Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

27 February 2010

The Buried Life: She Does the City Edition

Being a type-A personality, I'm definitely a 'list person.' Not a pen and paper list person per se, but no doubtfully, a list person. Being introduced to the show The Buried Life on MTV, I'm intrigued to create my own list of things to do before I 'kick the bucket.'

This list is more for entertainment purposes, as more than half listed are either A) Impossible to do B) Too expensive to do C) Quite irrational and nonsensical

Nonetheless, enjoy my 100!! (listed at random, of no particular signifance numerically)
  1. Walk along Batista ringside at one of his shows
  2. Recreate the 'I'm flying!' scene in Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio
  3. Go curling with the Canadian National Curling League
  4. Perform as a guest Pussycat Doll in Las Vegas
  5. Have my picture taken in the Oval Office of the White House with Barack Obama
  6. Be a guest speaker on the Nancy Grace show and have her introduce me and let me speak, even after she says,"Unleash the lawyers!" LOL
  7. Learn ballet and be able to stand on my tippy toes
  8. Drive a Formula 1 Ferrari accompanied by M.Schumacher!
  9. Open my own elementary school in Manila, Philippines
  10. Fly to the moon and bring back some 'pixie dust' lol
  11. Have a supporting character role in the Sex and the City franchise (Sex and the City -movie- 3??)
  12. Own an Audi R8
  13. Gain a modelling contract with Ford Models and walk the runways of Paris, New York and Milan
  14. Go wild water rafting
  15. Cut the 'Red Ribbon' at any opening event
  16. Go running with Matthew McConaughey
  17. Work for a year as Victoria Beckham's assistant
  18. Have cooking lesson(s) from Giada De Laurentiis
  19. Star alongside Vin Diesel in a The Fast and the Furious movie installment
  20. Have a contract with MTV for a reality tv show that will be a mixed bags of tricks parallel to The Hills, Newlyweds, and The Simple Life
  21. Compete with Frank against another couple in an American Gladiator episode
  22. Visit the Sphinx in Egypt
  23. Have my wedding filmed in documentary-style and aired on nationwide television
  24. Watch Pacquiao demolish the face of yet another contender
  25. To own and fill a closet identical to the one Carrie Bradshaw owns in the Sex and the City movie penthouse apartment
  26. Be a judge on Iron Chef America
  27. Have my picture taken in front of the Taj Mahal in India
  28. Start a charity and have it so well-known that celebrities are my core sponsors
  29. Do a worldwide Emporio Armani ad
  30. Write a children's book, illustrate it, and have it published
  31. Be a Victoria's Secret Angel -model- for a day!
  32. Take part in a communal grape stomping festival and have purple feet!
  33. Have Rocky star in the sequel to Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  34. Star in a PETA campaign ad
  35. Film a couple of episodes of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe
  36. Become a host or correspondent of one of the many entertainment shows...preferrably Entertainment Tonight
  37. Have a coffee at Central Perk with Matt LeBlanc
  38. Play 'The Gold Digga' or 'Know or Go!' game on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
  39. Party with the cast of Jersey Shore
  40. Have Criss Angel put me in his need-to-know-basis list of people and participate in an illusion with him
  41. Have a custom made shoe designed/collaborated with Christian Louboutin
  42. Roll down a hill with a roll of cheese in the annual Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling
  43. Ride a double-decker bus like the one the Spice Girls drove in Spice World
  44. Lay and tan on a nudist beach in Brazil
  45. Learn, practice and perform in a professional synchronized swimming routine
  46. Legally own and care for a Philippine Tarsier
  47. Have a CGI animated character of myself onscreen like Angelina Jolie in Beowulf
  48. Spend a day with the Gosselin Kids
  49. Ride a camel through the desert
  50. Race a dune buggy in the middle of the desert
  51. Spend time at the Vatican with the Pope
  52. Stand onstage at Yuk Yuk's and attempt a comedy set...(self written lol)
  53. Learn how to scale a palm tree, get my own coconut and crack it open myself
  54. Stay in a Fantasy Suite at Caesar's Palace
  55. Wake up being serenaded by a Mariachi band at a Mexican beachfront hotel
  56. Be chauffered in a Rolls-Royce Phantom for a day
  57. Shoot a music video with Lady Gaga
  58. Live in a bubble like the bubble boy for a day
  59. Stay in Cinderella's Castle at Disney World
  60. Climb Mount Everest
  61. Dress up and stand still in front of Buckingham Palace as a Royal English Guard
  62. Live with Frank on an island paradise, all expenses paid for a year
  63. Create my own ice cream flavour at a Nestle factory
  64. Dive down to the Titanic wreck at the bottom of the Atlantic
  65. Take a picture atop the Hollywood sign
  66. Go Hang gliding with Frank
  67. Have a blog as big as Perez Hilton's
  68. Enter one of those killer steak eating contests
  69. Take a police-level driver's training course (learn how to pull some crazy 360's)
  70. Meet n Greet with Buddy Valastro of The Cake Boss
  71. Sit in a dunk tank and have someone hit the bulls-eye
  72. Go Bungee Jumping
  73. Announce the weather on CTV for a few evenings
  74. Own as many shoes as Imelda Marcos
  75. Ring the opening bell at The New York Stock Exchange
  76. Make a bunch of bouquets for a day at a busy florist shop
  77. Play Plinko on The Price is Right
  78. Have a picnic on top of the Arc De Triomphe in Paris
  79. Read David Letterman's TOP 10 List on his show
  80. Have Frank and I recreated in cartoon form like in the movie Enchanted
  81. Compete in a fan-accompanied version of Dancing with the Stars
  82. Be an article writer for Cosmopolitan/Elle magazine
  83. Ride a donkey through a Grecian town
  84. Discover and name a new species in the rainforest
  85. Have a guest spot on Days of Our Lives (preferably with EJ (scott wells, yum.)
  86. Chase a tornado with real life storm chasers
  87. Attend a movie premiere and walk the red carpet
  88. Go Ghost hunting with some celebrities on Celebrity Paranormal Project
  89. Participate in the Toronto Polar Bear Club annual dip! ^keeping this in mind...
  90. Play hide-and-go-seek with The Mantracker
  91. Work for Facebook
  92. Run and pass on the Olympic Torch
  93. Throw the first pitch at a Yankees/Blue Jays game
  94. Be the water-girl for the Italian National Soccer Team
  95. Travel the globe as a Backstreet Boys groupie
  96. Star in a Bon Jovi music video
  97. Take Vanna White's place and turn the letters on Wheel of Fortune
  98. Go in a barrel and roll off Niagara Falls
  99. Stand atop the Golden Gate Bridge like 98 Degrees in their 'Because of You' video
  100. Walk the Great Wall of China

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