Mood Quote:OCT72010

Mood Quote:OCT72010
"Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got." - Carrie

10 March 2010

Little Sweet Nothings

There are times in life that I realize that some of the best things in life are free (kinda). Haha.

I tend to be amused by the littlest, stupidest things, as if I had my 6yo self running around in my head waiting for some modern day equivalent of 'entertainment'

Without my barbie corvette, or rock-picking days at the bluffs, I have some things that do hit the nail on the head.

For all the sweet little nothings that give this girl's sweet tooth a run for its money, here are the things in life that make me want a sugar rush of what life has to offer - or things that simply make me gleeful.

  • when I got Poopy Moosey
  • when someone holds open a door
  • when I fulfill a craving (like sushi)
  • when a red light turns green without me having to brake
  • when I sip out the leftover whip cream at the end of a nice hot chocolate
  • when Frank calls at the exact moment I'm thinking about him
  • when I first woke up in Boracay, went out onto the beach and felt the moist sand between my toes
  • when Rocky runs towards me after not seeing him for (any length) of time
  • when I see my girlies -more often than usual- like last week 3x
  • when I hug a person that I haven't seen in 'ages'
  • when I put gas in my car and successfully put in an even .00 amount
  • when an elevator comes right when I press the button
  • when I get in line -for example to pay for something, then look back and see how long the line has become.. (and where I would be if I finished just a second later)
  • when I get a strike in bowling
  • when I cruise all the way home without having to brake on the highway
  • when I tune in just-in-time for a show that I've been dying to see, but completely forgot was on
  • when the person at the snackbar of a theatre does my "extra butter, layered" request just right
  • when I witness people celebrating momentous events in their lives (engagements, weddings, births, baptisms etc.)
  • when I can give a helping hand to someone who really needs it
  • when I'm swimming leisurely and not having to roll over and float on my back to prevent from drowning.
  • when I have exact change to pay for something and not having to break a bill
  • when I can successfully finish a facial and mani/pedi in one night
  • when I can go outside without a jacket and prance around lol
  • when there is that light, soft snowfall - I love watching it outside my window
  • when Rocky cuddles up next to me as I'm on my laptop
  • when my nieces greet me when I get home
  • when fam jams start off with the hugs and meet n greets lol
  • when everything in life can't be any better but is.

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