Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

31 January 2009

The Year in Review

It's the end of January, yet it feels like New Year's Eve was yesterday. It marks an official year of my blog-- something that I am very happy to see. This blog has its origins from days of journals past; dear diaries and such.
I have found this blog quite therapeutic.... and it has served its purpose.
One month-in 2009 and I have yet to write a post about the year that has gone by.
2008 proved to be quite an eventful, distinguishing year.
  • Joy moves into her condo
  • I move into her room
  • Working with the TCDSB
  • Working with Learna & the Summer Camp
  • My bff graduates from Ry-High
  • Weddings Galore - MARY!! xox

....and in memoriam, Lolo joins Lola and Uncle Harry. (together again*)

I have done a lot of growing up in the past year, and I owe it completely to everything that has happened. Everything DOES happen for a reason; I am now a believer.

Things happen that are meant to be, otherwise, it lingers as a figment of one's imagination. Whereby one day, it could still come true.

One quote from the secret:

Thoughts become Things.

My life could not illustrate this point any better (both the good, and the bad.)

Here's to 2009.

What it'll bring, I don't know, but one thing's for sure,

I'm ready.

The Benefits of Optimism

Another reason to stay positive.

The Benefits of Optimism
Staying positive can improve stress management, productivity, and your health
Elizabeth Scott, M.S.,
Updated: May 8, 2008

Do you know someone who seems to always have a smile and a positive thought? Or are you yourself one of those people who is full of optimism? Hardships are seen as ‘learning experiences’ by optimists, and even the most miserable day always holds the promise for them that ‘tomorrow will probably be better.'
If you always see the brighter side of things, you may feel that you experience more positive events in your life than others, find yourself less stressed, and even enjoy greater health benefits.

This is not your imagination.
Researchers like Martin Seligman have been studying optimists and pessimists for years, and they have found that an optimistic world view carries certain advantages.

The Benefits of Optimism

Superior Health
In a study of 99 Harvard University students, those who were optimists at age 25 were significantly healthier at ages 45 and 60 than those who were pessimists. Other studies have linked a pessimistic explanatory style with higher rates of infectious disease, poor health, and earlier mortality.

Greater Achievement
Seligman analyzed the explanatory styles of sports teams and found that the more optimistic teams created more positive synergy and performed better than the pessimistic ones. Another study showed that pessimistic swimmers who were led to believe they’d done worse than they had were prone to future poor performance. Optimistic swimmers didn’t have this vulnerability.
Research like this has led some companies to go out of their way to hire optimists -- a practice that seems to be paying off.

Optimists don’t give up as easily as pessimists, and they are more likely to achieve success because of it. Some optimistic businessmen, like Donald Trump, have been bankrupt (even multiple times), but have been able to persist and turn their failures into millions.

Emotional Health
In a study of clinically depressed patients, it was discovered that 12 weeks of cognitive therapy (which involves reframing a person's thought processes) worked better than drugs, as changes were more long-lasting than a temporary fix. Patients who had this training in optimism had the ability to more effectively handle future setbacks.
Increased LongevityIn a retrospective study of 34 healthy Hall of Fame baseball players who played between 1900 and 1950, optimists lived significantly longer. Other studies have shown that optimistic breast cancer patients had better health outcomes than pessimistic and hopeless patients.

Less Stress
Optimists also tend to experience less stress than pessimists or realists. Because they believe in themselves and their abilities, they expect good things to happen. They see negative events as minor setbacks to be easily overcome, and view positive events as evidence of further good things to come. Believing in themselves, they also take more risks and create more positive events in their lives.

The Differences Between Optimists and Pessimists
What's the Explanatory Style of an Optimist?

'Explanatory Style' Explained
‘Explanatory style’ or ‘attributional style’ refers to how people explain the events of their lives. There are three facets of how people can explain a situation. This can influence whether they lean toward being optimists or pessimists:
Stable vs. Unstable: Can time change things, or do things stay the same regardless of time?

Global vs. Local: Is a situation a reflection of just one part of your life, or your life as a whole?
Internal vs. External: Do you feel events are caused by you or by an outside force?
Realists see things relatively clearly, but most of us aren’t realists. Most of us, to a degree, attribute the events in our lives optimistically or pessimistically. The pattern looks like this:

Optimists explain positive events as having happened because of them (internal). They also see them as evidence that more positive things will happen in the future (stable), and in other areas of their lives (global). Conversely, they see negative events as not being their fault (external). They also see them as being flukes (isolated) that have nothing to do with other areas of their lives or future events (local).

