Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

22 March 2010

Jilliann Espada 101

Welcome to Homeroom this Monday, March 22, 2010.

Jilliann Espada 101

is now in session.
  1. My birthday is March 1 1986 (making me a newbie 24yo) making me a {1} in numerology
  2. My birthstone is aquamarine & my astrological sign is Pisces.
  3. I have two sisters
  4. I have 2 nieces -twins-
  5. My favourite colour has changed and evolved as I aged in the following order: blue, green, babyblue, pink (hot pink, fuschia, any shade).
  6. I was born in the Philippines, and as of this past December, have visited twice in my life time.
  7. I've had the following cars in this order: Toyota Tercel, Toyota Paseo, VW Golf, Audi a4 (current)
  8. I was the captain of my elementary school girls' volleyball team
  9. My favourite dessert in the world is a banana-chocolate crepe
  10. I have a Chihuahua who is Mexican -literally- he was born in Mexico and I have his paperwork in Spanish.
  11. I have a boyfriend -practically my husband lol- who is Italian, by heritage, not by birth. I can read/write basic Italian - he cannot.
  12. The first movie I can remember watching and really understanding is E.T. I wanted my own E.T. to have as a friend.
  13. When I was 3/4 my sisters & cousins were die-hard New Kids on the Block fans...being the youngest, they took the rest, and left me with Jon (who has recently come out as being gay)
  14. The first thing I asked my mom when I came home from my first day of Junior Kindergarten was 'Mom, can I have a boyfriend?'
  15. My first crush in life was Jesse Katsopoulos from Full House
  16. My first real-life crush was a boy named Timothy (JK)
  17. My best friend and I became friends after I moved to a new school, and her grandparents watched me in the mornings (as my parents when to work)
  18. When we were small, we used rip the little tinsels off of christmas garland, but them in a zip-lock bag, fill it with water -in an attempt to make our own snowglobes.
  19. In Senior Kindergarten (my current boyfriend, then, a tiny little 5yo rascal) through a brick at my head because I wouldn't share a Fisher Price Hospital with him - he shoved me!
  20. I can make a 'crack'ing sound -similar to when you crack your knuckles- with my left ankle
  21. *I love my soul-mate Melissa* (this one's for you my dedicated reader!)
  22. ^ as per one of my fave Sex and the City quotes, "Don't laugh at me... but maybe we could be each others soul mates. And then we could just let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with."
  23. After Frank gave me a 'to keep your finger warm until the real thing' ring in 2002, I've been wearing one of the 3 rings he gave me on my ring finger....until the real thing.
  24. I'm actually looking forward to this coming season's The Bachelorette: Ali Fedowski
  25. I hate shoes that require wearing socks.... with the exception of some of my fave boots.
  26. I'm a person that detests going to Casinos, but is dying to go to Las Vegas -not for the casinos-
  27. My fave type of sushi is salmon, salmon sashimi, and spicy salmon roll
  28. I love leopard print, but have managed not to become one of those people that resemble Peggy Bundy. I have a leopard skin on my blackberry, and own Betsey Johnson's luggage in Animal Instinct.
  29. In my elementary and high school years I was an A student. Oh how those were the good ol' days
  30. In high school, after early dismissals, I used to have my girls over and make fried rice for them
  31. I'm the type of person that you can throw into any store and I can a) find something to buy or b) choose the most expensive thing without seeing the price tag. Champagne taste, beer money.
  32. As soon as I get into my car, I lock the doors. Whenever I reach home, I don't exit my car until everything is in-hand, along with my house key already pulled out.
  33. I can swim but not very well. I don't drown or anything, but I tire easily and save myself by floating on my back or grabbing onto the side of the pool.....or another person.
  34. Although I have a small dog -Rocky- my chihuahua, I hope to have a German Shepherd one day and name him Diesel
  35. I can't sleep earlier than 12pm, that is unless I am completely drained which is few and far between
  36. I have to eat Reese Peanut Butter Cups with milk
  37. My favourite pear is the Abate Pear
  38. If I was on a deserted island and could only bring one thing with me, it would be Rocky. I would live the rest of my days with Rocky like Will Smith did in I am Legend.....*I'd bring Frank but I'm sure he would not qualify as a 'thing.'
  39. When I was little, I didn't listen to my mom about not jumping up and down after eating a bowl of jello - which resulted in me throwing up a nice orange puddle on the kitchen floor
  40. The two baby names that I absolutely adore are 'Alessandro' and 'Micaela'
  41. Alessandro - Alexander the Great. It's a strong name, but beautiful in its Italian form. I love the double SS and had the female alternative of 'Alyssandra' in mind (c/o Alyssa Milano) until a family-friend had named her daughter such. I love Micaela because I've adored the name Michael for the longest time, and in honour of Michael the ArchAngel
  42. Rather than 'swearing to God,' Frank and I, '...promise on Alex.'
  43. My favourite flower is a star-gazer lily
  44. I believe I'm a walking-encyclopedia of both useful and irrelevant information
  45. As soon as I turn on my computer, I have to access the following websites: facebook -even though I have it on my bb, perez hilton, and blogger
  46. If I go to Taco Bell, I will get 5 soft tacos with mild sauce and a drink (iced tea obviously) and sometimes a fries supreme!
  47. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and just-after-rain air
  48. I started French-manicuring my nails myself @ 12
  49. I'm a firm believer in The Secret
  50. I used to dye my hair constantly in high school
