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Mood Quote:OCT72010
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13 March 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8, Minus 1 Fan

Picture via PhillyMag

I have been a BIG Fan of the Gosselins, more namely, Jon & Kate Plus 8. TLC's leading series was founded off of high ratings from viewers such as myself, and soon-afterwards, my sister. Many of us fell in love with the family, their trials & tribulations, and most of all, the kids.

I have come to see the light as many call it, and have taken off my rose-coloured glasses to see that now, the show is not about the kids at all, it's about money, greed, gluttony, and pretty much smoke and mirrors.

As the family moved into the $1.3M dollar mansion and taken in 2 German shepherd pups (in direct contradiction to Kate's neat-freak neurosis) I have a completely different vibe from the show and it has lost the real-ness that attracted fans in the first place.

Guiltfully as I watch the more recent episodes, I can't help but take my piece of blame/responsibility for these kids being on center-stage ALL THE TIME.

My online investigation to my vibe came about after reading the following article on PH called, "Trouble in Paradise..."

As I searched for articles to falsify this claim, I stumbled upon website upon website about the Gosselins that were extremely ANTI- JK8.

To my surprise I found the following dated article & subsequent blog, explaining Aunt Jodi's seemingly sudden disappearance from the show.

Beyond saddened, I am finding myself joining those Anti JK8 followers and have taken myself off of their FB Group. I am continuously reading these blogs, and post-JK8 withdrawal, will find the courage to comment; after feeling so responsible for the circus-show we have locked these kids into.

Read and form an opinion for yourself. It will become self evident if it has not already.
All I can really do now is pray for the kids and that they will not suffer heavily from the consequences of the actions/decisions their parents have made.

JK8 minus 1 Fan.

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