For example, if an optimist gets a promotion, she will likely believe it’s because she’s good at her job and will receive more benefits and promotion in the future. If she’s passed over for the promotion, it’s likely because she was having an off-month because of extenuating circumstances, but will do better in the future.

Pessimists think in the opposite way. They believe that negative events are caused by them (internal). They believe that one mistake means more will come (stable), and mistakes in other areas of life are inevitable (global), because they are the cause. They see positive events as flukes (local) that are caused by things outside their control (external) and probably won’t happen again (unstable).
A pessimist would see a promotion as a lucky event that probably won’t happen again, and may even worry that she’ll now be under more scrutiny. Being passed over for promotion would probably be explained as not being skilled enough. She'd therefore expect to be passed over again.

What This Means
Understandably, if you’re an optimist, this bodes well for your future. Negative events are more likely to roll off of your back, but positive events affirm your belief in yourself, your ability to make good things happen now and in the future, and in the goodness of life.
Fortunately for pessimists and realists, these patterns of thinking can be learned to a degree (though we tend to be mostly predisposed to our patterns of thinking.) Using a practice called ‘cognitive restructuring,' you can help yourself and others become more optimistic by consciously challenging negative, self-limiting thinking and replacing it with more optimistic thought patterns.

30 January 2009

Snow Shoes

I'm tired of trekking around.
I am sick of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

28 January 2009

Foot Jewellery

These boots were made for walking, and that's just what I'll of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!

Jessica Simpson brings your wardrobe up-to-date with the Roha ankle boot. Soft leather or suede upper in a slip-on dress ankle boot style with a round almond toe. A deep notched tongue with a wide elasticized fabric overlay adds an edgy twist, securing at the side with an oversized polished metal faux button and hook embellishment. Faux leather lining and cushioning insole, 1/2 inch wrapped midsole. Flat traction outsole and 4 inch leather wrapped heel
It's like literary beethoven to my ears!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE BOOTS-- uber comfortable. uber chic!

The Sequel's a GO!

Filming is to commence this summer. Quoting Carrie's signature line," I can't help but wonder...." whether the sequel will be overkill.

I'm elated that we'll get to see the girls on the silver screen again, relive their characters and go along yet another journey with them; but let's hope they don't ruin the reputation of the series. The last movie was good but not great, so I can only imagine what the plot of this one will be.

My love is unconditional for the series, but I do agree with critics and much of the negative comments that the movie brought forth. Though, the movie did leave me wanting more, maybe for the sake of wanting something worth watching; whereas nowadays, television has done a complete nosedive, with very few exceptions.

I love these girls, and wish to emmulate the friendship they hold, with those of my own.
Looking out for them as if they were my girls, I hope they do the series good, and not succumb to the critics once again.

I'd hate for the sequel to be the Swan Song of a series that deserves much more than that...maybe they should have left the series as they did in 2004, at the top.

Surprise me.

Missing them

After a few weeks have gone by, I seriously miss my kids.
It was a bittersweet, but I had to do it.

I think about what they're doing, how they're doing.. and it gets me down when I really think about it. I bonded with all of them and seeing them on a daily basis made them like extended family.

I came to really know them, and care for them, like my own, but as my co-worker told me, one day I'll have my own! hahaha

Still, they were of different ages and multiple personalities.. it was fun while it lasted, but all good things come to an end.

Cheers to a great work experience- and life experience, to say the least........

Life Insurance?

In light of the economy, I've been critically looking at my finances, what is owed, what is due, what is to be done..and Frank brought Life Insurance to my attention. I've invested in myself with school, but life insurance?

Am I too young to face my mortality? What price tag do I label myself in order to determine my monthly premium? Do I wait until I'm working FT?

So many questions left unanswered.

Time to inquire with my Encyclopedia: Joy.
She helps me through everything.
Let's see what she has to say.....

Can Rocky be one of my Benefactors? lol
Oh what would he do without me?!

Count your blessings

Everyday I thank God for the good health of myself and my family. I look around and see that there are many people who are dealing with different health issues...good health is something we often take for granted, for it is something that we often overlook.

A cough, a cold, or stuffy nose are minimal when compared to other people's health ailments...and to be quite honest, I am extremely grateful that we all have our health.

*praying for those who on a daily basis, are fighting an ongoing battle; for the courage and strength to surpass their limitations and find a way to overcome their sickness.


