Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

23 January 2008

Superheroes & Villains

In memoriam to Heath Ledger, who played a villain, but lived as a hero. 1978-2008 He leaves behind his family, his friends, his fans, and most tragically, his 2 year-old daughter Matilda.
"His one joy was Matilda."
As everyone is aware, Heath Ledger portrays the Legendary role of The Joker, in the up-coming enterprise The Dark Knight. He dedicated himself to his roles and dove in deep to give the best to his craft. He is loved and will be missed. He leaves us with his inspiring works, as we can watch them again and again in remembrance of his greatness. May he rest in peace.

Superheroes and the tango.

If asked who my Superhero would be, I am quick to answer: My Dad. From the very tender age of three, I can still remember having a very fond attachment to my father- not that I don't have one with my mother, I am just truly, A Daddy's Girl. I remember wanting to emulate everything that my dad did. His engineer-mind influenced me to study how things work, to appreciate the complexities in life, and to find the solution that exists for ANY problem. One of my favourite memories with my father occurred when I was 4. We lived a less than 10-minute walk from my elementary school, and my dad would walk me to my JK Class in the afternoon. This afternoon was different, as it was one our first experiences in Canada with deep, deep snow. I remember my dad telling me to be careful or else I could get lost in it. Of course, being stubborn, I ventured onto the vast-field and immediately sank waist-deep into the snow. My dad came running after me and sank himself! I thought he would be very upset, especially since I had not listened to him. And now, here we stand, stuck. *remember, my Dad was in the country for over a year-- and at the time highly disliked Canada and it's weather.

Instead, we laughed together, he picked me up, and carried me all the way to school.
That is one moment - of many - that showed me just how much he loves me.

That is one of many millions of reasons that my Dad is my Hero. What I discovered throughout my life is that the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows. There are bad things, and bad people out there, and simply said, bad decisions to be made. I guess it all balances out- and that is why there are Heroes to save us from the evil Villains. I think if we lived in a world without so much negativity, we would not be able to truly appreciate the positive aspects of our lives-- in other words, our Heroes. So it is in this delicate dance of the tango, that my dad found himself saving me from all things bad, wrong, harmful, hurtful.

When I was younger, he'd protect me from getting bumps and bruises. As I got older he protected me from the pressures of growing up. He gave me a stable backbone and morales to live by. As I stand today, he gives me appreciation of all the sacrifices he makes, just because.

If asked to give my definition of a Hero, I would write:

Hero noun.

  1. A person with outstanding, super-human strength; Can overcome anything. Example: "He has super-human strength to work the long, arduous hours that he does."
  2. A person whose super-human strength equals that of self-sacrifice; having a heart of gold. Example: "He lives his day-to-day, a very hard way, solely for his family.
  3. A person who balances dual responsibilities. Example: Hard-Worker by Day, Dedicated-Father at night.
  4. A person of supreme intelligence. This attribute gives the hero increased mobility in all aspects of life. Example: "Whether doing his job or finishing his own basement/bathroom, intelligence is a quality, diverse in its uses."
  5. My DAD.

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