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Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

03 June 2010

Sex and the City 2 Movie Review

Here it goes, I'm going to put all of my thoughts, aka "all-of-my-inside-my-head dialogue" that I had throughout the movie.

I warn that this read may not be spoiler-free, so DO NOT READ on if you have NOT seen the movie and want to go in with a blind eye!


This time around, 2 years later, the girls and I reunite our silver screen/theater seat romance, and oh, did it ever 'feel so good!'

Feelings of nostalgia rushed over me as I realized that 6 years have passed since the series' end in 2004.

As the movie started, with the film-version of the Sex and the City theme song blared, you can't help but notice a recurring theme - sparkle.

All of their names, Sarah Jessica Parker, John Corbett, Kim Kattrall, for example, glistened over a diamond-esque New York City skyline; with our beloved Carrie's voice over narration. Remember, the 'voice over' really made its mark throughout the series, way before The Hills was in its infancy, or even a sparkle in Adam Divello's eye! *although honorable mention goes to the Wonder Years.

As I digress, the opening sequence reunites us with the girls in a similar fashion to how it was set up in the first movie. One by one, they appear on-screen, this time, with Carrie narrating how she met each, complete with an '80s flashback of each femme fatale, before Louboutins and Birkin Bags.

The girls are meeting up, not for a lunch, rather, at Bergdorf Goodman for the wedding registry of Stanford and Anthony!

To follow is the Big Day at a lovely Connecticut Inn - so Americana. We see Big in black tie attire, with his wife, Stanford's best man, in her own penguin suit! They have their own private prelude, and soon after head down for the ceremony.

As the gang is united (with men, babies, and 'bitch' -Samantha's dog) in tow, the scenes with the 'whole gang' had me saying to myself, "wow, they've aged." It's natural of course, and I am not criticizing, but the years couldn't be hidden under any amount of make up or lighting. Maybe it was those 2 precise factors that made it appear worse? Who knows. But it saddened me to know that this movie is the 'end' of the franchise.

Stanford (and Anthony's) wedding was an explosion of ivory, sparkle, and swans, with gay ambiance that radiated through the choir and according to Miranda, manifested 'Liza Minnelli' as officiant. Carrie Preston -as labeled on her boutonniere- stands behind her best gay friend as Anthony's younger brother Nicky, balances out the 'broom party.'

Samantha sexes Nicky. Rose screams in unison with Samantha, as John (James Preston) asks the infamous question, "I don't know which is worse..." with the answer evidently being, "...Samantha. The baby will tire eventually" Carrie's wit is unmeasurable.

Lunch the following day introduces us to Charlotte's hot, Erin-go-bra-less, nanny; and her appeal is made obvious with her very own slow-mo Baywatch run sans beach, sans bra.

The gang returns to NY and as we have been introduced to their individual conflicts, the need for a getaway becomes apparent - and comes in the form of an all-expenses-paid retreat to Abu Dhabi c/o Samantha's potential client, whom is associated with Sex Alum, Smith Jerod.

The decadence calls, the girls answer. As they leave their troubles behind, they gain an exotic oasis, a $22,000 suite, complete with personal butlers, and maybachs -at their disposal- be continued

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