furthermore, right before I went down the White Water slide, I witnessed a boy chicken out of The Cliff right as we was about to go down, and pulled himself up, *screaming* mind you, that he didn’t want to do it.  Thank you anonymous boy, you saved me from re-enacting that exact experience myself.
We then moved ourselves next door and went down – The Devil’s Drop – which is a short slide that launches you into an 8ft deep pool of water, for your pleasure, of course. I liked this slide – very much as it was like a band-aid when pulled off, quick and painless…that is until I’m thrown into the water. As I sink, I am always reminded of when I got pushed into the deep end at the age of 7 and had to kick ‘swim’ my way up for air. After that short, initial fear passes, I surface, wipe my eyes, and remember that I’m now 24, and have lived way past that day, so long ago. After which, Frank wanted an encore, so I lined up with him. He enjoyed it much more than me, because he found a way to launch himself into the slide and create a big bang effect as he hit the water – to his utter amusement! Post my 2nd run, I opted to become a by-stander, as he ran back up the stairs to ‘to it again!’ A kid at heart, I tell ya!
Frank and I eventually gained an appetite for food, and not for water slides, and decided to grab some grub. Frank went with his typical sub, chips and pop deal, whereas I (who didn’t garner as big an appetite) went with fresh, greek-made poutine with real cheese curds. I grave that $5 plate as I type this!
After we ate, we decided to find something to ease our transition to the water, and here is where the water buckets come in! I was wearing my sunglasses, as we enter the kiddy-area, and didn’t want to go under the XX gallon-bucket full of water, but Frank, being Frank, dragged me and held me there with him.
Surprising it was a refreshing cavalcade of water, and we stayed under it number times, switching from one bucket to the next as the emptied one refilled with water. Next we ran through the water sprays; where I managed to get one shot right into my earlobe, temporarily disabling my hearing in my right ear. Ouch.
I decided to cure my hurt with a banana-chocolate Beavertail, and ate it, whilst basking in the sun on my blanket. Frank said I devoured it, I would rather phrase it as, much-enjoyed it.
After that, we decided to make our rounds through the waterslides again and finally, hit our last slide for the day. The trio of long and loopy water slides had quite the line-up, which peaked our interest more than the tube slides, so we opted for them instead. We chose the Sidewinder as our final ride for the day – or so I thought (more on that later.)  The 20-minute wait wasn’t worth it for me, as I did not ‘side-wind’ as the name intended, rather, I drifted like a log on a small river. Frank on the other hand did much side-winding and laughing simultaneously, even ending off in a fast launch at the end of the slide. I guess I dried off faster than I thought. Boo. There’s always next time!
As mentioned previously, Frank decided to go a couple more times on the Devil’s Drop, after which, we changed, and called it a day.
I think we’ll make this a new annual event. F ‘n J at WWK!

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