Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

27 January 2009

Year of the Ox

As seen in the Toronto Sun:

Toronto owes the mighty ox a debt of gratitude."Yes, I think you can
comfortably say a good part of clearing the land in the Toronto area, after
settlement began in 1793, was done by oxen," says Carl Benn, chair of the
history department at Ryerson University

So oxen cleared the land, now automobiles burn rubber on asphalt. The year of the ox is predicted to be one of burden and frugality, but why look at it in a negative light?

Rather than plow our way through shopping malls, and going credit card-crazy, we are forced to tighten our purse strings and save for tomorrow, giving greater personal value to the almighty dollar.

Rather than plow our way through our savings, we should take heed of the fellow agriculturally significant animal, the pig- and feed it all of our dollars and sense (common cents," Watch your pennies and the dollars will look after themselves."

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