Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

25 February 2010

Sin City meets She?

Okay, I'll admit: when first introduced to the idea of a vacay in Vegas, I thought the following
  1. Who wants to have a vacation in the middle of the desert amidst gamblers, strippers and 'sinners' (see #2)
  2. ...when you can go to Barbados or Jamaica and have an all-inclusive (minus the gamblers, strippers, and sinners above) vacation fully paid?
  3. Budget-conscious, Vegas is a money pit, not only for its casinos OBVIOUSLY, but food, entertainment, accomodations etc!
  4. I loathe casinos - I actually fell asleep on a machine at Niagara Falls, and I'm not talking about half-asleep, half-awake business. I mean full-out REM sleep-ing without snoring because A. I do not snore & B. If I do, I must have some sort of ailment, like a cold.

So it all comes at me at once... for the past few weeks since I've returned from Philly (Philippines, not Philadelphia) I've been bombarded with the following:

  • Ocean's Eleven & Twelve (Oh how Andy Garcia makes me *swoon)

  • Vegas Vacation -with Chevy Chase

  • Facebook stalking (of multiple " friends' " photo albums)


Mr. Francesco *Espada.

the be-all and end-all.

He's reiterated to me (and the whole world, if you pay attention) of his desire to go to Las Vegas. Although he hits the slots and has a golden horse shoe up his 'you-know-where' he's more of a tables guy. Hence his once nickname 'Kid Poker.'

I'll admit, he can run with the best of them and make a living from such tourneys but thankfully, he has a steady head and is the type of person who avoids 'uncertain' situations at all costs. He only does things when he's certain, so that why with me, I know it's a done deal. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (well, post-graduation sometime, lol)

As I digress -which I often do- I always told him that it would make for a great Boys' trip... then all this happened...and now I can't get that friggin' city out of my head! It used to be New York City...*complete with a Sex and the City Tour, watching a Knicks' game, and a stroll through Central Park.. but NO, Vegas is now my top contender for 'first-mini-trip-to-a-populous-much-to-do-American-city.'

Boo-urns Vegas! You've ruined it all! I kid. So in convincing Frank that we need to go once that degree is in-hand, here is a list (blog) of my reasonings/rantings/whinings for him to take me with

*drum roll please!*

  1. *I'll completely bow out if a boys' trip to Vegas follows through
  2. Should the above be null and void, who else could he go with (who will not spend their life savings and future income via credit away for the thrill of the chase?)
  3. I've priced out our 'dream vacay stay' with flight included & know the best time(s) to book!
  4. He need not worry about me jinx-ing his luck $$$ cause in that city I'll entertain myself with camera in tow, taking pictures/video
  5. There are wedding chapels everywhere (screw the mumbo jumbo wedding fiasco -saving some money in the process, and getting some free casino chips post nuptials!)
  6. Who sleeps in the city that 'never sleeps?!' Lights are 24/7! Sunlight is not needed.
  7. An attempt to get 'The Hangover' package at Caesar's, or more likely, only approach the teller and ask if Caesar really lived there.
  8. I'm dying to visit 'The Strip' and photograph myself (in full tourist-mode) in front of every sight/attraction..... possibly including random clown shows that are sights to be seen just by appearances alone!
  9. Wine and dine in the lap of luxury... in the hopes that Criss Angel will magically appear, take me away, and have me as his new Mind Freak assistant :D
  10. Grand Canyon sight-seeing
  11. *I'm the best person to pack his luggage (what to pack and how to pack it) so why not come along for the ride!

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