Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

19 March 2010

Aidan & Carrie: My Heartbreak.

To this day, watching Season 4 episodes still completely breaks my heart into a million pieces. Even though I know where the fates (aka the writers) have weaved Carrie's love life. It still bothers me that Carrie finds her happily ever after sans Prince Charming.

BIG (John James Preston) is the runner up IMO of Carrie's love interests throughout the show. Although he plays (in my world, Sex and the City can't be referred to in past tense; it'll live on forever! LOL) a Big role in her life, I will forever be a Team Aidan Fan.

Many people are satisfied with Big's "Carrie, You're the One." speel but for me, Pro-Aidan, I have plenty of evidence to the contrary; so here I announce why Carrie's wedded name should be:

Carrie Bradshaw Shaw!

  1. Pete approved of Carrie when they first met (hell, he humped her leg!)
  2. He held off sleeping with her right away - and surprised her with a bath/candles to show that he really cared about her; "It's only been a week, don't people date anymore?"
  3. When she wanted her 'space' he gave it to her....when she wanted 'less space,' he said "I have a life, I was just making room for you in it."
  4. He refinished her floors
  5. When they met at his and Steve's bar, he didn't throw a tantrum; he was civil.
  6. He took her back after he announced, "You Broke My Heart!!!"
  7. He admitted that he was 'tempted' to cheat with the bartender but DIDN'T!
  8. He lived with BIG's big part in Carrie's life...even after they had the affair!
  9. He took our City Shoegal into the country -and out of her comfort zone- he introduced her to new things outside her New York State of Mind....and showed her that a squirrel isn't. "a rat with a cuter outfit!"
  10. He let BIG come up and stay over at his country house when it was unsafe for him to drive home wasted.
  11. He carried Miranda (without taking a sneak peek) when her neck went out and took her to the doctor.
  12. He bought her a MAC and a Zip drive so that she could back up her writing
  13. He suggested becoming her lover-and-landlord
  14. He proposed with Pete!
  15. He tried breaking down 'Carrie's Wall'
  16. He -was- just what she needed.
^but his Achilles Heel: He forgave, but didn't forget...and would never forget, or trust her.


  1. Season 4 is my favorite/saddest season too!! I adore Aiden. I always watch and think... he's the guy I wanna end up with and I hate her a little for letting him go.

  2. I love season 4! It's the season that broke all the rules!

    You'll find your Aidan - luckily I already have mine. You just gotta have faith!

    Great blog! I'm following you now! :) Follow me too!