Thanks to a friend of mine, I have been introduced to the show Dexter. When he first tried explaining the show's premise, I was immediately turned off...that is, until I caught it on television one night, and decided to give it a shot.

Here's Wikipedia's take on the show:

Set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a serial killer governed by an ambiguous moral code who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst.

Basically, he kills 'morally' and goes after the murderers who plague Miami's streets.

Righteous kill...

You just gotta watch it to understand him, plus, he's pretty cute-- (for a socio-pathic serial killer.)

To Do List

My To-Do list is getting longer.

Once I get my room back, I have a lot of prep. and re-organizing to do. I need to set up my space and get it back to feeling like my own.

I have to admit though, I feel like I'm moving in it all over again, just as I did a year ago when Joy moved out. Another way to have a fresh start. A new beginning.

Ever since I got my own room (at 14) I always liked adding my own flair to my space. Watching all those HGN-esque shows over the years has given me my own interior designer know-how. I can envision a space before I do anything, and re-organize furniture in my head.

I like adding different elements to a space, for balance. I'm quite excited to get my room, cause I've really missed it. Especially the front-view window. I've been out of synch with my sleep schedule for there's not much melatonin activation down here... hahaha.

Counting down the days and adding things to my to-do and to-buy list. I'm most anticipating my closet and what I'll make it out to be...

Oh how my girly-girl side comes out.

Life Saver

Just waiting for a life saver..a resolution amidst the chaos. Hoping for the best.
Keep my fingers crossed that this will be it. All I know that what's meant to be, will be.

Everything happens for a reason, no matter how cliche that sounds, it's true.

I told myself that I needed to get out, and even though things haven't worked out as planned, things always find a way of working themselves out.

Rolling up my sleeves...

Soon I'll be painting my room. I think I'll go with the Eggshell, or muted yellow tone. It'll work well with my bedroom schematic... I originally wanted to go for a neutral beige, but it'll look too showroom-y.

I like painting, it's fun! Tine to go shopping for some paint and rollers....


My sis wants to introduce me to the world of snowboarding and quite honestly, I'm nervous. I'm a clutz so I know that it'll be inevitable for me to fall. I always said that I'd try something new.. so I agreed to go with her this winter. I always think of her when it snows, cause she, unlike me, gets excited when the white stuff starts falling.

(only when I was a child did I like winter.) Therefore, maybe one day, I'll agree with her and get excited for snowfall.

27 January 2009

Doggone Lucky

If I could have one wish, it would be to know what this little dog thinks. Sometimes I feel like he's human. He does the funniest things.

  • He will not eat by himself, and waits til we are home & settled, before he crunches away at his Beneful bowl.
  • He knows Frank's ringtone, and will cry almost instantaneously if he doesn't go on speakerphone to say hello.
  • He knows when we're going to Frank's house and gets uber-excited with a special excited-cry.
  • Despite holding the covers down, he insists on burying his head and trudging forward in order to join me under the comforter.
  • He knows the very instant that I'm home, without me saying a word, afterwhich he barks and barks to call me down.
  • He gets sad when he has to wear his boots, yet declines to walk without them on.
  • If you playfully ignore him, he'll do any and everything possible to get your attention; such as crawling up onto your shoulders, bringing you a pile of toys, and giving you that puppy stare.
  • He knows the difference between me leaving to go out, and leaving to get food.
  • He gets more presents than some at Christmas, and gleefully knows they're his.
  • If something is out of reach, he looks at you to get it, but needs your encouragement to go get it.
  • He plays fetch but doesn't like when you don't throw it right away.
  • He'll tease you with toys and makes you chase him.
  • He'll eat popcorn forever.

Time Flies

Looking at the date, it surprises me just how quickly time is flying. I can't believe we're in 2009 and I'm going to be 23. Wow.

At one point in my life, I felt as if time always stood still, and now, I can't even catch up! Looking up my Air Miles Points to see if I can gain any Air Miles, I want time to fly, when I'm flying right along with it.

Sometimes I can't help but think about regrets, and past mistakes, but what can I do, but say that I tried. I know that there is no greater critic than yourself, but I am such a ponderer. It's almost always what I do.

I think, I think and think, and sometimes I wonder whether my On-the-Go attitude let everything just pass me by.

Time flies, time to fly with it!

Tough as Nails

For the past 2 years I have become a fan and devout nightly viewer of Nancy Grace. I can't miss an episode, and given the necessity, will watch her either at 8pm, 10pm or even as late as 1am. She gives the news-scape a breath of fresh air and is very tactical in her delivery of stories/issues.

