Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
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16 August 2010

Texting is the New Love Letter

Does Texting Help or Hurt Romance?
In this day and age, payphones are far and few between;  phone calls last no more than a couple minutes; and missed called are replied to, not in the form of a call-back, but  via text message or Blackberry Message.
 I for one, don’t mind the efficiency of a quickie, which usually answers the following Who, What, When, & Where, because it’s done its’ purpose; an exchange of information  as easy as 1-2-3.
So, here is where I disconnect from the thumb-text method of communication: when back-and-forth messages which go on and on, could have been prevented with one simple phone call.
With that begs the question, when it comes to relationship + communication + mobile devices, does texting = help OR hurt romance??
Con: My bff recently got a Bb Bold and has started to have my, much-cherished, ‘first-of-the-day’ conversation thru Bbm! At first I didn’t mind and was pleased that he finally sees what the hoopla is about when it comes to  Blackberries and has started using his to its’  “full potential” ( or as much as a construction worker who works with sewers/water mains, can do without utterly destroying his phone on-the-job!)
Pro:  When he’s out and about, or inaccessible for a phone convo, he now sends me little messages via Bbm to let me know he’s thinking about me, misses me, or to have quick little chats to catch-up. These make me smile and make up for all the times I’ve complained that he doesn’t “call me during the day.”
Pro 2:  He leaves me messages at the crack of dawn right before he goes to work, accompanied by a smiley face or heart! Those are the good mornings that last throughout the workday!
In essence, I’ve experienced both positive and negative when it comes to texting + romance (as labeled for context, not actuality) My conclusion, much like salt in your diet, is great in moderation! Too much can put a bad taste in your mouth, but the right amount, can hit the spot just right!

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