Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

16 August 2010

My Funny 'Little' Chihuahua

My Funny Little Chihuahua
Here are some random stories about my Chihuahua that make me laugh.
·         Frank’s family was having a bbq and as we were moving about bring plates here and there, his dad managed to drop his toothpick and was unable to find it in the grass –reason being, (as we look over at my dog) Rocky has it sticking out of the side of his mouth. Adorable! *Cue Aww’s and laughter
·         He won’t eat his food unless he knows you’re eating the same thing. If you have chicken parm, he wants chicken parm. If you have peas with your potatoes, he wants peas with his. He’ll sniff at your plate just to make sure it smells the same, and if he smells something that he doesn’t have….surprise, surprise –he wants it.
·         He lets you know that it’s ‘bedtime’ when he cleans himself…just like a cat.
·         Other cat-like behaviour – he rubs himself against our legs under the table.
·         He spends the whole day at home with my nieces. If I just come by to see him and leave him with them, he’ll cry until they bring him to me.
·         He knows Frank’s ringtone on my phone, and wakes up  -alert- no matter the time, when he  hears it. Curious to know what it is?
^Before my Bb it was Backstreet Boys’ – Climbing the Walls (No I can’t let you go/You’re a part of me now/Caught by the taste of your kiss) AND now, it is Shawn Desman’s –Shiver (‘Cause everytime we kiss I/Shiver/Shiver/Shiver/I gotta catch my breathe/So caught up that I forget)
·         When it’s Shee-Shee (sleepy) time, he rubs his head against the top of my blanket, so that he can go underneath and get warm.
·         When he’s in the car, he likes to stand on my centre console, image reminiscent of Simba, from the Lion King, on Pride Rock!
·         Also, he likes to jump onto the back part of my car,  above the rear seats, below the rear window…he’s used to and misses my hatchback (vw golf).
·         He likes to rub along freshly cut grass and drag himself along the ground.
·         He knows when we’re close to PetSmart and does his excited shrill sound
·         He also knows when we’re close to/at his Bdf (Best Dog Friend) Tiny’s house, and does the exact sound

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