Her tough as nails attitude is what first claimed her notoriety with viewers in TV Land, and here I sit (quite comfortably might I add) writing this blog, watching the show, as I type. My mother first drew her to my attention after ranting about her pissy-face and more bark than bite demeanor. This completely stumps me, cause my mother is a fan of Judge Judy, who herself is no Mary Poppins.

As I digress, this post is in dedication to my nightly dose of tv, and subsequently, HLN and its other shows. Headline News has gripped me with other personalities such as:
  1. Glenn Beck (who has now left for Fox)
  2. Showbiz Tonight
  3. Issues: with Jane Velez-Mitchell
  4. Morning Express with Robin Meade
  5. Not Just Another Cable News Show
  6. News to Me
  7. Newbie but climbing up to be my runner-up: Clark Howard.

Television breeds Obesity?

Not in my household. I fondly recall a time in elementary when we were asked the number of television sets that we had in our household, I replied, "6, not including the one in my van."

Reflecting on my childhood is parallel to reflecting the shows that became milestone/time markers. An age of innocence to sorta say. The television in my house, was what the fireplace was in the 40s, a place to get-together, tell stories, watch stories, learn about the globe, watch TLC & Daily Planet with Dad and his BBQ Peanuts.... and of the sort.

This post is homage to all the shows (in current memory) that have stuck with me one way or another... Honorary mention goes to Tv Tropolis for keeping many of these shows alive.

Television, post-reality tv, will never be the same. The sitcom is extinct, and childhood shows are of a different genre- CGI.

  1. Astro Boy
  2. Mr. Dress Up
  3. Mr. Rogers
  4. Lamb Chops Play Along
  5. Barney and Friends (V.1.0)
  6. Sesame street
  7. The Big Comfy Couch
  8. The Muppets
  9. Care Bears
  10. Inspector Gadget
  11. The Sanrio Series: Hello Kitty, Kero Kero Keropi, and Pochacco
  12. Full House
  13. Family Matters
  14. Growing Pains
  15. Married with Children
  16. Saved By the Bell
  17. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  18. Hang Time
  19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  20. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  21. Clueless
  22. Friends
  23. Montel Williams
  24. Everybody Loves Raymond
  25. Dawson's Creek
  26. Party of Five

..and now, my head hurts. Time to go sit on the couch with Rocky and watch TV.

That teethy smile

Never advised to wear braces at 14, my smile has its little secret. Behind the teethy smiles in some of my pics, lies my greatest insecurity. No one knows this better than he, as he often slaps my hand away, as I push and prod at the single-toothed warrior.

He's fought his way through my once straightlined smile, and has me needing to go retroactive- possibly needing braces. My much preferred alternatives:

  1. Invisalign * dental alignment trays that adjust with progress
  2. Porcelain Veneers

Both are costly, therefore I am now making deposits to the Tooth Fairy.

Land Down Under

It marks the one week left point for my living in the land down under....I grew to like it down here in the basement, cause daddy did it up pretty nice, and it does come with its perks:

  1. split-screen enabled tv
  2. own private bathroom
  3. double the space

Ah it was all worth it. I have the Wii to take away my Wiinter blues, and Rocky & got a preview as to how life would be like as Three's Company.

Soap Addiction

Christmas break and beyond has rehatched my OCD with Days of Our Lives. Watching it since I was 3, yes 3, I have its plotlines in my daily must-knows, should I miss an episode.

Looks like I'm not toxic to the over-the-top, predictable yet unpredictable twists and turns, and lastly, how happiness is never everlasting, and people die only to return from some kind of vacay away.

Everyone is somehow co-related, as everyone has had relations with each other; a place where sloppy seconds is nothing compared to sloppy thirds or even fourths!! New characters are always expendible and never last too long- they exist only to complicate the subplots.

Case in point, why are they called Soap Operas, when the business that goes down is always ever so dirtyyyyyyyyyyy..... :)

Aww...bubbies :')

When asked in the game (SPM) what his favourite phrase was, he put:

Count his lucky stars

marks the year he counts his 26,000 lucky stars.

"Dream big dreams, for when you miss, you fall amongst the stars...."

