Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

06 June 2008

fab four

The 4 Parts of my Psyche

Charlotte-ness: I consider myself to have grown up with a conventional upbringing. Sap-happy is a perfect adjective to describe us both. Romance is NOT dead. Also found my "Knight in Shining Armour" and always follow my heart in any decision I make. Straight-As = aptitude, not just for academics, but for life. I am an optimist at-heart. I too, often see past the rainy days, and just look forward to the rainbow after the storm.

Miranda-ness: I'll admit that I too can bite into a bitter apple and have that bad taste left in my mouth. Cynism is no stranger to me. But what I do mirror of Miranda is her career-driven mind; bulldozing, sleep-lacking, coffee-gulping my way to climb each rung of that ladder of success. Like Miranda, I am often the voice of reason, and consider myself a great confidante. Psychologically-speaking, I am no doubtedly a Type A personality and choose to balance the world on my shoulders; to me, Free Time mean No Time (in other words, it can be time well wasted.) Time = Money and it should be invested in properly.

Carrie-ness: I too have a mind like a railway crossing-- trains of thought are constantly passing through (hence this blog.) Like her, I often sit infront of my computer screen, adding up words into thoughts that would equal that of some mathematical genious. The most evident relation I have to Carrie is from --one of my-- All-Time Fave episode entitled The Real Me: Carrie starts her walk down the runway only to fall flat on her face. Faced with a choice, Carrie gets back up and finishes her catwalk to cheers. Her act of bravery inspires the girls. *read between the lines.

Samantha-ness: I love how self-confidence leads to great independence. Standing on your own two feet, even if you're out there standing alone. Like Samantha, I too can be quite outspoken, and can lack a filter when I talk. Sometimes I can set people aback but truly, behind all that, I do have a sensitive, caring nature. Just how Samantha was left with a whole new perspective on life at the end of Season 6, I too am seeing the world with new eyes.

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