Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
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26 January 2008


Movie Review (minus spoilers)

Feeling: Distracted, anxious

Frank and I are avid movie-goers, despite our bad, bad, habit of buying ripped movies.
Throughout the year, I will be cataloging the movies we see (in theatre), giving my yay or nay, all without spoilers..

Long-story-short of it: Psychopath creates a morbid 'untraceable' (via IP address etc.; also beneath the radar of FBI tech-savvy agents) website, where his premise is to gain worldwide viewership. The psychopath kidnaps victims, puts them in various torture-to-kill contraptions, where the catch 22 is: The more people who log onto the site, the FASTER the victim dies....

^ intriguing prospect, something different than the usual torture flicks we are accustomed to. The ending is a bit abrupt, but nonetheless the movie as a whole is pretty fluid, without the drab introductory scenes. You pretty much dive head-first into the movie plot within the opening credits, and that is a plus* for me! Too many previews/marketing ads prior to the 'Feature Presentation' often leaves me easily irritable towards a lagging-start to a movie.

The connection to the psychopath can never be guessed by the audience because we are not given information to work with ourselves. It's a tag-along movie where you pretty much learn alongside the characters. Definitely not a brilliantly written who-done-it, or twist-end movie like Identity or the Scream Trilogy, this movie still holds its own.

For sheer entertainment purposes, a simple movie-night-out, I would rate this a 7/10. Therefore, since it does not meet my 8/10 requirement, I will label this movie a: Rent-the-DVD film.

I walked away thinking:

  • Not a waste of money for gas, food, time, and money
  • Something different for a change
  • Met expectations- therefore relatively satisfied
  • Not a watch-it-again movie
  • Great concept
  • Not an involve-the-audience film
  • Suspense was mild; my face wasn't buried in Frank's shoulder.
  1. 7/10
  2. Recommended for at-home viewing :)
  3. Well-directed. Film doesn't lag.

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