Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

20 June 2008

ball & cards

Even since my younger days, I've always had the tendency to read my horoscope, almost daily. *And believe in it. Reason being: even on those mornings where I didn't read what my day would bring, I would read it when I got home, and 8/10 times it was bang-on! I know that people say that horoscopes are generic to fit everyone under-the-sun, but can you deny how relative this post is to me, especially today?? My Ball and Cards (addiction: ball and chain) reading below:
Friday, June 20 It's a good time to go after what you really want and to have a
little fun and enjoy yourself. If you have any kind of artistic impulses, now's
a great time to try to do something creative with them. You should also have a
chance to make a fresh start in any sort of relationships involving children
right now.

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