  51. I only wear earrings on special occasions, but have lately entertained the idea of buying a pair of studs
  52. I like to express myself in text with visuals such as the extent that I had a whole collection on my msn equalling 50+
  53. When it comes to Sex and the City, if I had to choose: I'm a Carrie or as I wrote in that post, a healthy combination of the 4
  54. I don't eat cantaloupe, we make it into a drink, by hollowing out the insides with a scraper that turns the melon scrapings into spaghetti-like strands and drink with juice/water mixture
  55. I love to scare myself and watch horror movies...real scary ones like,"The Exorcism of Emily Rose," not "Scream."
  56. I don't like wearing long sleeves, more so those that are tapered to the wrist, because I have small arms/wrists and find it annoying. That is why I either roll up my sleeves, wear shirts without them or opt for 3/4 length sleeves
  57. I don't eat pizza crust. But I LOVE Hawaiian pizza.
  58. My boyfriend and I have pinch fights -instead of pillow fights- where Rocky becomes mediator and tries to grab at each of our hands to playful!\
  59. I'm sarcastic - in a funny way. I find that a very endearing quality.
  60. I talk to my dog and have conversations with him.....not 'oh, you're a good dog' kind of conversations, but real conversations. He understands. Believe me.
  61. I drink water -on occasion- and opt for iced tea when it's available
  62. I find that I have a keen sense of style and know what items to keep that will make their rounds in the yearly fashion cycle(s) - hence why I have some articles of clothing from high school
  63. I'm a carnivore. If I were a dinosaur, I'd be T-Rex. Except more girly and less menacing
  64. I hug my boyfriend while he's sleeping
  65. I love asparagus and laugh when I think of Frank's reaction after he recently ate it for the first time and experience the after-pee smell
  66. I am somewhat a germophobe. I discovered this in the Philippines this year - where I wiped down everything, such as my flip flops, with baby wipes
  67. My toes always have to be painted; the same does not follow with my fingernails. I can go without nail polish on my hands -but never my feet.
  68. I wear flats even in the middle of winter
  69. My boyfriend makes me melt when he smiles a toothy smile (like in the picture at the side)
  70. I have an organized shelf for all my bags (and keep my shoes at the top of my closet as well
  71. I have been involved in a collision as a passenger, but never as the driver
  72. I sing in the car rather than sing in the shower
  73. I (along with my family) can devour at least 2 bunches of bananas in a single week's time.
  74. The most paranormal thing I have ever experienced is my dog barking at the end of my bed, staring as if someone was there....even if I tried to push him or go there myself, he just growled more, showed his teeth at the 'entity' with his fur standing.. *shudder*
  75. I used to work at a gym as a receptionist and never used my free membership
  76. I haven't been on the TTC (public transit -bus/subway) since 2003; otherwise I've used the GO trains to commute
  77. I don't eat fortune cookies. Ever since I got Rocky, I save it and give it to him when I get home
  78. I memorize all of my personal info such as Social Insurance number, passport number, Debit and Credit card numbers.... etc.
  79. I eat quails. Thanks to Frank's dad.
  80. I shower at night- not in the mornings.
  81. Once I went to 4 malls in one day after receiving my income tax refund.....and spent less than $100 that day (on a $1000+ return)....mama, aren't ya proud!
  82. I live in Canada and have never been in an igloo (lol!)
  83. I'm 24 and STILL a fan of the Backstreet Boys
  84. I have never been in a taxi here in Toronto
  85. Even though I don't do #2 on a daily basis -like most people I know- I do NOT have bowel problems....or any such related issue
  86. I have a Wedding Blog -not accessible to anyone but me, because I found out about a secret lurker- even though I am not engaged nor will be within the next year or 2. I do it more so to have all my ducks in a row when I am ease the hurry and stress of organizing such a Big Day
  87. If I like something in the store, and don't feel that I have the money at the time to buy it, I tell myself to 'come back for it' and if it's still there when I come back after a period of time ($ in-hand) I believe it was -meant to be-!
  88. If I have a headache/migraine, I will rarely take an advil or tylenol - and opt against taking meds. if I cant rest and let it pass on its own
  89. My sisters (5 and 7 years my senior) had Cabbage Patch Dolls; which made me want one. I ended up getting one for Christmas. It was the only boy (between my sisters/cousins) and I named him Toby
  90. I doodle on pen and paper and try creating new signatures that I know I may never use
  91. I taught my first hamster Willy to go up and down the stairs on command and race a wind up car as he ran from end to end.
  92. When I'm stressed out, I smooth out my eyebrows with my thumb and middle finger, simulataneously
  93. I believe all is fair in love and war
  94. Recently I have been falling asleep with the Fireplace Channel on
  95. I am Catholic yet still believe that gays and lesbians DO have the right to marry
  96. I drink orange pekoe tea with carnation milk (evaporated milk) and 3 sugar
  97. My fave beverage @ starbucks is their Double Chocolaty Chip Frap ---which I was extremely delighted that they had in the Philippines...made me feel like I was home.
  98. I have seen a rat, the size of a cat, in the Philippines. No word of a lie.
  99. I believe in miracles.
  100. I'm a dog person. But most importantly an animal lover. My mom said I should have became a Veterinarian..but I couldn't because I'd hate to see sick, dying animals. Frank and I cried watching the end of Marley & Me.

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  1. wow, you thought of a lot of things about yourself! ha, very interesting.