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Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

30 May 2008

When I was 17...that was a very good year...

...I met Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha!
Sex and the City: The Movie
This Blog is Rated S; for Spoiler-Free
This movie exceeded my expectations.
For those not Sex-ually Stimulated, otherwise known as, non-Sex and the City fans, I will give you reason to disagree with me. As brilliantly written as the script may have been, and despite the hilariousness that IS Samantha & her antics, this movie is aimed for the Fans-at-heart. Don't get me wrong, if you're not an avid viewer, there is a prelude to acquaint you with the gals, whom are amongst my bestest of friends ;) So worry not, you can still view the film if you've lived under a rock and know nothing of Sex. (and the city that is.) Onto my review: MPK could not have written a better script, and SJP could not have produced a better movie that would be deserving of the Legacy-laiden 6-year series. At 143 minutes in length, the movie feeds & fills my 4-year-long appetite... For starters, we are served an Appetizer of an intro, feelings of nostalgia rush as you become aware that this really IS happening, and you really ARE seeing the GIRLS on the BIG SCREEN.. As the opening scenes commence, and the foursome arrive, I could think nothing other than,"Wow, they're together again," while repeating to myself,"...this isn't Season 6 on REPEAT.. this ISN'T Season 6 on REPEAT!" As we're filled in with what's been up with the Gals for the last few years, we are then served the Main Course. I'd like to say, quite discreetly --may I add-- that it is a 4-course meal with entrees. We are served up Marvellous Miranda, Caring Charlotte, Sex-Siren Samantha, and Creative-columnist/3x Author Carrie with a Side of BIG. There's no surprise in the fact that the main plot revolves around Carrie, but what DID surprise me was that this movie did not get "Carried Away" with the product placement, shallow plotlines, bloated-episode-syndrome by which the film has been accused. Critics are just that, critics. They're doing their job...but by my standards, Fan or Foe, you cannot deny the strength of the script, writing, & acting that brings it all together. Sex has hit the Silver Screen, so in short, I can only say that I'm Completely Sex-ually Satisfied!

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