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Mood Quote:OCT72010
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16 June 2008

Underworld Pt 3!

Frank and I
have a few years long love affair with this movie series.
This movie has all the action of the Matrix, the historically-laiden plot of any Vampire-Werewolf movie, and the love-stricken storyline of Titanic (they save each other)
Frank and I like to compare ourselves to Selene and Michael...he, the raging Werewolf-come-hybrid, and I, the stealth, quick-on-her-feet, illustrous Vampiress! *lol
If you've yet to watch the first, Underworld, or the second, Underworld:Evolution, be sure to do so before 2009. Frank and I caught it again on PeachTreeTV and watched his DVD late last evening. We're completely enamored with this film, and have been wondering for YEARS when we would see the follow-up to the sequel. Having not seen either film in theatres, we will MAKE IT A DATE to see this film on its opening. As I've Google-d it, Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans.

Sad to reveal: It's a Prequel, therefore no Kate Beckinsale or Scott Speedman... BOO.

There's hope!

Collider chatted with producer Tom Rosenberg and received some updates on Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans (and a possible 4th film), Crank 2 and Game. Here's a clip on the "Underworld" franchise: It's a theatrical release definitely. I feel great about that. I think it's the strongest story that we've put together of the three. I think it's really terrific. I think it leads to a 4th. When we did the 1st Underworld, we imagined three--the 1st one, a sequel and then a prequel. The 3rd is a prequel, so the 4th would carry on where Kate and Scott Speedman left off after 2, so I think this is going to be terrific really this one.

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