Year of the Ox

As seen in the Toronto Sun:

Toronto owes the mighty ox a debt of gratitude."Yes, I think you can
comfortably say a good part of clearing the land in the Toronto area, after
settlement began in 1793, was done by oxen," says Carl Benn, chair of the
history department at Ryerson University

So oxen cleared the land, now automobiles burn rubber on asphalt. The year of the ox is predicted to be one of burden and frugality, but why look at it in a negative light?

Rather than plow our way through shopping malls, and going credit card-crazy, we are forced to tighten our purse strings and save for tomorrow, giving greater personal value to the almighty dollar.

Rather than plow our way through our savings, we should take heed of the fellow agriculturally significant animal, the pig- and feed it all of our dollars and sense (common cents," Watch your pennies and the dollars will look after themselves."

Mr. Bamboo

Joy gave me her extra wedding favor and it is now a fully fluorishing little room-plant for me. It has grown with me over the past year and a half, and is sooo tall. According to Feng Shui, it is a great addition to the environment of any student. Let's hope he brings me luck this year and years to come!

In Chinese culture the bamboo plant has been considered lucky for thousands
of years. It symbolizes strength and resilience and when given as a gift, it is
said to bring good fortune. According to Feng Shui masters, the bamboo plant
creates positive energy and balance to any room. A low-maintenance houseplant,
the bamboo needs minimal sunshine and little care to survive

The Best Thing since Sliced Bread

Super Paper Mario on Wii
Post-RockBand Nausea, Frank and I discovered our much loved nostalgia for all things Mario, Mario Kart AND Super Paper Mario.
This game has completely taken its hold of me and I am on Chapter 7-3 (1 chapter left) of 8. It has filled me with memories of SNES and playing games endlessly with my sisters, during simpler times. I miss those days and Super Paper Mario has become my time machine.
I have decided to wait for Frank so that we can complete the last chapter together.
*cue the AWWWWs.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

At the end of 2008, I was placed between a rock and a hard place..... I had to play rock, paper, scissors, and here I'll tell you why.

Things started to get rough, and despite multiple times of reaching out- there was never a real response or move to make things better. I kept it going til the last day, where I took the best of it all, and decorated the place, before the fall. Paper snowflakes by each one, reminded me just why I had taken the abuse for so long...

but in the end, I had to do what was best for me, and just cut it out.

44th President

Amidst the negativity of the world's economic status is the positivity of the US President's election and inauguration. Barack's initial win for the Democratic seat was victor enough, beating out former First Lady, Hilary Clinton. His eloquency in speech and charismatic nature drew in not only the entire nation, but the entire world.

He is symbolic of the United States' need for change. He is their light at the end of the long 8-year tunnel.

Being the first Afro-American President, he is evidence to America's desire to move away from the old, and in with the new. New ideals, new discipline, a new way of being-- to be seen in a better light in the eyes of the world.

We can only hope that he makes a difference, while on January 20th 2009, he made history.

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all
things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in
our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your

--Barack Obama

Victory speech in US presidential election, home state of Chicago, November 4, 2008.

York U strike

The strike that has tarnished Canada's 3rd largest university and has taken its students hostage is past the 2-month mark and thankfully, near its end. What was deemed to be a no-longer-than 2 week endeavour turned out to be the longest university strike in Canadian history.
How will we recover and salvage what is left of the school year. The effects of the strike will be felt for years to come; the damage has already been done.

Caylee Marie Anthony

For half a year I have become a daily disciple of Nancy Grace, much more-so due to her extensive coverage of the Caylee Anthony -initially missing child- to now murder, case. It broke my heart on December 8th when we all learned that she has in fact been deceased all this time.

With her mother in jail, and grandfather's attempted suicide, this case is far from open-shut.

I can only hope that this little girl will become a beacon of light for missing children everywhere.

Rest in Peace
Caylee Marie

...a new leaf

So, about one month in 2009, and I'm finally getting a chance to get this blog back up and running. The start of a new year is significant because for most people, we all love the idea of having a blank slate.

I read over my posts of 2008 and realized that despite the fact that I didn't reach 365, that it truly served its purpose. I have 2008 in an online time capsule, needless to say, without a shovel and dirt lol.

This post will mark my own dedication to someone very special to me- myself.

I will start anew.

01 January 2009

It's the New Year!!! 2009!

New Year's Resolutions
  1. restart my "daily" blogging--- as often as possible
  2. work like a maniac
  3. study like a bookworm
  4. aim higher and higher
  5. get that degree
  6. save for teacher's college
  7. stop letting those little things IRK me
  8. return to non-stop-mode
  9. see those on my A-list more often
  10. tie up those loose ends!