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Mood Quote:OCT72010
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04 March 2010

Caution: Bad Drivers Ahead

Living in the City of Toronto, you're bound to see some messed up things while driving on our roads and 'highways' (freeways for you Americanos). Driving for a good 6 years now, I've seen my share of 'what-the-....' when driving. Rather than tell a chain link story of miscellaneous and random things, I'm gonna take the lazy river way out and list at-random, my pet peeves, and hilarious sights of drivers who somehow passed both the written and on-road tests and have their 'license to drive.'

One would think such a graduated licensing process would filter out those bad apples.

Here I rant:
  1. After you've successfully switched lanes, you know that little 'ticking' sound you hear, along with that blinking green arrow to the <>??? THAT'S YOUR SIGNAL! WHICH IS STILL ON AFTER YOU'VE CHANGED LANES!
  2. The reason why cars have a 'suspension' is to keep the car, and all of its parts off the road...SO TELL ME WHY YOU ARE DRIVING WITH YOUR MUFFLER DRAGGING BENEATH YOU!
  3. Braking on highways is fine if: a car has merged infront of you or traffic is coming to a halt/slow, but please, DO NOT PRESS YOUR BRAKES AT 100+KM/H FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, AND STILL CONTINUE TO DO SO WITH NO CAR OR ANYTHING INFRONT OF YOU FOR 20 METRES!
  4. FYI, on a red light, in the right turn lane, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE A RIGHT TURN should it be clear/safe to do so!
  5. Set the scene. You're at a red light, with one person infront of you. The light turns green, and you wait a couple of seconds to press the gas... BUT THEN you have to press the brakes because the person infront of you has completely forgotten the existence of both the accelerator AND the speed limit (which is 60, so why are they doing 40) GRRR!!!
  6. When at an All Way Stop, the STOP sign means STOP; Not have-everyone-else-stop-as-I-blow-through-the-intersecting-streets.
  7. As opposed to item #1, the following offence is the Failure to signal. It is not common courtesy to signal, it is the LAW. For the safety of yourself, your passengers and other drivers of the road - which you do not own - SIGNAL WHEN SWITCHING LANES SO THAT YOU DO NOT CAUSE PEOPLE TO BRAKE, unknowningly how careless a driver you may continue to be while NOW in their lane!
  8. Blindspots are not the dried water spots on your windshield, rear window or all windows for a matter of fact, it is the area not visible via use of your mirrors; where other cars in the lanes beside you may be. Please CHECK YOUR BLINDSPOT when changing lanes. If you signal before changing lanes, that gives me a split second to prepare myself should you dart to side swipe me or cut me off entirely.
  9. Winter driving idiots. Just because you own a 4X4, an SUV, or a luxury sedan, does not make you invincible when it comes to winter driving conditions. Please don't be a speeding idiot whipping past cautious drivers as we watch you fishtail, slide into a guard rail or roll into a ditch.
  10. Another winter pet peeve: TAKE THE SNOW OFF YOUR ROOF. I don't care if you own a truck, an SUV or an elephant....driving with accumulated snow and ice atop your vehicle is careless and idiotic for one, because the entire shelf could fall forward onto your windshield and obstruct your vision just long enough before you get to the wipers, to cause an accident. Second, the material (which it often does) falls toward and off the rear of your vehicle, directly in the path of the vehicle behind you.


Blood pressure rising. TY for reading!

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